Disgraced British judge of Jamaican parentage disbarred in the UK
Constance Briscoe, a disgraced former British judge of Jamaican parentage, has been disbarred for telling lies to the police in a scandal that landed her in jail in 2014.

According to the Guardian newspaper, the decision was announced Friday by the Bar Standards Board that Briscoe, one of Britain’s first black, female judges lied to the police and should be struck off as a barrister.

“We note the decision of the tribunal to disbar Miss Briscoe. Attempting to pervert the course of justice is clearly incompatible with the high standards expected of the bar and the decision reflects this,” a spokesman was quoted as saying.

The 58-year-old was called to the bar in 1983.

In May 2014, she was sentenced to 16 months in prison after being convicted of three counts of perverting the course of justice. She was released early and was later spared being sent back to jail for not paying court costs after it was found she owed taxes but was penniless to pay.

She was thrown out of the judiciary while in prison and with Friday’s disbarring can no longer practice as an attorney-at-law.

According to reports, Briscoe, whose parents reportedly emigrated to the UK from Jamaica in the 1950s, lied to the police who were investigating former British cabinet minister, Chris Huhne for passing speeding points to his ex-wife, Vicky Pryce.

Briscoe reportedly helped Pryce, her neighbour and friend, liaise with journalists to smear Huhne but denied doing so when questioned by the police.‎

She also produced two false witness statements and altered a witness statement, the Bar Standards Board heard.

However, evidence later emerged showing that Briscoe had communicated with Pryce and journalists in texts, emails, as well as face to face.

In March 2013, the MP and his ex-wife were jailed for eight months over the scandal.


  1. so how her parentage come in now? i can guarantee that if it was “judge donate x millions towards x” you wouldn’t hear an ounce Jamaican parentage anywhere near the article

  2. in her books she states she is not even remotely jamaican even though her parents are this a quote from “”I was born in this country. I’m British black. I don’t want anyone to think for one moment that I’m Jamaican. I’ve never even been to Jamaica. I have no desire to go. I support the English cricket team, not the Jamaicans.” “Yah, I always have white boyfriends and they are always 20 years older. Because they look after me. People of my age want to compete with you, want to show you how clever they are. All of that rubbish. I want a father figure.”

  3. England is full of her type. As soon as they get little status they forget where they are coming from. Even her mother disowned her and i heard from reliable sources that her entire book is a pack of lies. She is total filth and a disgrace to her profession. A real cooning, roast breadfruit sell out. She should have got life for what she did. Absolute trash.

    1. Amen.

      Met, thanks for a follow-up on this rubbish heap! She can go sell crotches now, for good 😀 😀

  4. A dis a di same lady who did write a book about coming from a severely abusive background? If a she same one, mi never knew she did ketch to judge level.

  5. f*ck dutty constance Briscoe it sweet mi how di white people dem weh she lap up to fling har unda di bus esi. yeah they both went to jail too but i bet they got out and went straight to a new well-paid consultancy jobs. this gal evil she is just like the white ppl dem sell all dem mumma fi fame and fortune. What a bitter/sweet victory this must be for your poor elderly mother. God dont like Ugly. lol

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