Big dutty toya a so you walk an friend all a glenroy woman them a so when mi just a take him a so you did run in an come friend me to toya I am so glad I find out you an your brother you don’t see how i flap your brother you are walking an telling people about me suck wood is the both way big dutty toya a me stop use your brother me walk an f**k all bout pon him your brother is no body when mi look an see how him chat him babymother that give him two kid I look at him different toya remember say you use to chat all glendon mother with me dutty toya you beg like dog all a your brother woman them mix up your name can call a so you sit on mi name with prezzy hungry belly dutty toya but I should know because ketty say a so you do she to you act like you want glenroy to f**k you you tell him all not to give brit nothing toya you are the worst inlaw i ever come across you a chat you an your brother must glad say mi man dead dutty gal toya come suck out me an mi son.

an go clean your house way piss up what day you a chat you are acting like your daughter is nobody if you feel like you can run in remember say your brother love f**k mi just give him a f**k an them make you all cry people people mi dark fi the big no sweet gal look at this mad one how the do she all when mi beat you girl glenroy say i should kill you because your too nuff she is my babysitter before mi man dead when mi want space a the one in the red hair walkers fool kimmy aka walkers fool kimmy no walk behind a toya because she chat you a say bout you a walk come over to glenroy mi should kill you toya how you do glendon mother an a she give your big pussy brother two kid I should look an see the you are wicked you put down that girl so much all when you were setting me up to war with the girl a good thing I did not do it wicked suck wood toya you an you dirty brother


  1. Sender, the jumble up phuckry you write nu mek sense.

    P.S. mind you mouth tear from wood splinter. The word is HOOD.

  2. Puncy come on u an god know say u dirty tacky an nasty 1u don’t have a bed 2u baby smell like old clothes 3 give julene back har clothes them weh u theif an tek in fi fit u 4 all this time u fukin down the whole place u don’t own a bed u need fi send in u self

  3. U proud fi walk and talk how u flash u pus c everywhere !! Go get tested probably have something that doc can’t cure!!

  4. Puncy u story sound dumb like u guh bade me smell u tru the post tell pinkwall how u house dirty an wah clean Riverton dump nu miss u gwan guh wake up u man an mek him come a the two a unu dead ya gwan like a taya did a fuk u..u can find food now eeh stinking pussy gal u want a check up frm u neck up u favor clothes hanger

  5. Sender all the walk ya walk and fuk u still don’t own nothing but infection when was the last time u go to the doc an check out that pussy u walking talking dead sort out u life before u try sort out people own ur self esteem is low like u pussy mileage

  6. Ketty never tell u seh she still a f**k glenroy puncy the baby them that u kill a call u name a him baby mother a mad u an him nuh left her u nuh see the gurl give her life to god and him still a run behind her puncy Nadia an him still a f**k kimmy a him still a f**k an God knows who else glenroy tell you seh baby can hold him tru u think u did deh a first place but u never know seh u just add pan him f**k list poor you Go look a life an stop walk with your pussy every man u tek left u or dead u nuh see seh u hole curse

  7. infection hole puncy only God alone can help you why you nuh tell pinkwall say you use to suck gleanroy Hood too fi a man bodygirl you chest stong fi tek that big Hood into your mouth member a you show me him hood an tell me seh u suck him fi him stay with u and all when u dash wey the belly dem him never did a look pan u puncy it trick u trick him bout u a breed fi him look an u come to me puncy an ask what u must do puncy me tell try catch a belly fast girl me never know u fool so cause u really go breed an u see seh the man never did a look sameway when girl fool them fool but a so u stay always want go in a people life an ever get f**k go find a man fi yourself an stop walk an f**k girl

  8. Puncy ketty no tell you say she a suck Glenroy hood to you an kett to be friend because a so she walk an f*k like you ketty a dog shit because she should not make glenroy f**k she back people people we all know y but a shit glenroy must shit in a ketty mouth a glenroy brother jermain f**k out ketty when she young ketty remember say glenroy did see jermain a run with you on him back go f**k only hope you tell puncy all a them things there ketty you know that glenroy are f**g you an u walk an friend all a him woman the but a one mi know you an dutty puncy cannot friend a him babymother that give him two kids ketty u walk an f**k all kind a old man till you look like them the man an him family life happy puncy an ketty a that u all did want to stop you can’t him love her an she love him a happy life klist ketty remember anything you a tell puncy tell her say glenroy a hide a f**k you girl

