17 thoughts on “SLIPPER QUEEN

  1. yoww a long time dark glasses a wear eena dance a jam dung ppl hide dem eyes bad man ting enuh these days some glasses is one way they see clearly and u cant see their eyes lol, But this slippers NOBODY can cross it how this big man well dress, tek ya him girl hide him shoes, or last minute him find out the shoes cant fit…

  2. OK let me explain what is going on here: Just like how us ladies wear the high heels to dance to make our grand entry then change it off in the dance? This queen did the same thing. Him well coordinated!

  3. Suit neat and well pressed, toes neatly lined up in dem slippas, fit him betta dan nuff hot gyal a road
    If a laff tedeh

  4. A foofah father this? Who really mek him come out a d yard so? A which taxi man carry him? But then again him foot dem might a tired a d heels and him draw fi him flat slippers smdh.

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