Simple joys
The joy of life is simply this: appreciating what we don’t have, but at the same time causing us to focus on what we do have. For there are those that wish they had what we have, but in our desire to want more we lose our ability to focus on what is more important, such as simply living!
God’s Blessings, can easily become overlooked when we murmur and complain about finances, jobs, family, friends and the list goes on, but what about those who wish they were as blessed as those of us who have a little money, friends, a family and most of all a piece of mind. Someone without legs wish they had legs, someone right now only wish they had $5.00 on their bank account or a car to experience the gas guage being on empty. Someone without hearing oh! so wish they had the ability to hear. The question could be asked, did these folks appreciate these things while they had the use of them? Our taking for granted of these seemingly insignificant amenities invokes an ungrateful attitude on our end when we discount the fact that there are others who only wish they had what we have…….. in particular, THE GIFT OF LIFE!
Genuine living is enjoying what we presently have to work with, like a bank account with only a few dollars. A car that decides to work sometimes, the chance of having loved and lost, rather than never loving at all. Not to mention the more simple pleasures such as the sound of the ocean waves, airplanes being airborne, birds flying, gentle breeze whispering pass our ears. A couple holding hands, kids playing with absolutely no care at all as it relates to life challenges and difficulties (honestly! I wish I could be a kid again sometimes).
This day I call heaven and earth as witnesses against you that I have set before you life and death, blessings and curses. Now choose life (meaning: we must choose to live, living isn’t automatic), so that you and your children may live Deut. 30:19.
The above scripture clearly indicates that life or living is not automatic, but an actual choice that one must conciously make. A person, place or thing is NOT the cause of us not living life to the fullest, it was our choice to cause whatever it is to be the source of our non-living or should we say unhappiness. Our ability to be sad, happy, curse or blessed is solely dependent on us. As a matter of fact, we became the co-conspiritor with one or more of what I’ve just mentioned that has provided our present end result. ONLY YOU CAN CHOOSE TO BE HAPPY OR SAD, IT IS A STATE OF MIND, IT IS YOUR CHOICE. Your are deceiving yourself if your conclusion for your present state is to blamed someone or something. YOU ARE THE BEGINING AND THE END OF IT BECAUSE YOU’RE THE ONE MAKING THE DECISIONS ON ALLOW WHAT IS CAUSING YOUR HAPPINESS OR SADNESS.
Take note, we can become so use to being blessed, that we can unknowingly speak curses to that which God has blessed us with (such as a small bank acount, a car in spite of its challenges, being under paid etc.) As a reminder these things are only temporary, and change is always on the horizon for some area of our life. Everyday that you exist is necessary for the change that will occur tomorrow.
Heavenly Father, once again thank you for the closed doors, disappointments, backstabbers, little money, a broken car and things just going bad. It is your sovereignty that makes us understand that even in these things we must also appreciate your purpose being exercise in what is seemingly grim that must produce good at the end for us. We bless you and ask these thing in the matchless name of Jesus Christ. Amen!
Kevin L A Ewing
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