me n this guy been texting and talking on the phone planning to meet up in the US for his next visit even spoke with his mom and im jus making sure he dont belong to nobody cant take no drama he seems so loving.


  1. Shi waan mek sure sey a nuh badda people cause dem bwoy dung a Jamaica all dem good fah a look farrin woman. She’s right to put it out there. Lady mi nuh know him, but pink wallers soon come wid di bill an receipt.

  2. Yes I know him …he belong to a girl name Stephanie.. .he has a baby with her and lives in her house.He also with sherefer and was living there part time..He had a girl in forest hill and some in ja also. joined the que my love….you in for a long line

  3. Rhasssss…jim is married …well not officially but one tiad gal name step act like she own him and did a call him her groom …she was fighting with the ugly horse face gal name sherefer over him.I heard he eat pum pum good come clear it up to mi.

    1. Lol the only person eat pum pum a u yuh man yuh father not yuh brother don’t get it twisted if a man sleep at a gal yard 4 nights that mean him live dey not it was 2 Friday 2 Saturday night and Kim say suh get yuh story right dumb dumb Jim never want man gal sher

  4. That’s drama right there Jim is a player he don’t love nobody he just go around and use ppl

  5. Leave the youth alone a must some a him badmind freind them try mash up the youth medz tru the youth a f**k nuff gyal a could rupss them do this

  6. Lol this story so fake a bwoyster Kim u and yuh brother sharffa need find guaranteed hide sheffa Jim was never living with u him sleep a yard 4 night after yuh buy him the car him nuh sleep dey again a matter a fact from him baby madda fine out yuh nah get nuh more sleep a yuh brother Kim say Jim sleep a the yard 4 night my yute sherffa yuh need find going back to being a private whore cause no man yuh want yuh Jim play yuh like a puppet yuh follower batty man rups Wey a fI a post stinking mouth Sophia up as a way of paying rent cause them thing fake cause rups still a use Sophia shop lifting money for take gal dinner lol this fake ass story mI number know you stef nuh run Jim from him f**know the bwother Sherffa unnu fu*k off now leave the yute a wa bout Jim suh the sender sad stop make up fake shit y yuh tek the pic off ig met this fake fake fake if a nuh the disable crew duh this rup sherffa Kim Sophia a must sasha n stash milli do it true Jim beat stash non milli lol

  7. Y unnu don’t leave the youth alone u unnu a tryear hard fi mash up the youth life and throw dirty on him trying to make him look bad this youth been around long time no because him guh put himself with that man looking gal sheffa a pure mix up some man fi learn say a nuh every p***y worth f**king cause that mm looking gal look how much man she tek y she want stop a the youth gal gWey not tek yuh dump not move on its not like ur not use to it y yuh nah guh try hype are makeen trouble in a jermaine life cause that man details want u one bit Jim make one big mistake true yuh gi him yuh money waste gal unnu come off the yute dow wit leave u need Sophia to immigration dow yuh set up the phone fi get him phone a hope yuh a save yuh lil andicap hungry belly boy Wey Sophia nuh stop treat like dog innate house dow yuh sad behind closed doors member yuh say yuh sorry cherry put yuh out cause mattress Sophia treat yuh like boy

  8. where is jim not Shefera together a want dead sher sir from yuh put out the video Jim drop yuh stop it stop it please note Jim was never with u sir he was working u like a job fool fool gal move stop tell lie yuh get one pic one video news that’s it Stef yuh need fi sort out this but I can tell u this Jim nah do sherrfa not she stress over the £5000 she gives him the Parna money kim a warn yuh boutique Jim with sherffa mi can swear that a lie cause might kmw Jim so stop it n u girl since him a text yuh nah yuh run to met send the text message them #wicked ppl

