A man accused of dousing a woman with acid because she recorded him arguing with another man pleaded not guilty to assault occasioning grievous bodily harm when he appeared in the Kingston and St Andrew Parish Court on Friday.

The accused man is 23-year-old Rajiv Christie, otherwise called “Lexie”, of a Barbican address in Kingston.

According to the allegations outlined in court, on August 4 at 4:45 pm the complainant was at a bar on Hanover Street in downtown Kingston with her friend, when she heard a commotion outside and went to enquire.
The complainant reportedly saw two men arguing and started recording the dispute. The court heard that while she was recording, Christie approached her and threw a substance from a plastic bottle on her face, neck, chest, shoulder and foot.

The woman reportedly tried to pull the bottle away from Christie but it fell to the ground and she ran off.

The court was told that Christie then took the bottle up, chased and caught the complainant, and poured the substance on her head while she fought with him.

The accused reportedly let the complainant go and ran to his car, while the complainant ran back to the bar where people poured milk on her body. She was then taken to the Kingston Public Hospital where she was admitted for five days.

The matter was reported to the police and Christie was pointed out by the complainant’s friend, who knew him.

However Christie’s lawyer, Abina Morris, during a bail application, told Parish Judge Andrew Collins that her client was denying the allegations.

Morris told the court that her client was also injured during the incident and, from her observation, his injuries were worse than the complainant’s.

She told the judge that she was seeking bail on humanitarian grounds, while also pointing out that Christie had made a report against the complainant two days after the incident.

The prosecution, in response to the application, informed the judge that Christie had allegedly committed the offence while on bail for breaches of the Law Reform Act.

However, the judge granted him $400, 000 bail on condition that he reports on Mondays and Fridays to the Matilda’s Corner Police Station.

Christie is scheduled to return to court on December 15.


  1. So him pour acid pon di woman and a come talk bout humanitarian grounds and dem give him bail! No sah!

    So what dem going do when him an somebody else ketch up in argument and him go bun dem up, cause it obvious seh is the man weh him a argue with him carry di acid fah!

    And if di woman weh him bun up rush him rass and go hurt him. Mi know fi a fact a jail she a go!

  2. @spoon fi real, back in the 80s a woman defend herself a man threaten her wid ice pick for she a PNP an him JLP him rushed her unprovoked she dip fi her acid and blind him, and even labourite say him wrong police force him and threatend him to come a court she got over 3yrs and she was only defending herself

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