I went to Spanish Grain today in PortHenderson Plaza to purchase some chicken and Rice. I went inside I saw two persons ahead of me at the order here window, they have a 3 step system (ORDER HERE, PAY HERE and PICK UP HERE) after waiting a while I went to the order here window to order 2lbs of Chicken and 2lbs of Rice before I order I ask the person how much for 2lbs of chicken, she said $280 a 1lb, I then order 2lbs of chicken $560 and 2lb of rice $120 and she said my total was $680, I got a piece of paper to carry to the pay here window, at the window i paid $660 when I should have paid $680 so I check my receipt only to find out there is no rice on it,
I ask the cashier where is the rice she said there was no rice on the paper, I went to the pick-up window and ask for a supervisor and a lady said she was the supervisor, I asked her how I paid for rice and chicken and there is only chicken on the receipt for $660, she said the chicken weigh more

than 2lbs,
I said it seems to me you guys are unable to weigh out 2lbs of chicken and 2lbs of rice because that’s all I want. In the end, the Supervisor wasn’t resourceful, and also the behavior of the slim brown cashier was nothing less than appalling. I got a refund and went somewhere else. what you guys think or what you would have done differently


  1. I’d take back my money too cuz If the chicken weigh more than 2lbs, they should have let you know instead of assuming that you would have been OK with it… a just suh some place stay, dem feel like dem muss push things on u and u mustn’t say anything….

  2. They should have tell you the that it weighs more than the actually price instead of just throwing the price on you so Sender…

  3. I aint bin to that location but im pretty sure its the customer that doesnt understand there set up its a bulk order location for restaurants and stuff and they dont sell such sml quantities most items are 5lbs up and the 3 step proccess is accurate but usually go to a order area where items such as sections of meat and stuff are writen on bills to be brought to the cashier for payment and insome cases depending on what u want (eg .. beef if u order boneless its sometimes has to be picked from stock and usually the closest whole muscle joint to the lbs u want and its reserved for and might be under or over the lbs u want because if its over or under might not make sense to cut off fractions of lbs that cant be resold or to cut a peice off a bigger one to make up for and the reserve weight is added to the bill paper after youve agreed ofcourse be brought for payment .)until pick then recipts held until order processed for pick up then security checked twice to leave.. prepared by 1 individual over looked and signed off by supervisor that what on the bill was what u get and stuff then weighted and punched the bill by security to leave with tolerance for weight since most are frozen and weights somtimes are in kg not lbs and might start melting etc.. only issue tho prices are cheaper since if u can name if most big retail stores and restaurants shop there and other similar to it just that u have to make links with workers to get tru faster and orders reserved might get mixed by the 1st processor when sending out for pick up eg a bag mix part weight 5.75lb paid but when pick up time some else got that specific bag and the processor cant find it and u get a replacement 5.95lb and the bill has to be changed due to replacement out of tolerance to leave with

  4. So to sumn it up it might be the order was too little for standard sales due to catored type of clients and the orderer didnt relate the weight to the buyer due to assumptions that they understood procedures and the buyer didnt read the paper with the weight to the cashier before submiting and making payment and the cashier omitted sumn if the weight didnt match standard for order or it wasnt on the paper and it being jamaica workers dont care if customer are pleased or not since it aint there company and to address the issue they simply just refunded her to end the situation because those figures aren’t regular order sizes since there a bulk seller

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