1. It’s only a sick woman would paint her face in that manner and not think anything is wrong. And for someone with long pretty hair, the lace front doesn’t suit her.
    I really pity her and Mia Campbell, two beautiful, articulate black women that suffers from mental illness.

  2. Bwoy oh bwoy….she was such a beautiful woman and then she went and had plastic surgery….now look at her. Damn shame. Women we need to start loving ourselves and stop distorting ourselves.

  3. Poor thing. Apparently she has had mental health issues for a very long time. From she nuh frig wid nuhbaddie, I haven’t got one bad thing to say about her.
    Most of the Hollyweird jezebels that influence people in a bad way are the mad people in clean clothes that I am more concerned about.
    Good luck to this woman. The stigma of having mental health issues is not a small thing to over come.

  4. She and Screech were so cute together. Metty, ah true she have Lupus or is it plastic surgery n’ such gone wrong?

    1. Suh the camera “HD”camera mussi ah show up di tan bad mop pan ar head as well eeh???LOL, I’m off to bed…

    2. But before mi guh sleep…how do you explain the Groucho Marx eyebrows? You know what..lights out :travel

  5. looks like standard dancehall queen in the face. bleach out, stupid eyebrows and hair so fake it looks like an animal died on her head.

  6. missing a couple loose screws shewas so ppretty I guess Hollywood get da best of her the synthetic wig need fi toss along with the cheap drugstore makeup

  7. She has a mental illness, but refuse to accept that she even have an issue. That is what is so sad. Her mother spoke about it I think early last year, after her appearance on Entertainment Tonight or Extra (I can’t remember which one). However, Lark then sent out a press release saying that her mother was lying. It’s clear to everyone but her that she need help and I hope she comes to a place of acceptance and get the treatment. She seems like a lovely girl and I really enjoyed watching her on Save by the Bell when growing up.

    1. FYI, very few people with mental issues will ever concede that they have a problem. In fact, they will accuse YOU as the one with a mental problem. I have a very close family member with mental issues and it can be a life altering situation….very frustrating to say the least. The biggest problem is getting them to stay on their MEDs, since the side effects are not pleasant for them.

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