SHOP DP TO @#$$%^&&

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    1. DWL!!!!!!!! Ayyyyyyyyyyyyyy yuh nuh seh me did ah go mention seh Ali express have nuff ah him items dem.. .. but tru mi nuh wah dem run in pon mi and seh mi ah bad mind di ting! dwl!!!!

  1. i would definitely rock that vintage maxi dress, super sexy fe true…ah dougie she buy cheap and turn roun sell expensive…smart move :2thumbup

        1. but Metty i can’t knock his hustle though cause ah the sed ting mi do when mi sell mi ole boot and claat den pan ebay or postmark..”excellent vintage or used condition”, which is the truth, cause my seller feedback is 100%…and mi nuh ramp fe charge excess shipping needa :siul

          1. yuh tink mi easy?! tan deh LOL…but coo dis now…me have the audacity fe get vex ana ask the people den why den suh teefin wid dem item plus shipping costs when ah my time fe buy my goods dem..i ain’t right :hammer

  2. Site says SORRY THIS SHOP IS CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE, Met mi go ova dey fi go faas n a dat mi get


  3. Mi like the hustling still, mi as a business woman. But unu must stop by the things dem a china and sell dem back so expensive, it’s not fair. Mi buy wholesale jeans fi $8.00 and sell it fi $15.00 fi cover mi shipping and unu sell it $55.00 and must stop it man.

  4. Yes sah! Go on wid yuh bad self Missa-Buy-Cheap-an-Sell Dear. Mek uh profits papa. One ting doe…Di upholstery jacket a call out di bees dem……but dancehall bwoy wi buy dem.

  5. I can see you making a profit but these close are not name brand for your to sale is so so expensive, I know the goal is to make a profit but if you want people coming back make it to were they will come back the things don’t have to be that dear, I’m just saying!

    1. all ah my tingz them are authentic name brand clothes and shoes and i do have a few vintage couture pieces that i sell and buy. if mi huh wear shit me naah guh sell shit; before mi duh dat betta mi toss dem innna rubbish bin. most ah my clothes and shoes, jewelry, bags, etc. are just overstock of things that i buy on final clearance sale from premium/high end stores and they’ve been sitting in my closet un-worn or maybe worn or gently used a few times, but i turn around and make a fantastic profit because i re-sell my items at retail prices, but i always give my customers a free gift plus gift wrap all their purchases…trick is to shop out of season for everything, that way you are literally paying pennies on the dollar..keep them for yourself or sell them for a profit

  6. dougie a over price the cheap goods fe go dance and floss, bathe with champagne and go pon instragram go show bank balance, well that’s his style, not a problem for me but when I see his bank balance or him wasting money inna dance I cant say any of it is from my pocket

  7. So if everybody in the dancehall community decides to open an online store then the market will be over saturated with pure sellers and no buyers.

    1. honey the jackets dem nuh look bad; dem can beat still wid the right attire and very little accessorizing. yuh nuh si seh the 80’s ah come back wid ah vengeance?

      1. If u say so Yep! Dem too pretty, me fraud butterflies would swam me…they meh think am a flowers garden.

  8. OMG black ppl ah di worse! , all dem white batty man a sell louboutin, michael kors, gucci , LV for 500% above actual maklet price but yall still buy the shit to show off in dancehall and nah complain . But a fellow black is trying to make a legit business and all yuh a run dungggg di man ….you have a choice ppl : buy it or dont buy it , simple as 123.this is why us black ppl dont progress as a race …..

    1. True, u tell de truth. But de foreign man already run up the price 500% pon de Ali site. Now him come run up anada 5000% no meat pon de bone if foreign man charge $13 for de same smaddy I’ll buy from him and save me likkle spendy. If him a true buyer him would purchase wholesale for cheap and sale retail for cheap. Not buy retail for cheap and markup for retail again. Him need access to merchandise at wholesale cost not available to public or on a retail site. Dem professional buyers have access fi true wholesale not markup markup market. True smaddy may still buy if dem no hear bout google. My advice go garment district or merchandise mart to trade show and build true contact and relationship like professional.

    2. True…Gap jeans cost them 47 cents to make and they sell for $40 or more.. I truly wonder if these comments would be the same if he was a regular white person.. Black people will pay more to a white person before giving a black person a chance.

  9. It’s sad that the youth a try ah thing…. But yet people have so much negative things to say…… Gwan do your thing…. Only god can judge you….. Hope everything work out 4 you

    1. on a real though, the last jacket lava mi granny ole seteeh living room furniture weh she use to have ah Jamaica. nutted nuh wrong aid eeh jacket still. i’d wear it :nerd

  10. on a real though, the last jacket fava mi granny ole seteeh living room furniture weh she use to have ah Jamaica. nutted nuh wrong wid eeh jacket still. i’d wear it

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