25 thoughts on “SORE GALORE

  1. A suh nuff a dem bleacha yah skin tan, dem jus filter out dem rass, and wen we call dem out everybody hav suptn fi seh!

    Mi jus deh yah a wait pon di idiot dem who a go run come talk bout hate!

  2. Sender go sit ur ass down. If they dancing and dashing themselves on the tuff grung and all over the place like wild animals wah you expect dem body feh look like young baby skin? Just stfu smh

  3. Borrrrrrrrrrraaaaaaaaaaaannnng, this is the best suss you can come up with?? Yea, yea, they bleach, the throw themselves all ’bout, cut up, cut up, bruise, sore and, bruk foot may come with the lifestyle! PUUUULLLLLEZE SEND IN SOME UNEXPECTED SUSS, RELEVANT’ISH!!

  4. If they are throwing themselves all over the place like wild animals Metty, what you think is going to happen? I don’t get them lifestyle at all Met. I had the experience of being around some dancers at one point, some of the popular ones too and Met, I was so surprised to learn that these people do not actually have jobs or whatever outside of going to parties at nights to throw themselves all over the place to get some change from the selectors or promoters or whatever else. When I heard and saw these hype popular dancers crying and carrying on about how much they spent their last to get to a party and didn’t know how they would get home, I was so shocked Metty because me really can’t believe a so dem survive. I’m not knocking their hustle if that’s what they want to do but it was almost like a culture shock to me. I couldn’t do it at all.

  5. Mi seh it look like di gal a breed tuh pussyclaat!!!… sumbody tag mi inna dah video yah an mi naw lie dah belly deh a breed! an she look like she wah kill it rass aready cause mi see she do a rass split deh an drap pan di belly mi seh wtf!!!! She all a hide it she wear jacket an she Nuh luv clothes.

  6. Mi seh when yuh see di evidence grab it, nuh leff!!!!!…mi seh mi did affi come back ova yah di gal delete every bloodclaat comment weh di ppl dem write seh it look like she a breed dwpbrcl!!! but mi tink seh she Neva care wah ppl write bout har seh Whoooiii!!! It deh yah but it young… A come it a cum mi luv wah yah hide fah… yuh bloodclaat yuh ppl like yuh nuffi hide cumgradilations Jay z & beyonce.

  7. Ppl is not the throwing themselves around all bout that cause dem to bruise up like that! It’s the bleaching! A lot of bleachers skin are like this! Is because not everybody skin can handle the bleaching!

  8. No matter what you do you will never win… better learn fi read your bible & pray, di mount a bad mouth weh deh pon da B yah mi bbc..glad yu a nuh mi familia. Mi use to clean mi granny red floor & climb trees as a kid when dem ship mi off to country from kgn same soh mi foot did chippy chippy not anymore tho..gwaan thru nik nik

  9. U notice in all their pictures and videos she is the one always touching on him all over him, she trying too hard

  10. Sher shut the fucc up and leave the girl thru u vex cus she a tek a man who u want her fi tek you…a so some gal stay them want program them friend..u program renee who when you was in America was with the girl up and down. and when u come back Renee a diss like she dont kno the girl. So what if the girl foot look chip up and she bleaching fi rub it out…corny as hell. Look how many ppl bleaching some aint even reaching and than bad…that all u have to say… Sher u dance 2 u act like your skin perfect. Sher thank god ur body a 10 plus. sher and renee unnu a act like unnu foot look any better.Come with something better sher…the girl a make money dancing not horing. Yes Dancing and promoting…jus like you. U jus dont like her man the mad beast.atleast She not going around screwing whole heep a man..and gosh girl so if she a breed…smdh.her u nah screw.. remember she is on the street ground its rough…Dancers here dance on smooth surfice…i hate when yall come on here with dumb ass irrelevant topics…boringggg come wirh something better

  11. Mind ur business –you shut the fucc up and come off a Sher name. Yuh nuh know all who a comment but yuh come yah a chat like yuh certain seh a Sher. Gweh from yah!

  12. Honestly if I’m out busting my ass off every night dancing and tossing myself all over the damn place like that I have to be comfortable. I wanna eat well, sleep well, have some money in the bank,wear good clothes and good hair take good care of my child provide a roof ova mi head and all dem good sumn deh nickesha no have nothing fi show fi all a dem chip n chop deh. Kmft she no live noweh she kotch up a breaton Inna d big dutty yard weh d whole a dem hitch up like bee hive. Dem live like dog n johncrow. She no try fi elevat herself and move away from all that negative lifestyle instead she adding to it,nickesha yuh fi do betta if not for you but for your child you wutless cutliss

  13. Anynomus @820pm
    Oh so a you a suck sher punanny if anyone a commemy for sher
    That’s y ur Anynomus u irrelevant bishhh. Like sher cant be a hater like you dumb ass..bout come off a sher name like u nuh deh pon marvin girl name..
    Be fair bishhh.anyway feff being fair so go suck sher buddy..pon the Sunday morning yah….str888 a defend the girl and yah mi suck buddy…do nuh come tell mi mi a suck Marvin and him gal…come different..
    Defend fi defend u irrelevant a comment a yuh a suck sher buddy…y me cant defend the girl and if me think a sher me think a sher.sadamite shit dipstick…bout come off a your big suck buddy name

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