Tannicka this Christmas I promise u I’ll send u a dictionary in the mail love run you mouth a cant spell , tannicka you wish ur mother was hear its (HERE ) hun use google, me hear say steve not looking on u just a visit di baby when last you wake up with steve dwl

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    AQNNIKA A MAD GAL. sHE USE TO STALK ROGER mAFIA MAWNIN NOO AND NITE WHEN SHE DID BREED FI HIM. sHE GO AS FAR AS LEAVE DI BABY PON DI DOORSTEP WHEN HIM NEVA DID want har. Now she move on to steve a next whore. Steve was Marlo man/ baby daddy. Tannika man weh dem name a mensan and dem pocket empty. Every time she bruck and nah get no fckkk she start write har madness pon FB.

  2. I cannot read beyond her kids name. lord help us,Rogernae? Ok. lol. I really wonder how some of these poor kids name going to look on a resume? smh.

    1. When you want everybody fi know your baby fadda yu haffi mek up name when it’s agirl and yu can’t name har jr…….lol

  3. Tanika sad bad she tun go breed to try hold that old whorin man who dont have dry shit. now the baby not even 7 month old and u wanna send him and roger girl to Jamaica. Y you dont go back with them, you dont even look a papers but you have 3 kids in america and forget bout the big grown boy u left there. sad bad now u wanna cuss the man who tell u to run go breed.

  4. But even if u hab family and frens dem nuh hab fi dem responsibilities and jobs to, dem caan siddung fi mine u pickney all day. Being single mother ain’t easy, dats why u meck sure a man married u before him breed u up dat way you know him commit to unno, and will have to help out.
    Bet man a pawty and you haffi a consider separate u family fi survive, u know di psychological trauma it cause to children fi split up di family, and why u waan burden ur mother wid your responsibilities, shi did send u guh get dem? Unno fi wise up and respect unno uterus man and nuh meck any and anybody use unno uterus wah nuh commit to unno or di child/ren.

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