1. Can someone please point out the errors/flaws in what is being depicted, for those persons who genuinely don’t know so won’t get it.

    I might add there are a couple of historical inaccuracies there too.People just be making ish up as they go along kmft!

  2. Everything is not always as it may appear. This could have been a project given by the teacher and the student did that. The student might have displayed their work. The tick marks doesnt even look like they were done by a teacher. So grammar and history buffs take a chill pill. However if it is a teacher, God help dem pickeny dey wey.

  3. The entire list looks wrong. If this is any kind of history class and if the teacher is starting from the beginning (hence the reference to the “first Jamaicans”) where are the slave masters and the slaves the forced to labour without pay or any compensation. Who planted and harvest the sugar cane fields, banana crops, coffee, work on bauxite locations. Who build the courts, roads, bridges (the old ones included flatbridge) that killed many of our ancestors while building it. The so called “indentured servants”. That list is so wrong on so many levels. I think the teacher if it was a teacher who construct this list, went around to the local wholesale stores and decided who owns thus the traders title. To name people as traders and industrialists and forget to paint the entire picture is somewhat trying to blind the new generation of our true history. Stop misleading the children and teach them the truth. Bun mi fi whoever ah try rewrite wi history! FOUL!

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