1. Yawdy :peluk :peluk :peluk…Samar and di baby run cross mi mind just the otha day enuh, hope dem doing fine…suh ah guess if Samar man want tuh spend pan ar, he’s buying her love too??…everybody’s perception of love is different; if two people love each other and want tuh buy things for one another, there’s nothing wrong with that because that is typical within most relationships. Most men are different when it come on tuh showing off what dem buy dem ooman *they’re just not into that type of stuff*, but we women love tuh show and show off our love n’ gratitude for and towards our men…there are men who spend money on women and want nothing in return…there are men who are cheap and stingy as fuhck and didn’t even as much as window shop for their women, and there are men who use women *big time*…it all depends on the type of person you’re involved with and what they’re seeking within the relationship…good treatment is always nice, but love is the ultimate gift you give and get from one another…Samar, if yuh baby daddy beg yuh fe buy im di pretty boot, be very careful, keep one eye open and watch yuh spending cause yuh have baby girl fe maintain now..if yuh wanna spend on your baby daddy just because he’s a good and supportive man and does the same for you, then that’s ok…but spend within reason/affordability…I’m almost certain he’d more appreciate a nice pack of tee shirt, socks and briefs more than ah expensive name brand sneakers…love is love, no matter what you give or receive…

      1. Morning Yeppy :peluk :peluk :peluk :peluk Mi miss yuh like how Robbas fridge miss food. More time dem fi lowe di postings and nuh mek John Public knoe dem ebry move, but ah dem seh limelight. Mi like yuh rationale, and di wrerse ting pon ah dude weh bling out an designer out is him shabby undergarments (t-shut & drawers alike)….:travel

        1. Robbas fridge miss food :hammer :hammer..miss yuh too mums :peluk :peluk..been under the weather lately suh more time mi wi come onya ah duh more reading ah less typing, but need mi JMG everyday none the less..But Yawdy, at dat nuffa dem duh…dem trash ah ready fe tek road and di brief ah baggy ah brazier nuh stay right..

  1. Good Morning Met, Metters, Peepers nd Others. ….
    That’s is why dem run in nd ask if wi nuh av ntn better fi duh more, where in dis pic it seh she buy man luv?
    Mi neva knw seh wen ooman buy dem man sup’m it means yah buy dem…. why can’t it be a gesture, why cant it be because she see it and knw him wuda luv it suh she get him it, why cant it be just because?
    Suh wen man buy dis gi him ooman a luv him a buy? More while unno need fi guh ez dis pic nah show me dat…a bcuz de bwoy young mek it seem dat way, congrats agen on yuh dawta samar.
    (Simplicity soon sign in)

    1. Same suh Simply…cause when me shop, I shop for everyone *for me, my kids and my man as well*, suh ah guess mi ah buy out everybody love den…

  2. Ain’t nothing wrong with buying something for your child’s father you have women with no kids for someone buying them the world

  3. Samar don’t forget him son. OK bc me hear say him forget bout him. N a u did a pop style say u don’t give man shit. LENNOX a batty next u ago f**k.

    1. She Samar who anuh di son mada mus not feget him..yes lawd it deh rite yah
      Before yuh done him on not doing dat yuh waan done she fi dat as well?
      (Simplicity soon sign in)

  4. @922 Lennox ago love anything him get as long as it’s free. Him will sell soul for clothes and goods ok. N the man looking gal know it that is why she buy him Dere things bc she him would not stay with her ugly ass.

  5. Samar u and the world know say u have to put out for that dam boy to stay with u. No matta which way y’ll want to put it she a buy love.

  6. Dem seh Lenox love woman take care of him mi fren seh from south seh him juss wah gwan hold on cause him really want him green card hIm not giving up until him get it

  7. Well for sure him looking something. Boy like him no love nobody when him ready him show samar bay bad face till she promise him something r give him something to keep him. Samar a sorry for u. U can’t change boy like that. U know how him deal with u. I don’t need to say nomore. good luck.

  8. I’m not one to say what people should or shouldn’t do. My only question is where do these girls get that kind of money from. Because the last me hear about this girl is that she don’t live anywhere. I would think a roof over your head would be more important that buying your baby father who is not expensive brand name shoe. Just saying

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