1. yuh know seh as a woman dere is jus certain charges mi nah bail a man pon,now why of all things a sexual assault towards a minor yuh get hold pon as a man with a daughter how yuh name reach inna sup’m like dat?!?!?!

    Every other day yuh wife wuda tawk but dis yah shame muss a beat hard bad,like a kid yuh get hold in question for

  2. well oops here it is.
    I just cant believe a child is involved.
    you see a man face but you don’t know his heart.
    this is sad.

    1. So who called the police on him….since you know the real story? Scolding a disobedient child is not grounds for no arrest….beating them is? So if you said he best his child that’s different but you cannot get locked up for yelling at your child…wtf…who do you people really think you can fool? Tell us a story that makes sense man

  3. How sexual assult reach inna it? Unu mind disgusting eee. Mi seh black people issi smh the man said his daughter was missbehavig n he took her phone and she called the police. Why unu luv mek some disgusting assuption against people without knowing facts? Some a unu big woman sad bad

  4. The man decipline his child and she call police,a so them foreign pickney ya stay, if a down a Jamaica, pure whop whop and you afi go sidung ina corner and bawl, call which Police??? Buoy time really change.when ️️them wann broke out, yu afi leave them alone, cause no that them teach them a school,, if them parents lick them, call Police, then when the pickney broke out, the same Police come scrape them up…

  5. @met jaydon a use big words. I’m glad you know that prison never Meck fi dawg. Jaydon when you ,apple ,apple mother christine, sally and Kerryann did plot and tell apple fi call her baby father in queens sey him fi come for him child because apple tell Kirk her first son father that she needs to get away from jaydon because him beat her up and when Kirk got out him good clean bed and went to meet apple thinking he was protecting his son to Kirk surprise a whole heap a police surrounded him and tell him him is under arrest for black and blue and buss up apple face and jaydon knew he did it to apple to see if she could get the battered woman visa,.jaydon u and apple a wicked and Kirk had to pay thousands of dollars in attorneys fee because him decided sey him nah teck nuh charges because him innocent .Kirk decided to take it to trial and the prosecutors tell apple with a dirty back ground like her, with so much fraud , fighting and theft charges the lawyers are going to rip her apart so it’s best for her to drop the case. Wicked jaydon , apple are muma and her dirty friends. Uno try lock up innocent Kirk because apple a look green card and you jaydon never wanted to the charges on fi yuh record so you decides to stage the beat up of apple so that Apple could get abuse green card. so what if people rejoicing over uno lock up. Wat good fi the goose good fi the gander. But apple Kirk was going to let them arrest you if yuh did ever bring it to trial .immigration was going to take you out of court you dirty bith,.Kirk sey him was going to give them the name you got deported in the time when you and him did a travel from England come to America and immigration hold you and send you back .you and yuh husband a devil now jaydon come a look sympathy. Jaydon it’s not like you and yuh woman never get lock up into store fi theft before so why you acting like u bigger than that. Nuh scamming you and apple duh fi a living. How much people credit card you and apple use on the regular to fun uno boasy bruck lifestyle,. How much people credit uno mash uno ?? How much people bank account uno meck credit cards for and buy these illegal phone wey, uno ,borrow people address to send uno boxes of thiefing phone tuh. Uno never hear sey kids follow them father like son and Like mother like daughter suh why yuh a act surprise.and jaydon every video and post yuh yuh dey, sida, that Wackass,kids glass bed with those stupid butterflies on the wall. .change uno Furniture now full time. can’t you change position. Guh into yuh stay bad living room uno fake ass nigas.mi ignorant fi them met cause Kirk is mi family and apple, her muma , friends and jaydon tried to destroyed him life for there selfish reasons. And now the case finish last month and Kirk still nuh want to call immigration and tell them the name apple come in him sey a because a him son mother although apple never considered him as her son father when she selfishly plot to have him prosecuted for her gain. She didn’t got no green card but the bitch got social number and that’s how she get I’d fi a walk with.

      1. Met as sure as the sky is blue mi hear bout this scam apple did a try fi get abused spouse green card, mi tink it was common knowledge

    1. Oh gosh man dis ting break my heart. Hear how dem set up the innocent man. Dear Lord people please becareful who u lay wid. This is no joke dats wicked on a next level. Could u imagine how the man feel when him hear assault charge fi beat a women. Especially inna a USA where dem kill u fi less than that. No man Apple n she whole crew muss suffer if not nothing else dem muss suffer for dis.

  6. What she doing with phone ? So police lock him up because he took her phone really? A she but the phone kmt come again lmfao

  7. Hi Apple lol so he got arrested because he took this daughters phone ? Was the charge robbery then ???????? Talk the truth him and the child was fighting over the bleaching cream don’t it

  8. I’m a parent n America make it easy for u to raise ur kids .try to teach them the right way n if they mis steop n u try to punish dem .dem quick fi call the police .u feed shelter n clothes dem but u can’t punish them .this system is f**d up n the kids them use it against us .it sad.I don’t rejoice over these tings .everything unni jump fi jot over .Jamaica all a wi come from .

