First thing first shawnett you still live with your mother and youre brother’s yall still sleeping together how old are you again 30 I guess and you’re even sleeping on one bed smh I get it why y’all so worried about me 😂 …Lisa you said that I tie man right but why didn’t you tie your baby daddies because either children has no father & you know how I tie man because you said it like you no it so why didn’t you take a page from my book and get the kid’s dad to take care of them huh ….Jody your still living in a one room with your mother your & brother oh and wait and you’ll sleep together how does it feel I don’t know how to sleep in a bundle because I been sleeping on my own seen 2010 I mean no one to tell go over or take your foot of me 😂😂 you travel to Trinidad Tobago like five time & you haven’t buy a bed like how silly is that 😂😂😂😂😂 …..jean smh I Don’t even wanna go there because talking about you is like damn it’s sad has f**k because if I was to follow your footsteps where would I be wow ima leave you right here …..lashell the last time you came here you had only two footwear girl you have a heart to send me in like come on now you forgot were you coming from already ??? Like really people these day though like you remember how you living with the lady you living with now huh you f**d your your mother’s man mama don’t get too much here because y’all pass ain’t cute 😂😂😂😂😂


Rachel you coming like blood sis weh kill had Sista fi r thing’s cause a red ur eye red enuh cause has Mi ask yo fi mi shoe’s them yo hate Mi all a ur picz them a my thing’s them yo have on yo no weh it feel like fi pop tag 😂😂😂😂 yo luv hand Mi dung like wah you Lil bitch yo call me ugly but look gud yo think a everybody color hair fix yo lil munkey yo it look like when you a Bron it was night ugly stop right a ur foot and nah move 😝 ….ms Jermaine you undercover battyman weh a teach from the year and north and a just 2015 you buy a bed you 😂😂😂 you tell your families that you live with a man huh you borrow clothes like the girl you are…. you remember when you take us all to the batty party huh…. you remember the Sunday you was driving my car and the cap’s stop the car how they treat you huh …battyman live up to yo status and stop hide it ….yo friend them tired of you borrowing stuff from them you remember the guy i use to date you went out your way to borrow his Slipper’s like how could you tho huh you don’t even no the nigga …you remember what you did in Dre 🙈 any day them hold yo 😂😂 is a day like today yo try nuh mek them stop you and tell yo fi tek off yo top cause hell Brock weh ina that rass yo see how long man a f**k yo & yet still you hide it but why tho a who touch yo mek yo tun batty Mi understand when other turn because man trouble them when they couldn’t help themselves but how you turn battyman tho it’s in your blood gay ass boy 😛 …Oshane your p**y don’t leave pen none at all you move from friend to friend but yet you’re still living on the go because you don’t have a resting place the other day dd put you out you remember why 😂 he caught you f**ng with his bro bitch 😭 but you wanna talk shit about me come on nwo talk fact’s



    1. The girl a do laundry and house cleaning cause dem come open har house and fling dutty water earlier.

    1. :hammer

      My girl just a sud up the water, me sure she ago end up double wash and rinse out dem rass.

  2. Hatfield and McCoys ————– no pull dog tail if yu no wan get bite!

    Gwan my girl cause dem start and you a finish :sup2:

    ***yu should report molestation if is a underage de bro batty argument part concern though. Me nah side wid yu if a DAT a gwan Ma.

  3. With a family like this set right here whey enemies a go? unno condition want shampoo bad. Disgraceful bunch!

  4. Dutty Sample a how much yuh pay di smaddy weh write dis coz yuh nuh know A from Bull foot di money weh yuh a gi obeah man yuh better teck guh enrolled in a one pre school

  5. u should a shame tpc fi talk the year when u stop sleep ina boundles that should a hide. Idiot gal u no see say a just the other day that? An why mek the whole a your family them no like u no sample u life sad like 10 thousand funeral tpc.. Shame on u tho fi a done all a u family and u cant pin point on a specific one. U need a ABC book tho cause not even the monkey weh u look like u cant spell

    1. Not a shame a rass…the girl push forward and 5+ years now she have a bed. Yu too ole fi a meet you bredda c%%k stand a morning time fi a cuss nobody.

      Onu clear off and go beg a jug a gas oil and share it mongs onu big yard an light onu self! One less dutty family inna Jamaica, or onu need sample fi provide de jug,fuel and matches as stick? Sorry set a ole rux.

  6. Bussy bussy kin Nickey weh come from Tivoli Sample chat yuh seh yuh house dutty like out a door sample seh she wah drop yuh like bad habit coz yuh want her fi mind yuh and yuh son Sample chat any and everybody Yuh nuh si how shi duh di aunty dem a Liguane and chat den how shi hate dem like poison Sample have more than chat pon her she fi tell di crowd seh a di hammer Bounty killer use and f@@k because her cesspool hole shit up

    1. Lying bitch a company you a look fi tun gainst the girl!! Remember you did a look Nicky man nasty gal and Sample tell you fi leave her friend dem man? Chimmy mouth bitch.

