Nah lie thou pumpkin you ugly bad with out make up fi a brown gal!!! But make up does a lot for u no joke you was looking lovely on your bday thou

26 thoughts on “SHE NUH UGLY OOO

  1. Complexion has no weight on if a person is “good looking” or not. Black people’s mentality is really messed up – “Ugly for a brown girl” really?

    so, if she was dark, automatically ugly? You hood rats are something else!

    1. I really cannot stand these ppl. What is this “for a brown gal” f**kry? Ignorance i tell you. I think she looks better without the makeup but het

  2. “Ugly for a brown girl” *Coconut alert* *Coconut alert* only people from the islands AUTOMATICALLY think someone is attractive once they have light-skin or some other none-black feature. I guess face symmetrics is too complex a concept for your average coconut to wrap their hands arounds. Sender go put down the bleaching creaming and go pick up a book or go hang yourself from the nearest mango tree.

  3. YES a society in serious trouble the mindset of the people who sit on the step and cuss someone who goes to work and refuse to give them weed money, and one of them dare to get popular in music field and is getting blame for everything that’s happening, the problem was there from morning they just got a conduit, and bad mind is fashionable god help us

  4. Gm all

    Unno can stay deh mek turncoat belly rat feed unno negativity…I’m not fazed because I’ve heard stuff a million times worse up to Tuesday gone from Omar..and I quote. ..the very popular saying. .

    “She pretty for a black girl”

    Oh dear lord grant us permission to go upside the head of anyone saying that shyt.Three days now Omar vex with me because me tell him ppl who says ignorant shyt like that fi SYM!!please note I didn’t tell HIM bout his mother but hey smh.

    1. Kidding? ?She’s drop dead gorgeous and she can get IT till the cows come home! !Gabby I was saying don’t get caught up in the negativity about complexion. We’ve all heard the stereo types as to what defines real beauty n it’s way too Euro centric for my liking.

    2. Only Gabby/Kasi…. yuh know fi push it tuh di limit…. Gorgeous???? Dat Nuh inna it Kasi. Trannyeous.

  5. This girl is gorgeous and have a lovely figure,only thing cud make her ugly isn’t her skin tone,buy if her character is dirty and ugly.

  6. Sender f**k off Nash is a pretty girl and she shape damn good, especially after having her daughter, who is a cute likkle girl! She looks good with or with out makeup! And she always dress nice!

  7. Sender is an ignorant and dumb f**k a wonder what is her complexion.. Mental Slavery in full effect. Must be a bleach Queen

  8. No pumpkin is a ugly girl for real
    I don’t know if the sender is hating
    but any1 knows pumpkin in real life can tell u
    she’s an ugly girl

    She even has a chop FR her ears to her mouth

  9. Hi everyone this is Pumpkin/Nash for all those who inquiring about the scars in my face I met in a car accident on Christmas morning a couple years ago and the window shattered in my face and eyes hence those scars! Ugly without makeup is your opinion 🙂 I am beautiful just the way I am to me anyone who knows me knows I am not ashamed of those scars dwl that’s why most times I go without . Sender what were you expecting to achieve from this ? Big up yourself and God bless your soul

  10. Hi everyone this is Pumpkin/Nash. For those who are inquiring about the scars in my face,they were from a car accident I met in on Christmas Day a couple years ago. Sender if you think I am ugly without makeup so be it,I am beautiful to me and that’s all that matters. For those who think I am transgender dwfl I gave birth to a daughter,so that answers that! Big up yourself Sender :*

    1. Lucky ya bloodclaat look n a explain a vex the sender vex mek them move dem dutty bbclt fi go see a who send it in to nuh mi darkkkk bad…. but who God bless no man curse. Yo God bless mi fren

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