  9. I’m want to know why rich Jaydon nuh have no lawyer pon file? Rich ppl always have dem lawyer and beckon call.

  10. Why would she not have a phone? Most kids these days have phone n she tell the police them say he hit her. Unu fool fool eeee

  11. I do not give a rats ass about rotten apple and her man but we need to be very careful on the rumors we are spreading without knowing the facts and also let us not jump to believe everything some of these liars run in to post. We may dislike people but it is not ok to spread malicious lies or quick to believe every single lies. Let’s get the real story before blabbing our mouths. Last but not least I do not get joy out of other people misfortune.

  12. Him can’t tame himm gal so how Jim fi tame him child? Children live according to how them learn.

  13. @met what a karma jaydon and him daughter a war over phone and jaydon get lock up fi teck away is daughters phone. Jaydon job in America is to fraudulently, use people credit card to purchase expensive phone then sells them to stores and people on the black market.jaydon you should be glad sey a 1 little charges yuh get. Jaydon go look a job and set a good example for your children. I know your daughter is big enough to view your wife page and see her showing her p…y everywhere and you a palave, like you rich and you not there enough for her. Children live wat they learn.go be a real daddy. If yuh love your children and don’t want them to fall victim of crimes how the he’ll you nuh go get a job and be their road model. How the he’ll you and yuh wife apple still scamming and stealing from people if you get arrested how you going,to make sure your children on the right track .uno just hypocritical. Jaydon I have never seen you posting pictures with your other children going on vacation with you but I see you post you and apple and her children on vacation.why weren’t your other children at your wedding in Hawaii??? I see why the little girl don’t want to take no talk from a fool like you.atleast you went to jail for something that you openly said you did but remember sey you thiefing jaydon, thiefing informer apple ,apple ugly mother christine, ugly sally, and none ambitious Kerryann fraudulently lock up mi cousin Kirk because uno wanted nasty, whoring apple to get green shut the f..k up and stop look sympathy from the public and a act like you somebody you and yuh none ambitious wife and her fake clothes and booth them.wait until I find out the name apple got deported in my cousin nuh want to do it but me ago call immigration pon apple as soon as mi get the full information. I hate a wicked person. Mi cousin Kirk cry and cry sey him can’t believe somebody wey him bare a kid with and know fi so many years could be so evil to him.but him nuh have the guts to f..k u over apple. @met jaydon a plea like him innocent jaydon you forget that you Meck false police report on Apple brother baby mother the girl name [something]in Brooklyn when you tried to beat her up for calling you a p…y hole .jaydon yuh never know sey prison nuh meck fi dog when u punch yourself into yuh mouth and scratches yuh own chest with yuh finger nail all of us into Albany manner, club in Brooklyn saw wat you did. then you ran outside to the police and sey yuh was attacked by the girl and showed off yuh injuries and tell the police you pressing charges and you had the girl name [something] lock up.and sey shi nuh have nuh papers so you want them dip her.and yuh fi get sey yuh nasty thiefing wife nuh have none and a bitch like you jaydon just got your papers . .wicked are going to get wats coming to you jaydon both you and yuh evil wife apple.

      1. Morning Met….this is serious!

        Look at the lovely child dem ah grow….call police pan har fada an tell lie seh him lick har bc him tek har phone? No sah….how old is the daughter?

    1. But all hell seems to be breaking loose today. This is very serious. If all these things are true well I must say walk good to both of dem. Karma is a bitch. If I was u people I would start saving money from now.

  14. Ahhhh sah, but Jadion fi do better, be a good “road” model, & stop go Albany “manner”. Yuh too evil wid yuh rose pink self. Woiiii if I laugh today!!

  15. But nuh one likkle chile, nuh more dan 8 if even dat. Mi sorry fi dem if dat story true bout disciplining and phone and police. May the true story be revealed, cause even dis discipline story sound false.

    Quran, please to rope een wid something, nuh?

  16. Apple and Jaydion live whatever illicit life they live, which is a separate issue.

    The child is wrong and should be punished… they need to send her to Jamaica for the summer really and truly because clearly she is very unruly.
    At the same time, I agree with one of the bloggers up top; as parents, these people have to be mindful of the example they set for their children. That whole “do as I say and not as I do” anecdote is dead and over with, especially in the age of technology and easy access which in turn also grants easy exposure.

  17. If you read the charges – it CLEARLY says he choked her (Crim Obstruc Breath/aply Press)

    I felt the need to choke my son the other day for getting out of line, smoking in my house, slamming doors and talking out of his ass).. but he is too big – so I hit him with the broom handle..arrest me.

    1. yes, beat him because you love him!! Like another blogger indicated above, if you don’t discipline your own children, when they break loose, the police or the streets will gladly come after them.

  18. Thats his big daughter, she has been unruly for years now him and her always going at it, she a bad pickney all inna gang and a tek man & gwaan with pure badness, him been a try with her but she nuh care

  19. All I can say God nawh sleep and if Apple and her man did that to the man name Kirk in a real life God ago punish u and yuh man omg people can be so wicked Apple u ago f** with the wrong person and them ago fix yuh business the right and proper way. Your 6 o’clock soon come God don’t like ugly yuh hear girl! I have chills reading u did that to your baby daddy. U need to be send back to Jamaica and give other people chance who really need to achieve something out of America. U is a set of waste shit load.