      Yu bex bounty hamma hangle never run-up in a you don’t? You want a box out a it.

  7. the little boy weh u say barrow u ex slippers how u know say him ass never sweeter than u hole thats y him turn u ex

  8. Why when uno a war uno nuh just war a how much ppl uno want ina uno war so how Nicki reach Ina dis now uno need fi stop dis cause buss a something weh ppl buy it tek money fi buss up + how everybody chat ppl fi Uno look how much family Uno av n uno still a luk help kmt …uno story a one a di saddest thing pon groupie get yourself a job or something to do @anonymous

  9. Shawnette Yuh should a Shame a Yuh blooodclaaat self fi a bad mind Yuh cuzzz fa her things dem and Yuh older than her and Inna good job and still sleeping with Yuh brada dem Inna one room how about that ma go take the false teeth out a Yuh mouth and go wash it cause Yuh mouth stink bad and Yuh whole body a ratten dung Yuh call ppl bout she thief ppl clothes give Yuh nuh shame how about that come out a Yuh mouth Yuh nuh shame and Yuh work and she affi a thief ppl clothes give Yuh dwrl Yuh sad tho bitch and again bounty killer never a look at you innna life century cause Yuh body stay bad when night come sample naaaaaah tell nuhbody fi go over more are affi exit the door fa nuhbody put clothes on she push her own door….fi live comfy and sleep Inna bundle which one better you tell me mama

  10. Mi nah guh lie Nicki son look so that means say sample rich then cause from she a mine him + the mada it means she have money…..but wide all this thought uno say sample nuh have nothing and now uno a say she a mine people how uno confusing so uno just mixup up duty pen people or the duty family yard kmt uno guh look a bed sleep ina Nicki and sample have bed a sleep ina ….mi see Nicki put up are bed and the gal bed and house look good nuh bloodclaat how uno nuh put up nothing all now ….mi nuh see fi uno bed all now sample you and yo friend a hurt head

  11. Why uno don’t guh look a work tho uno get up a class ppl and bby wtf is wrong with these dumn ass ppl f**k it yow

  12. No man something wrong yah suh Sample mind u really a duh di things dem eno because all a u family couldn’t hate and badmind u suh

  13. Unuh wah have a house rally unuh put up and the ppl dem put up cause unuh look a house affairs Inna this cause the world would a see how everybody living cause unuh living the bad in grandspen unuh bundle up like when dog just have puppy

  14. Sample you must be doing something right because it seems like the world is against you ……girl keep doing what you doing your doing good me personal love seeing you and your dog ….and for your friend Nicki im on your IG and you’re a sweetheart I love the way you love your son & go hard you girl’s are reaching for the star’s don’t let low life people get you girl’s out …with families like those you don’t need enemies sample you’re doing good mama

    1. Jody go look a life it seems like u a look something to barrow too u a wlak and a search down the ppl dem page and when u done u a talk bout ppl fi go look work. If u did have a job u wouldn’t all up ina the ppl dem business so u have more comments than anybody else till u a watch how dog a live it look like the dog a live better than u shit house jody u low life bitch u if u cant get a work go sell u dutty hole

  15. Nah man one somebody family caan hate dem suh something wrong to bbc hunnu come off di people dem social media wid hunn dutty living

  16. Jodyann it seems like u a look a suck off a Sample stinking pu$$y meck u a run in Sample a undercover sadamite su u wi get u heart desire you Sample Nickey and di dog can do foursome come out a family passa passa

    1. U should know bout the dog in a the early morning yah cause me hear say it share bed wid u too.

      Ruf ruf a pound out you hole and piss inna you mouth in a de hours ya while bro a hole a tail in s him mouth too :ngakak

  17. Drama you come suck my pretty pussy yo lil shit …just because I said uno bad mind di gal mi a sadamite a uno alone nah live nuh life and I think it’s because uno don’t get a day outta di duty family yard uno always class ppl who betta than uno …only ppl who don’t av shit carry. Down ppl and uno clearly don’t av shit because all now mi cah hear weh uno av and if uno nuh no groupie nuh pick side wi just talk anything so mi nah luk friend from none a di gal them mi just a mek that clean bitch

  18. One big dutty family yard girl all the pussy dem do and sit and watch ppl wey better than dem them chat all dem own self under the big treeonly if zinc could talkdem fi low sample alone cause the gyal come out a the wilderness and a shine why dem nuh go look a man fi help dem shine to the gyal a better her self them badmind that fi wah…..unuh over 27 unuh heart dutty bad the same Carlene wey unuh say a obeah the whole yard Mi pass and see unuh and she at the gate and look how Unuh eat up she so Unuh talk seh a her mada kill off Unuh brada and a hold unuh over deh aaaah how unuh heart dutty and badmind unuh one another so Polly must a turn Inna him grave pon unuh nasty blooodcloth but sample Yuh clean hear gyal and Mi like Yuh so don’t stop shine and aim fa Yuh gold tell badmind fi go suck dem mada..lef dem to Carlene cause dem caaaah build up a block over deh so under fi her hands dem cause a she control the whole yard and she a the boss fi 27

