Gunmen went on a rampage at a party in St James last night, leaving three people, including a St James High School student, dead and six others shot and injured.

The conditions of the six people, including one female, admitted at hospital, were not ascertained.

Police reports are that about 10:00 pm a group of people were enjoying themselves at a party which was in full swing in New Ramble, St James, when they came under heavy gunfire from a group of unknown men.

After the shooting died down, nine people were discovered shot and injured. They were all taken to a medical facility where three were pronounced dead and six admitted.

Detectives assigned to the St James Police Division are working feverishly to apprehend the group of men responsible for last night’s onslaught, but they are yet to establish a motive for the attack.


  1. Only devine intervention can help this country… No man it a get from bad to worse…when lord when??help Jamaica I pray…

    1. No need for divine intervention. Humans have to fix the problems they’ve created. Calling on God is fine and dandy, but you have to do your work as well. How much prayer breakfast must keep, crusade, community walk and all dat?

      Di govt needs to satellite monitor air and sea space constantly. Have programs where employees can buss on others committing crimes, and are encouraged to do so. Customs officers should under heavy watch as well as coast guards. Nuff a dem can be easily bought and is dem cause di island fi flood wid guns suh. Jamaica ketch yasso because of the comatose governance of successive leaders. When di crime did start blow up under PJ Patterson, wtf did he do? Him turn a blind eye and put him full attention pon highway. Him import some self proclaimed experts and di crime grew under dem expert watch. All dem cared bout was creating agencies with many acronyms. Portia come do her term and did not do shit wid crime, but her personal net worth sure improved drastically. It will take someone with balls to fix this sick situation or the next 20yrs will be darker than this. Memba, many countries dealing wid dem own problems, so if JA gwine siddung and nuh do nutten wid di hopes seh farrin neighbors will help dem in dem distress, dem betta turn dem eyes to Venezuela and see the answer.

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