So bored at work (I know am being messy lol) but Paul range pick com up in my Instagram feed I see this one thirsty comment and am wondering how brave women these days are. So me and my nosy self click on the profile of the lady and low and behold this is what meets me. Either it’s me or my eyes that ain’t no woman at all
photo 1

photo 2

photo 3

0 thoughts on “SENDER =_o

  1. All seriousness met mi love di f**kry
    But yuh see di person Weh send this in
    A one a Paul range woman/man dem! My girl/shim just say u need confirmation if Paul a grine off the LADY up top
    That woman looks nothing like a man yuh too wicked my girl or my yute do better stop go through the man f**king comment dem & his likes trying to figure out who you whoring man Paul f**cking chances are it’s EVERYBODY!

    1. Fashion lolllllzzzz the top picho a bit terrible fi true tho but sender either a look di goose killa r goose killa kill har goose but something a gwaan yasso fi true

  2. that women is probably just Jamaican no shade but with the bleaching, injections and surgery running rampant in the dancehall community it has real women looking like drag queens and many folks questioning others girl and boy parts.

      1. Actually I live far from the hood, you must have felt implicated. My apologies (not) LMAO take several seats! Almost everyday JMG features different “ladies” of the dancehall world on this site and almost all of them have tough man like appearances because *see my above comment* I find it funny how folks assume they know who post behind the computers or what type of people actually come to this site to enjoy the passa passa from a far.

        Enjoy the rest of your day 🙂

  3. She look like a man the same way you mistaken PIC for PICK . sender get your ass a better job so you can take you nosy rass out people business while you on the people dem clock. The woman look more woman than you check yourself

      1. Peaches a look a hype thats why she sell her daughter to Rev, him breed her and run her now she is forced to stay wid bingy. Peaches your life sad bad. Go repent cause the shit you make your kids do is despicable

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