  19. Bout family family like unuh sample don’t need no enemies cause if unuh caah do her so wah unuh would a do with stranger’s ah no sah but wey fi her mada a seh in all this tho that I would like to know cause sample mind she straight and me know that fi a fact so gene what Yuh saying bout this

  20. Sample magah and crawny like. She look wishy washy like say if u blow pan har she fall flat a grung. All a the clothes dem weh sample wear cheap like. She never look good yet. Sample breast dem long like a woman weh have 10 pickney. You can know say she dash weh nuff belly. Sample f**k everybody inna dancehall fi look a hpye an she never get it. She tek the ediot man mascot man money an mine the little boy dem but wait til the obeah run off cause dog aguh nyam yuh supper. Who the hell puts their family on blast on social media…SMH!!! Yuh dunce like..guh learn fi spell my girl

  21. You need fi go fine dah obeah man deh yuhself too cause it seems like man done pon you why it bun you so @jamaica2rhatid Yuh seems upset so how she tie the man dem and Mi nuh see nuh man abuse pon her body when Yuh tie man dem beat Yuh to sickness enuh so how Mi nuh see that a reach her unuh hurt bout the likkle Guam tho wey bad mind ago sample big up yuhself a f**k Yuh come fi take so take it cause dem bitch yaaah f**k and it ago in vain sample Yuh bless gold line Yuh pussy and wash over line these hoe…..sample pray fa these bitches and don’t stop aim fa Yuh gold go fi it Mi nice clean friend a you seh AAA…..with Ambitious

  22. @TASH Well based on the man beating weh u a talk about it shows that u an sample go to the same obeah man but because a God mi pray to an i dont believe inna evil i will just let it sit right there. A dirty woman like unu mek when man find good woman dem find it hard to believe say we actually care fi dem. But a leave u an sample to God

  23. Nasty Jody u can si seh u love when your pussy suck das why u a tell mi fi come suck iu pussy but for your info I don’t do girls…..das why yuh a teck up fi Sample because u realize seh Sample a sadamite nobody ain’t stopping you from do your thing but don’t put in your application yah suh come out a people cuss cuss NASTY BITCH

  24. @Drama….mek Jody know yah..Sample nuh have nutten fi harself cause remember the car weh she a drive is not hers. The car nuh inna fi har name. Is the poor man weh she tie did buy it an and she well a pose up like a fi har own. But remember God nah sleep

  25. A weh nasty Drew AkA Drewsilla weh Sample wrop up like mommy wi a wait pon yu fi come nasty shit up pussy Sample potta cat Sample Kleptomania Sample yu can’t gu back in a no party gu hype when wi done wid yu nastiness all chappy kin Nickey a wah di people dem a Tivoli find out seh yu and dutty Sample a rub crutches and beat out yu nasty raas

  26. Dutty dash weh belly walking cemetery Sample yu fi guh a di obeah man guh meck him stop di lickle coolie baby from run behind yuh di coolie boy a Westmore land breed yuh and yuh left come A town come buy pill and kill di big 5months belly baby know killa Sample obeah wuka Sample a weh yuh a guh tell God seh guh repent Lickle gal

  27. Brown Shelly from Portmore beware a Sample coz she nuh stop chat yuh seh everytime yuh come her yard come borrow clothes yuh come her yard and she if fi hide yuh coz she tired a yuh dutty Nickey know to coz she chat seh she afi wear dust mask when she a guh a Nickey yard and when she come out a Nickey house she of fi a dust off a her clothes Potta cat Sample di way how yuh thief you thief all di people dem mannequin and have it in a yuh house

  28. Nasy Sample di way how yuh walk and f**k man done pon yuh till you all a look dundus yuh guh dung a maxfeld and si Dundus Roy and send Shaday guh tell him bout yuh a guh want him yuh member when him foreign woman and Roy muma beat out yuh nastiness bloodcloth and dem of fi push yuh in a borrow guh dung a public and as yuh wake up yuh start thief di clothes dem and gi him Sample yuh nuh have no stay in a hole das why yuh of fi a tie di man Roy muma hate yuh like poison she seh as Roy teck u up dem kill him

  29. No tpc… A dem suemn yah gwan a weh me did deh? Sandra bimma,lena British, Kelly upsetta, nikki trend the whole a stand pipe, pinky fabulous, needle eye u need fi come peep ina this tpc. no no a yah suh nice, this is what going on at the fu***ing moment wooo!!!! this sweet nuh bbc…. A weh the whole a South deh dwbprcl
    😀 😀 😀

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