1. I was surprised to see the state of the pool when I visited this supposed be luxurious housing community. The property is not upkept issues with painting boarding structures rotting and gardening it’s a shame and rip off to the residents

  2. Wow. Prime example of how ppl tek time n scam. Them nuh easy eeh fi really use the pool as selling point, knowing it nuh belong to the residents. Jah jah…. Wear your spectacles to review contracts especially the fine print. Fine print will dig out u eye dem

  3. Sender, did you just realize the pool was on a separate title, though that was mentioned in the sales agreement? Also, what is the state of your owners corporation? Is it an effective owners corporation? Are there timely meetings, decisions, and requests by the owners corporation? Are there owners in arrears? Is there a strata manager hired by the owners corporation? As for the lot the pool is located, do you know the state of their owners corporation? I am asking all of this, because I am very familiar with the owning and management of strata property, more specifically apartments and townhouses. The majority of the issues I have encountered in both owning and managing these properties have been a result of ineffective owners corporations. The great majority of the time, the investors are not on site, which makes the role of the owners corporation extremely vital. An ineffective owners corporation makes it difficult for any issues to be addressed and changes to be made. Sender, hopefully the pool can at least be drained for the time being, if not by the direction of the owners corporation, then by the owners of the development.

  4. One more thing sender, assuming they worked as the developers of the property, what ownership, if any, have they maintained in the property? What was the agreement, if any, regarding maintenance where the developers are concerned? I am assuming that this works as most other strata properties, where the units are sold and ownership of individual units then belongs to the buyers, who automatically become members of an ownership corporation.

  5. Richard and Michael Lakes are a bunch of good for nothing low down scammers. They did all these cheap work and want big bucks for these crappy buildings. Honestly di two a dem sick dog stomach. Den di one Lisa she come a chat like she’s all about helping and wanting good for the people when she know exactly what’s going and all they do is make promises. “Go figures real POLITICIANS” Kmt. All dem want is to tek tek and tek some more. They sold the TWO bedrooms will all these amenities did the same with the Three bedrooms and the apartment and I’m sure they’re going to do the same with the other section they’re building. This pool has been around since the hotel was built over four decades ago and these scums did nothing but applied paint and call it good. It’s leaking, the pumps are not working and everything else you can think about a pool is wrong with it. CVM, TVJ, The Star and Gleaner is on the list to call.

  6. It’s absolutely disgusting!! The persons who built up this community obviously have no integrity, morals, values or dignity. I heard they are building more villas and people are MAD if they purchase from them. They are unscrupulous beings that lack any humankind in them. But God is not sleeping. You reap what you sow!

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