20 thoughts on “SHE CALL HARSELF SUH

  1. She’s pretty but don’t understand why the sender think it’s important to send this story in

  2. I used to find her pretty based off of social media until I seen her in person….. She looks tired nuh f**k and real mawga def not pretty

  3. But Tiffany YOU ARE A HOE last time mi check bald head can see u anywhere and take out him cocky fi u suck, lex flex f**k you ANYTIME HIM WANT (according to your friends dats zaddy) DURAN RAVAS f***h u without condom and a suck ur pussy that all these niggas fu***h without a condom, u a f**k the man from Yonkers and the next one from Mt Vernon bitch your pass a hoe not even reach 25 year old with a mileage like dat. how much belly u eat again? Girl bye always inna mix very crawny gal fi have meat pon them body don’t be fool people she really look like she on crack. All these f**k u put dun and still cheap clothes government and katch with your friend. Hoe bye real uptown mattress

  4. She is Drop dead gorgeous!!Honestly I unfren u becuz of ur character or lack thereof but u pretty bad bad!

      1. Morning good “G”.Apparently we all have a type nuh true mi love? She’s no Apple though clearly!

    1. Yardie stop ur rubbish ! This girl look terrible especially in person.. Never see a set a gal like she N Lisa fi wear tank top and tights go ah every party to no sa ! Not pretty at all she fava rat I swear well mawga and always look like she wa bade .. Ever INNA synthetic weave if u a fck so much bitch u suppose to wear good tings. This bitch in particular need a job ! A 9-5 at least her fellow hoe Lisa got a job .. I’m sorry girl but QQ outdo you and Lisa INNA the 1. Hoeness 2. Fashionwise & 3. LOOKS … Unu need fi stop try compete wid Qq

  5. It’s the devil time now, good woman are without man simple because these men lost focus of life and value. Big pussy suck hood anal sex female with female them say that turn them on. But then want next man to treat them daughters like queen. . Reality of life. The devil is a deceiver

  6. Let the girl hoe. I don’t know her that much but i mean, I bet everybody commenting on here hoeing under quiet or even out right with it.. It’s just that nobody knows who ya’ll are on here. Me see married woman weh live with they husbands out here hoeing so wah Fi stop the gir?l… Come on, common assault… Hate when ppl Let what other ppl Doing with they lives/pussy bother them and dem Nuh better. I bet Everybody commenting under here In a dancehall and as far as I know, every dancehall girl nowadays is a hoe

  7. Yardie stop drink and drive and mind you cause accident.yardie stop drink and get drunk at work. Because it’s clear you not thinking. You unfriend tiffany because of her character but you idolized case you don’t know apple character dirty.#1 apple can’t read #2 apple don’t have a job .#3 apple is a big thief she even stole in corner store soap , tissue . apple is a scammer she destroys people’s credit and steals from banks. apple is Bronx whore she f..k man and woman. Apple suck cocky and p…y. All apple does is trick the little girls them a Bronx and let she and jaydon f..k and suck them p…y for little money. You are a hyprocrit yardie.

    1. All when a she kill Pope John Paul,all when she tek ur man and/or your woman..i cares zero!Princess Apple mi thing Deh n mi nah stop love har.

      I can promise u that I won’t drink n drive n agen mi nah stop love har comes what may so just try ur best to come to terms oo!

  8. Anybody want f** this girl just see har in a party and text har and that’s it, she very kind with her vagina worst if you have lil name Ina dancehall

  9. Every gyal up inna dancehall a hoe nuh gyal neva throw stale piss inna hat face like apple thou unuh watch people life ehh unuh boring bad all sound vex cah nobody nah look pon unuh low di bloodclatt gyal worry bout unuh whoring self and dutty house @anonymous bitch if u duh rass know stfu

  10. Unuh Lowe the bloodclath gal… Mek she f**k who she wasnna f**k. I’m sure that most of who is writing bad about her is 10 times worst … It’s cause no body knows unuh business… I personally never spoke to her but I’ve seen her a lot, such anuh Fren ting… Leave di bloodclath girl…

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