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  1. What did they catch her with, what did she take all I hear is a bunch of loud a** females talking all at one time… What did she take all now I don’t hear what she took, did they give the evidence to the police… I don’t even know what to say…

  2. well they say she was in the lady bedroom.. and she ketch har.
    The people dem say she teef body splash and one DVD. which is all fukery 2 me. The chick is prego.. low har dis time. Maybe she hungry., she sure look it

    Wat I didnt like was the wen the woman said the man a go bax har.
    HUH?? Go siddung u Mamma Mon…

  3. Thank you for the clarification @ Couldn’t bc me… I just couldn’t understand what was the excitement especially everyone talking at once… She is pregnant and like you said it look like she is hungry and probably looking for something to sell to feed her and her family now she has an extra mouth to feed soon… I feel bad for her but for all that excitement they should of just let her go bout her business already, you caught her you got your sh*t now let her go, it wasn’t for all the excitement…. Who man go bax har, the woman? Just a bunch of craziness… I heard one telling the car to stop talk to her and she telling lies…

    1. She leave from standpipe to drewsland..that is very far to travel from if she hungry..dem seh she did a tell lie when they caught her at first and then they realized things were missing

  4. Thanks Met for the additional clarification… It’s just sad to know that she had to do all over that and to leave from where she lives to do such thing…

  5. Oh please, typical weak fence situation. Little body spray don’t warrant that treatment.

    1. Dem nuh beat har…dem shame har which I think is ok cause she leave from too far fi go deh go teef that. All the way from stand pipe to drews land?? Is not walking distance

    2. I think ‘a little body spray’ did warrant that treatment. It’s the principle more than anything else. She went into someone else’s house to steal from them. point blank period. (and she didnt steal food)The way Jamaica is set up she might have killed the home owner if she got caught and had the opportunity. When a criminal continues to get away with crime they continue to do it and usually get worse. I wonder how you would have handled her if you found her in your house in the middle of the might

    3. Thief is thief wether big or small it nuh matter,it nuh nice when somebody come invade yu personal space and come tek weh yu work hard fa.. Mi glad dem nuh beat har still she look like a mad gal.

  6. I understand everyone’s point of view… Everyone has an opinion of which we are entitled for it… I didn’t know they had sprayed her or anything of that nature, for me I didn’t know what had actually took place… For me it is sad that she had to leave from what I’ve learned is far to go and steal… I do not say she shouldn’t be punished, let the law take care of it and which they did, she got picked up… For me I’m also glad they didn’t beat her as well… It is crazy what people have to do to get by, and you never know what the consequences are could be death, jail, beaten whatever… These situation could have been worse and thank God it didn’t because I’ve heard of worse home invasion so thank God no one got hurt…

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