Hi, I saw you post this video guy couple months ago,the sender was complaining about him. So the other night I went out to a spot,down in South Beach and I saw him oh my god the guy tried to get with me. And that’s when I remember the post,smh. Anyway he asked me for my number and I gave it to him. He seemed like a nice guy, we started talking over the phone couple of times and he went as well as asked me what kind of job I did, and how much money I make. At first I thought it was crazy but I went ahead and told them anyway.(SMH)

Anyway my point is just wanted to let you know that he is who the first sender said he is. He does act like he’s a (BALLER). And he does talk bad about his baby mother. I asked him to send me a picture ,cuz he keep asking me for a picture and yes I do believe he doesn’t have a good tool in his pants because he never did, send the pic. He only send me picture with his clothes on

5 thoughts on “ROMIE CONFIRMED

  1. Sender sound like she was hoping to prove PinkWall wrong. U get the warning and still gone give this man yuh number and a entertain him pon whatsapp. And u tell we when him send u pics but u leff out the part when u send him pics cause u desperate and want man. When will these women learn to value themselves and know their worth?

  2. Soh wah if she did wah find out fi herself ?..wah if a did lie d fuss sender did a tell?…shi neva send him nonpicture and shi never sleep wid him…so its all Good .

  3. lol at Anon 12:39, next time just say I never sent him any pics and I never slept with him cause we know its you… no one else would have been privy to that info. if u woman enough fi a try fi feel out dutty man all when u get the warning u fi be woman enough fi own it….. u send him pics yes, talk the truth weh God love man, anuh like none a we can kill u. laugh after u tho… lol

  4. @12:39
    Exactly…. Figure him out for yourself, don’t follow some lager head gals words on a man, because most times it’s just exaggerated talk with many gaps and holes that’s solely based on inaccurate gossip and wide spread misinformation. Too many girls in Jamaica are brain-dead and rely on gossip from the misinformed in order to “class” a man. Give him a shot and if he’s a fool, you will be smart enough to know it.

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