Rochelle So Pretty Excellent
Thank you for pointing out my black elbows. Thank You Pink Wall I would definitely work on it.. To the sender that send my picture on pink wall thank you for looking at me from head to toe to point out my elbows… I wonder how much money$$$$$ did you make doing that???? … I let my haters be my motivators.. If you have anything in mind that I can use for my elbows please feel free to comment on the picture that you put on pink wall so mi can go get it. You taking the time out to talk about me it only tell me that I am doing something right because your eyes is on me from top to bottom. Thank u:)
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Richie Swagger Cut it out Rochelle my boo f**k them
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Rochelle So Pretty Excellent Yea f**k dem. Lol
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Lora Bucknor Nicely said Roch so eloquent n lady like dun dem decently lol
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  1. Don’t worry roro they say your elbow black those bit#$’@ knees black from giving 2 much head.

  2. hahaha lol I was born brown and have never thought or consider why I have I black elbow.because my mother who is half Chinese also have one black elbow..bwoy people..go take ah seat sender

  3. Well if yuh wan likkle more advice take off that cheap hair hat, stop strangle yuh tittie dem, and leggo dat fake bow legged stance. Please and tanks.

    1. It sound like ah you send in the first picture about the black elbow, she not the worst dancehall woman that I’ve seen ,I’ve seen worse and hunu no put den pan blast,and trust me Yuh have whole Heep ah bad looking one than good!

      1. Ah nah me who send it in. I stay far from Philly, well pass mocho, and Neva seen dis gal inna me life. I just made likkle observation like every baddie else.

  4. Lol this is so sad. U ppl have no life I like Rochelle out of all her friend. She a good ppl. It look like the sender have a big crush on you. Maybe she f$$k gal ….you send this picture in not once but twice. Tia we all knows a u..

  5. Row row u go girl u looking good. I love how you carry yourself nothing wrong with having a black elbow sender please please go jump off a bridge and kill your self because this don’t make nuh sense

  6. Row Row you have too much time on your hands. Try stay home with the pickney and stop go by every pawty every week? Don’t you have a special needs pickney?

  7. The fack is thos gal look BAD from Head to toe. She just wrong. The hair nuh ready, a how much shades a black she one have on? Were she get that dirty looking stand up. Girl please Go sit u ass down or go home go make porridge fi u child.

  8. 99% of the gal them cant call them ladies are uneducated in philly, who na do 3sum deh with each other man, the man them pass round like circle. unno go clean unno dutty house and fix up unno panty draw…. choman unno sickening

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