Dear Met,

You’ve probably seen it all on your pinkwall so it nuh bother you too tuff if at all.Maybe it is just me but I’ve noticed a disturbing pattern of a few on the wall.ā€ˇFirstly it amazes me how often ppl come on the wall and telling bloggers to mind them business!I saw someone clapback at the hyprocracy of those who say that cuz they are also on the SAME wall!
Oh next let’s not forget the stupidity of bashing someone for commenting too early and if them don’t wash them face yet?
I saw someone once commented at 7:04am and the person Dissing them abt it being too early for mixup commented at 7:07am,Mad ppl dem Met!Then this thing bout who wash them face yet but bet u any money them nuh wash them crotches so what’s worse?!Another thing can anyone say for sure how cussing a blogger abt their opinion gonna magically make them NOT have that opinion anymore??How does that work exactly,u cuss me till me admit me nuh have nutten against scamming,hoeing,teefing and a degree and 9-5 is overrated….is really badmind me badmind yuh not sure fi what just yet but I confess??!

Last but no means least,how does someone come on a private site and insist and want dictate what topics must post and be discussed?Wouldnt it be easier to start their own blog and can post to their heart’s desire??Oh and the nerve to talk about what a gwaan over other sites…so why are they not over there and on Pinkwall??Met when u update ur rules section plz consider some new rules to deal with this phenomenom or ignore them as mad ppl Inna clean clothes on the loose!

20 thoughts on “WALL LEECHES

  1. Oh sender. You would’ve had to be here at JMG’s inception to know the level of cussing we got. Metty yuh memba? :ngakak

    Lord those days bring a good grin to my face now. I still remember Matterhorn styling us as ‘poor whore’ amongn other derogatory things & how we used to clap back hard at anybody used to move to us. Yuh know, wi really mature enuh Met, cuz all Simplicity used to mek mi flat line bad bad. *tears*

    Don’t worry sender, they’ve been like that from the beginning & it won’t change.

    1. Cindy yes we change and mellow out nuff nuff but is a good thing cause ova yah wudda tun ina one real war zone. A suh whey day mi si him chat all kinda things and maybe did a expect mi fi say bam but we mellow out now oo… :maho

      1. Don’t look pan him Met, cuz a mus because him si how mellow things look now why him feel him can come try a thing now. :ngakak

    2. Ok thanks much for filling me in that this has been a historical norm.I just simply cannot make head nor tail of it,mi can’t Do nor Doe.Cindy it only bothers me cuz I tell myself I’m a fairly reasonable and logical person but but but them Leechers ya Defies logic.

      I now accept if I try study them me a guh mad so I GIVE UP!! Met mek them gwaan study u cuz none a them won’t graduate!

      1. Don’t allow mentally unstable people to mess with your mentality hon. Because you have to be mentally unsound if you itch up at the same place with the same people, doing the same thing they are doing & cussing them about it – nuh mad smaddy that man?

        1. Mi seh mad and sick, I tell people all the time those same people are here more than us and read everything here and know bout di mixup dem more dan we so mi ignore them.

    3. When you have been here as long as we have been you learn which battle to really fight suh mellow it is,I will go hard if them really come at the admin with the phuckery yes,but the other little things mi see other younglings go at it so mi just laugh and pree but best believe a wi get they ass all together if they go over broad wid the BS.

    1. Then me nuh see your big friend Ram Goat, Mr. Pissy himself in a topic that He was very comfortable with and all give out some good good analysis. Don’t know why “Piss up” did feel the need to come COW we down when about our opinion on worthless ghetto people.

      1. Same suh! Yes mi si Rammy ah gwan good from weh day….mi will refrain from calling Rammy ah goat bc him/her Lowe out di mixup and find his/her element lol. I’m not a “hater” of “badmind” so I can give props when they are due…Rammy has been shining with the commentary on certain posts as of late. Gwan do yuh ting! :ngakak

  2. The #Accuracy. That’s why sometimes I don’t even try reason with them beyond a certain point. I also don’t understand the Internet badness… anonymous people threatening to gang and beat other anonymous people??

    **Sips Tea*** I loveeeeeeeee this Blog Spot :kiss :kiss

  3. Me see this and memba belly bang.

    Those were the days. Been through 2 jobs before branching out on my own and at those jobs the site keep me sane. All found out my ex other woman on this very site ya. I will always defend Met to the mad pple them weh cuss di site but know everything comment pon ya.

    Ms. Fab

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