  9. It’s sad please need to spread lies in don’t blame them if Jim never guh sleep with dutty sher all this wouldn’t be happening but me know might tell unnu this unnu coulda deal might nah lef Jim suh man gal sher yuh get want u paid for now it done u need to talk fact yam head gal not dutty dow u need to guh sort out yuh Pickney a Jamaica Wey live with yuh gal down there Wey yuh nuh stop use Sophia money guh gi lowe might man cause yuh mad cause him drop yuh cause yuh fake like yuh ig life stop pretend like yuh happy new nuh mek mi start now yes Johncrow Jim and miss groom not so what bit*h unnu a try a thing but the more unnu fight wi a stronger with get n u the fake poster Jim is taken not happy with Steph but if u want get Wey sher not the rest get gwan sleep with him now me know sure yuh havery money cause him have a family for look after ask sher fi him bank details cause she have it on mobile banking dow stash n the 3 baffamet demon sher Kim not Sophia not porriage face sasha come s**k mi stop hide behind pinkwall me n Jim nah left so keep trying sad sack

    1. Gm ukkibit!!!

      Remember mi new focus is fi pick up fi them cuz even the dull n ignorant,they too have a story fi tell so we ought to listen.

      Besides I can’t imagine u are tricked into thinking is nuff ppl sake a different names. …as per custom n practice, see Met give dem enuff rope n dem reel dem een bk pon the typical nuff username scam deh!! :selamat

  10. What will u lot gain by putting dirty on someones name? Theses men need to get their self together if u have a man woman u live with are going steady with u need to let ur side piece know them space Jim u have woman she strong to still stay with us cause ur always on pinkwall get yuh self together n to the person who send in this story if he’s so loving y didn’t u just ask him if he’s single ur just looking trouble and if he was texting u I believe u would have send in the text messages u sound like someone he either sleep with no left are someone who want him and just trying to start some rubbish

  11. I know this youth him no want none of them girls deh name weh unno a call a america his first love deh weh him deh wid from him a 16 so unno can gwan waste unno money and time look on his hands he got her name tattoo

    1. Lol Jim have this mother and father and his 2 kids tattooed on his hand mi knw him very well unnu need to stop and who so ever dey a America need fi chill fool a England Jim live everybody have a first love that don’t mean him want her fool Jim have 4 ppl name on him his kids and his parents guh sung down first love yuh Rass gWey the man a live him life

    2. Lol sad sad sad funny Jim never talk bout that first love you including yuh self if Jim love u so much y him nuh guh live America with u him have him sTay n why yuh lying bout name on hand any body kmw Jim kmw him have him 2kids name on him and his mom n dad name lol ppl sad

  12. Jim live with his baby mother Steph y ppl don’t just leave the ppl them this a come from dow cause him obbese with Jim like him love man from Jim drop him every wey him guh him chat the youth before him guh chat bout Sophia Wey still a sell p***y n him fi stop message gal pan fb and send them love song dow leave Jim alone one eye batty s*ck p***y father rups Wey mek a lil smalls and use it fi hpye inna dance sophia say u don’t even hElp buy shopping she tired a yuh cause ur like a child she want guh do her big body again but because she a fi a mine yuh she can’t cause ur like a child yuh tek mic bout yuh settle down y yuh still a text ppl woman all yuh friend woman yuh a text dow nuh the other day a gal from north come over to yuh and yuh bring her a yuh friend Bm yard

  13. A one girl on fb name suga plum a put up all a this she live in North London she work in a nursery she meet Jim on fb him full up her head and f**kery tell her him and him baby left n she send him money n him tell her fi come south and him turn off him phone now she send him a bag a vm when Jim nah look she text him baby mother pan fb and when that nuh work she text Betty lue bout she want her money from Jim Betty lue tell the world suga plum a nuh u alone him hurt are con get over it sher buy him car now him nah look fi her way but it looks like Steph a duh more cause all unnu a talk Steph nah left him suga plum on fb mi soon send in her pic mine u she never meet Jim in person but she send him money lol lil gal guh sit down cause yuh swear fi mash up Jim life suga plum tif everytime a post are comment bout Jim guh to met a suga plum do it she still hurting from Jan 2017

  14. Mi refuse to believe say so much dunce ppl gacw this yute in common. One person a comment and them dunce nuh hell

  15. Well bettylue is mingling in all sorts of things.she use up her big fat too much she always a call Steph phone and a tell her a bag LIE that’s why him hate her cos she always chatting and in a the man businesses.

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