  9. Ketty it hard still me would not the family to but stick a pin a no them you must have up is your pussy the you can’t control because the youth did like you an as you an him have nothing you go f**k all kind a old man an walk an f**k out the place an see now you a last lady an if u see the man an him babymother you a vex an a set your daughter to watch them a when u did have him you never know the use a him ketty all in a your mind glenroy want you look what did happen an you go mak glenroy f**k you a gal u klist

  10. Taya them need to clean up them cabinet ketty taya them must know say you have them up an I think you should not a Melissa you must have up because a she set u up back pon him you don’t remember mi love how the man just f**k you out back an no want you .when u see the man babymother you use to want to throw words on the girl an me an you know say glenroy don’t want you a Melissa you must have up because a she set you up back pon him all when she use to have you over her yard a drop words on the man babymother see how far the girl deh she not looking taya must run dutty Melissa because she chat her with mi friend in a top track an she an ketty done the all a you see how ketty do Melissa an she run go friend her back taya take my words Melissa an ketty use to kill your family an the start back run Melissa nuff a the things that gwan a she tell ketty an ketty go tell puncy taya a time for you an your family to learn now .comeing from 48 Arnold road

  11. Taya you are too nuff a glenroy babymother that give him is two kids u are trying to style that y as him start f**k the bitch them you take them up see how much you do that girl an see god help her because god not sleeping. big man thing wich path you know puncy from? a so you walk an put down the girl you must stop now everybody u chat the girl with a so you use to live on the girl name with melissa because melissa tell me.Melissa chat you an say if a your brother babymother an you can do her so what would you do she stop walk an bring dwon the girl see i know she would not do you an your daughter what ketty , puncy, a do you an your family. leave the girl an come off a the girl now man good god mi can’t belive say all puncy you gone a chat the gal with you know say melissa did tell mi how you do that girl an a now am proveing it say a true (aaaaaa )good god it too much fi one somebody you just live pon the girl every dog your brother get you chat the girl with you must stop now man who is piss a bed puncy (aaaaa )god not sleeping an a she you gona a chat the girl with all a set her to war with the girl mi say Melissa you an taya a friend an you an that girl no talk an sometimes when you come a tell mi how taya class her all I can do is shake mi head taya that y Melissa say she gona back to old she say she no really in a you because how you do that girl an when she look the girl a move leave you an her she say she just wake up .an she glade the day when Richie did get her work for her. she tider to sit an chat the girl with you .You must a think everybody like what you are doing taya I like you an everything but you need to stop now .everybody a chat you say you must stop bring Down the girl is time now you need to stop bring her down an set her up it look bad it dont look good coming from 48 to you I like you alot taya but stop now leave your brother an him babymother an stop chat them nuff love girl

  12. Taya love you so much because you are my friend but nuff a them that runing a food friend them a just because you will cook an give the from Melissa did a talk say a you alone want to fat you should run her see now she get work an she talk so you are not happy for her an how she take sleep a mark death girl am not telling you Anny lie me an melissa chat you girl she say she an your brother babymother no talk an nuff time when you a chat the girl she feel it fi her but you must know you love friend too much comeing from 48 Arnold a lastnight somebody call me an tell me to go on pink wall I did of to let you know my mind you don’t have no friend but me

  13. Puncy I want you to call ketty today an ask her if glenroy not f***g her puncy you did know say glenroy no want nobody but him babymother you did just add to the f**k list like ketty,Nadia kimmy the big shape bad one in a 48 an the barrow cloths one barrows the all a you want to put in a barely an dash way a sea it is so sad all lastlady Nadia. she the gal just klist how she put down the youth only god know an now she make him a hide a f**k her the all a you are lastlady

  14. Puncy,ketty, Nadia,kimmy,lovely an the rest a glenroy woman them babymother did you all know say glenroy woman come from farrin today deron shakera friend the all a you a go back to sad days as to Nadia she way make him a take her out after 3 a night time an go f**k her the gal fool I feel that boy have something a give away that y him a walk a f**k so all if him a give mi a million doll I could not f**k him fi a heavy man him nasty a that they gal way come down to him she klist just like him sad bitches

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