1. Mi guh fass pon di mother fb and bwoy BOLT mek bout 40 times wat Sean worth and mi nuh see Bolt mother showoff suh..Slow down Janice Turner, Sean look like him need to give u an allowance instead of full access to his account.Very frighten fi brand tings fi true, u guys wasnt lying

    1. a real ting u a talk. everything is gucci & celine & chanel mi a wonder if she ago leff anything ina him bank account by d time him reach her age.

  2. She baptized in Jesus name, same way she go ina di water, same way she come out, not a change, ole liad and thief, she tell the lie them till she look old and ugly like the lie, man moscut, she done poor Kisean money, mek all million dollar wedding out a the little boy money pan beach weh mash up before the year end . Janice Turner need to go hold a dark corner sum where very gloomy, this liad she Jack Ruby is her father, through him have a name out there, when in fact she is the daughter of Roy Turner, Janice yuh nuh see she the lie them mek u face a look like alligator, you is 52 stop act like u is Kanema mate.Good afternoon Met, yuh done know how the ting set. Lol

  3. Met suppose me tell u say she come pon d PINK WALL come comment to…yes 1 a d time when u did put up a post when Rihanna n Chris did get bk together an smaddy mek d comment say dem come buy her Jerk chicken n pure tings a LA me did dig n see d coalition pon her insta page – so she deep in a all a d young ppl drama n tings

  4. hello Met. did u hear weh mi hear on zip today ishawana tek out restraining order pon foota an carry him guh family court good 4 her is show now seh she naah tek nuh more beating from him anything him get after dis a him caz it on him self

    1. mi seh whey day say a doe know bout restraining order and how she fi carry him go court n a him always have di son??? mek mi :travel

  5. Met it wasn’t she. Lol, but whoever knew the things str8888 up, because such was such, yuh zeem mi, Miss Turner say she bigger than the pink wall mi lub, and me and Metty nuh guh prison, so I guess that’s where her bigness begin, Met mi say stop ride way leave me. I don’t want talk too much. :cd :kr

    1. well ask her if she can slow down with the dear bag & shoes & help her son produce a good single/album becuz she a run di money dryyy.

  6. Sean bruk long time living above his means and only had like three hot songs barely a tour suh dem need fi relax slow down sell some stuff and restructure dem life and don’t start out up fake money like soulja boy

  7. The studio he built was with Dwayne aka Dupes aka ——– . Some people moved to ATL just fi snatch him money and him don’t even know. Badmind is active and ppl need fi watch the fren dem that dem keep and who they associate with.

  8. Mi cah believe Sean buy 3 mill house outta Davie.Bwoy u know u can live a posh Boca, Delray or Boynton fi 1mill or less.Mi sorry for him cause di muma a run him dry fi tru…..U need fi step in like Kandy and be wise wid u money and give Janice an allowance like mama Joyce.Sean u do not want to be a has been u want longevity even if it fades a little son, hire an outside lawyer to watch your other lawyer, accountant and mom

        1. @Ms Met is rental property dem live inna nd his grandmother live with them also. Rental inna Miami and LA. It is a shame and mi neva believe eida until mi get the #facts. Janice tell people sey is dem own the properties and is not true. Janice live for today without no care for the future. Shop todayy and worry about tomorrow and next week when dem come. That is the attitude she carry.

        2. The house out by Sawgrass/Davie is a rental. They were paying over $20,000 a month for rent. She must have downsized now since they can’t maintain. When she was locked up Sean was staying with a friend of mine. That’s how I know Sean. The mother is a real numbskull cos she could have gotten a nice how and pay $5000 for mortgage and still build equity instead of spending out her son’s money to make a landlord rich.

  9. But the mother Neva lock up one time when Sean was a minor and them did a look place fi him to stay

  10. morning met. janice is a frightn friday. she nuh membah weh she ah cum from dung a ochi rios. she mek all that money and har brother aaron a dc still a duh mechanic work and a kan poeple wid fi him hold self. me know DEM deh poeple frm long long time. janine this public disgrace did have fi reach you. you member when you tell sheron fo come down ah sawgrass when things just ripe up and noice and di woman did up ah my yaard and we come round deh and di way you show off a gwalang pon the women. mi shame fi har. mi never carry har back. but you mek mi drop her off 5 time and still she only wid up with 500 dollar dat ah buss.. you know how much and how much off that whoman money you and teefing petah mash up fi har. how much loan she gi you fi put you pon you foot. weh you friend deh donna whorin brown one.. she find you out to. money tun whonh innah idiot. gwaan spend like the jones. tmz innah whonuh milk caw whonuh ah fool. nawm off di likkle boy money wid you hype for recognition. you think you are the kardasian… she have how much dawtah weh she keep recycling and selling.. fi live lavish.. weh sean ago duh now produce.. dat tec money big whoman.. and what you ago sell delivered food.. FOOLISHNESS AND F**KRY PON THE BOY MONEY SHAME ON YOU..

    1. @ Heinikin yuh think yuh niceeee. Yuh know mi have a idea who you are but I not saying a werdddd!!!! :malu From yuh mention certain tings mi sey yes yes Heinikin know the tings demmmmmm. Heinikin how yuh nuh mention the other light skin one whey fi har father a original soundman tuh. Di one whey she and Janice a tek the said mannnnn!!! Yes Janice and her bestie a sell to the same money man in LA and guh pan IG and FB guh floss. The only diff is that Janice spend out Sean money tuh but the other one she sell her front pan the regular and show off on. Heyheyyyyy

  11. Mi dear she was very dark skin, met you know hear how she call immigration on her so call fren from Texas cause she did a f**k har fren man…Kakey from Cali, Janice di know seh Connie and the man did deh and she call immigration on the woman and the woman in Jamaica mi hear a live LARGE, Janice a wicked, she suck pussy and eat batty for a living….Kakey never want har and him did want up Connie and she deport the woman and Kakey a mine har down in a Jamaica… a Janice lose, she is bleached out and botox out….Sean not making no money and she walk and tief people…..Nasty Janice a wicke dfrom long time and informer cause she did du 7 years a federal prison and she talk to stay in teh country cause har son a singer, she did not have a green card, she a walk with a piece a paper the S VISA, S for SNITCH……she done….connie had a green card and a pretty light skin gal mi hear from Texas…Roy Francis daughter….she did jealous cause connie TUNUP the PUSSY pan KAKEY su mi hear and Kakey did a spend BIG money….wicked and evil and a did Connie man first, su mi hear no sahhhhhhhhh
    Register Number: 65341-004
    Age: 52
    Race: Black
    Sex: Female
    Released On: 03/14/2007

    1. if u waa dash out the file email mi please …this comment here nah go bring attention the post is old

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