0 thoughts on “SELLING EVERYWHEY

  1. A wa dis that’s why I don’t like to buy from these people everybody in a de same thing although everybody don’t look the same

    1. so??? if she Neva di a do summin yuh would a hear, lawd look how long she a keep dance and nuh have nuttin, now she have a lil summin and is a problem, gosh, with u ppl

      1. no enuh yuh wuddah juss ere seh a longtime she a kip dance n hav onli nuff pretti frock…tel har sell sum a dem deh not dese riff raff get-ups :nohope: she wears nice cloze but dem yah a gyaaaaaaaabige, yuh wah mi lie?

  2. All these people selling the same bullshit! Why the f would I buy Anything from donkey looking Marcia when I can go buy the same whole sale shit from downtown? Bout boutique smh

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