  20. @10:57 :tkp :tkp :tkp :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :mewek2 :mewek2 :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak

  21. Kirk nasty, dutty, wutliss family wey no hve nothing come Afa Apple and her husband good good name..Kirk wutless and wicked just like him, no hve nothing family them, that buoy do a whole heap a wicked stuff to Apple, him called acs pon Apple a whole heap a time, cause ️️him don’t want take care of him son, or pay child support, nasty wicked Kirk make Apple sister Chaka get deport, cause ️️him do some murder a long island, and the police ️️them go hold on pon Chaka, Kirk tired fe send immigration pon Apple and it dont work, Kirk is not innocent, ️️me know from when Apple and Kirk de and that buoy all ️him do is fight Apple every minute, that’s why Apple leave him, ️️him hve a green card and don’t want to work,to take care of his child, Kirk family the whole a unu a one bag a dutty garbage, if apple no shit unu no nyam, immigration knows about Apple Kirk dog shit family wey a talk, you need fe talk the truth and stop make up facts, Apple mother tired fe run kirk out a her house, cause when apple come from England, and over her mother yard, Kirk come over de wid ️️him badness and Christine hve to race I’m up, talk truth no dutty gal wey a talk, the whole a unu vex through Apple lef unu nasty no good family and move on, f**k all a unu, cause the whole a unu, that is Kirk family fight agaist unu one another, like dog, Kirk de pon welfare, Apple no de pon welfare, so what the f**k unu a talk bout??? Kirk family wey a chat you don’t know shit, so f**k the shut up and come suck out Apple batty hole, suck and spit out dutty gal.

    1. Hey Ugly Christine… Apple is on welfare and so are you.
      Apple kids name deh pon case dung a welfare office.
      Apple dont work… never seen that bitch with a stack(money) yet!!
      Never. No cash flow..just clothes that she teef.
      Your daughter is a joke and so is your whole family.
      The truth hurts ugly gal.. U love tell people fe suck out and lick out something. What kind of mother/granny are you? Get yo ugly ass outta here. If you ugly one more time.
      Where is Saranwrap to finish your ass..
      I dont know Kirk but hats off to you for not f** with these people.
      Bout since Apple lef him family…kmt Once again Christine get yo ugly ass outta here.

      1. LMFAO mi just ah si dis! Tired fi tell goat-head Christine fi move fram yasso….tough terbit Christine weh love talk bout doodoo…nasty bumboclaat stinking dirty mouth longtime big ooman Christine !

  22. Where is Kirk cousin ?????? @facts me did think Apple was on welfare to???? Also all of her rich friends dem ohh well maybe am wrong :ngakak :ngakak

  23. Kirk nasty family wey up a top a talk,yes you wey breed fe the stinking mouth man,tell Kirk fe stop push him tongue in a gal batty hole.Kirk fight Apple all the time cause she refuse fe Kirk wash out her batty wid him tongue.Kirk family a never Apple make yu did a suffer in America, cause you come here wid your done out hole thinking you was going to get a drugs man fe take care a you,and that never gwann, so yu have fe f**k the man wey him mouth smell like shit.Every gal Kirk f**k him luck out them batty so Apple did he to leave him, you Kirk family up top yu vex cause Apple don’t f**k f**k like you. Nobody never tell you fe done out yu hole, that you can’t get a man fe take care of you like tight hole Apple, as a matter of fact this tight hole have to come from your mama.Kirk family come suck out Apple batty hole cause the whole family a unu love suck batty

  24. @facts shut the f..k up and don’t talk wat u don’t know. Yes or no did apple call Kirk and tell him to come get him son because she and jaydon a fight and she wanted to get away and when Kirk meet up with her a police lock him up because apple Meck false police report. Answer that question you idiot.and Kirk is a usa citizen and Kirk not on welfare are you kidding me. Kirk do work for the usa post office years now. Don’t call yuh dam self facts because you don’t know nothing your mouth full of shit.and if it true that Kirk use to abuse apple when they was together why wait until years after she and Kirk done left and apple teck how much man and woman after that plus breed again to press charges. All a apple friends and family them dunce. All uno know to talk about is to suck out. That’s why apple suck out so much, p…y , batty and lick so much d..k because a lick and suck christine grow her up pon. Ugly mug christine you and yuh pickney them dunce , wicked and stupid alike. Uno is a set of evil shit house. Bout apple left kirk because of abuse a Kirk left apple and Guh breed next woman and live with the next woman and apple use to look war with the woman and walk and bawl down bronx. Come off a mi good hard working, tax paying cousin Kirk name and nuh tell nuh lie pon him .and yes apple been on welfare she took a small break off welfare few months ago through she wanted green card and immigration tun her down and apple run right back to welfare. Apple can’t live without government help.[ Answer ] this [question] did apple not file false report against Kirk and had him arrested so she could, get abuse victim green card ???

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