1. Fah real..wey da right, acute, obtuse and de rest a angles plzzz wi beg mi dem stay wi already know de 180 oand 360 :ngakak :ngakak
      (Simplicity soon sign in)

  1. the unibrow is clearly for comic relief…..the rest of the body….well……i am relieved mi not di one sleeping wid her…….dwbrcl

  2. On a real fi someone in har early 50’s she nuh have no business looking like a 70+ year old woman. She look turribleeeee. Look pon d lumpy oats parrige leg dem. Life (age) has been unkind to you mums. Is really skin bleaching n dancehall drinking n late nite mek u stay so baaaad?
    U frighten m till me no badda waan go out a nite time again fi nte dew ketch mi. Mi a go start go to mi bed at 7pm as it start dark up fi keep mi youth as long as mi can.
    Shi look 20 years older dan she really is

  3. Yuh know seh wid all di essay weh mi write, mi dus ah look pon di picho!?!?! Noooooooooo sah! Minus di very natural, but somewhat enhanced uni brow, Sandra nuh fayva a much older Tracy Champion!?!?! *ducks*

  4. Mi rawse, mi did hear da tory dey bout di monster but cause shi drap offa di radar it die down so mi did tink a rumour. Shi whe use to brag sey “Georgie CAAN lef mi”. Wey him did see pon u nice decent man like dat? Well him find a good, good pull fi di tie whe u did tie him. Har nice likkle fairytale house ova Portmoe did tun uppp, den boops eberyting callapse.
    WNPP so har bro suffering from it tu? What a raas? Sandra plz to go siddung n drink nuff bittas si if it wi lessen u load
    How di mighty fallen n prappa pap dung, drap dung. Find a church tu mums n prayer up

  5. Met, you have any photos of this Sandra Lee in her glory days? She look like she could have been good looking ooman. Time obviously has not been good to her. At least shi can still laugh and jollificate harself when everything else is gone.

  6. Sandra is in her 40’s in real life. .she look older than r older sister. ..who is in her 50’s

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