A young man who reportedly attacked and beat his farmer neighbour, after the farmer refused to share his soursop with him, is to go on trial December 12.

Nathaniel Duggan, 19, of Mannings Hill Road in St Andrew, pleaded not guilty to assault occasioning bodily harm when he appeared in court on Friday. His bail was subsequently extended for him to return for his trial.

According to a police report, on January 19 at 9:30 am the 60-year-old farmer was at his home picking fruits when Duggan came by and asked him for one.

The farmer reportedly told him that the fruits were for sale and that he could not give him any.


Duggan reportedly took up one of the soursops and went to his home. The complainant reportedly went to the fence adjoining both their homes and asked Duggan to return the fruit.

However, it is reported that Duggan beat the man on his head and shoulder, causing injuries.

The matter was reported and Duggan was arrested.

3 thoughts on “SOUR SOP TEEF

  1. Dem fi bruk up this boy rass….mi hate ppl with this mentality that everything you have is theirs if they want it. To f**g bright man!

  2. De bwoy bright and stink yes. De man coulda be him Grandfada, and look how him beat up de man fe him owna fruit – like de older man owe him, and den him have de audicity fe plead not guilty afta him cause bodily injuries to de man. A hope de Judge deal wid him de right and proper way yu see, because him outta order fe real!

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