19 thoughts on “S*X DOES NOT HOLD ANY MAN

  1. So if him waaa shit inna u mout u do it cause u want to keep him? Oh ok sometime me wahhh mash up all camera phone cause a it give shithouse like all u airtime gwheyyyyyyyyyyyy man and I agree that good men are out here but she just a look reason fi cover a sexual deviancy

    1. If I piss up myself I blaming you cau I cant stop laugh. Yes, she would cause she say she would do anything, ANYTHING to keep him happy….ANYTHING to keep him and keep him happy….I’m sure she got what she was looking for, it goes down in the DM

  2. You are one big dunce yes good man out there but non of those things don’t hold a man. The only thing hold a man is if he really loves and want to be with you, so you can go suck all the pussy for him and lick out him batty. You’re one big duppy bat I never know you were so stupid and btw are you Jamaican ur language sound funny or maybe it’s because your dumb

  3. I am a woman who believes a good man (& yes there are good men) should be catered to. If he treats you like a queen there should be no issue in treating him like a king. I also don’t believe people should let society dictate their love-making practices when they are in their good, proper relationships. But let me tell you, I will NOT be doing any threesome or any other some, but the 2 some with me & him with any man. Yes, I AM too good for that shit & any other debasing shit some of these men are on. Right now I’m hearing some things men are requesting (& I’m not talking about suckings) that I will NOT be doing. This girl have some valid points, but she sounds like someone who is low on self-esteem & don’t have a good understanding of her value. After a woman freak & kink out herself & the man still leaves, what then?

  4. All the while unno hear a man want a lady in the street n a freak in the Bed. But no gooD man nor king want him bottom lick out or play with so she dunce af fi sey anything her man want she a give him.

    After the anything speech the rest was just blurry slurry noise.

  5. mi said it already and I will say it again what makes a man really want a woman or a woman really want a man has to do with the individual, there must be a certain something about that person, it has nothing to do with sex or your earning potential or your domesticity or lack thereof. My sister has been married happily for 30 years, she only cooks on thanksgiving and Christmas, and a few sundays in between, her husband don’t mind. This is a man who grew up with a mom who cooked everyday and ironed his father socks. Mi see man left woman who slim and sexy and tek up big an fat, mi see man left woman who keep house and cook, guh tek up some girl who nuh know broom or how fi boil water. Also this notion bout you fi do ANYTHING fi keep a man is bullshit, never compromise yourself cuz him into some shit you may not be, a man love you he will love you for who you are, not what u willing fi do fi him.

  6. A talk like dem mek mi kno some a unnuh will do anything fi man…and den when unnuh lef unnuh a cuss dem bout how dem mek unnuh do tings!

  7. If you are 40 years old you must know sey a man will not stay cause you suck his dick or give him a 3 sum and you hole must nuh good if you one cannot satisfy him, dis gal f**k inna har kitchen and sell food to people and dem eat it, she has two daughters and don’t set no example for them, f**g disgrace as a women, and who want English but you, all that this tell the public is this husband of yours is one big cratches cause my man could a neva mek mi post my push pon social media, ‘mi f*k life and and everyone one knows him is a big pussy hole and freak,

  8. Michelle yuh must think about your dawta dem. They are beautiful and you can live your life without bringing your children into it. Yuh put up post bout yuh husband stay out late and you an your daughters dem meet him at the door and your daughters tell him say him not getting no FRONT for 2 weeks because him on punishment for coming in late. What them know about “FRONT”. Yuh lifestyle dirty. You said out of your own mouth that you were English sidechick before you became his wife……suh a di freakiness yuh use and tek him weh…..so yuh haffi keep doing it fi keep him. An nuh badda come talk bout haters and badmind because everything I’m saying was written on your page by you. You’re nasty. And I can tell you’re sad because every time yuh put up video say you and your husband a go sex….. you’re always high. Nobody don’t want your husband so you can stop put your sex life on FB fi mek odda woman feel like him naw stray cause yuh have him lock…. him will stray same way. Unoo come trace mi because mi nah stop say sooooo ….. PU**Y DON’T HOLD NOOOOO MAN. FREAKINESS DON’T GET YOU A GOOD HUSBAND. LICK OUT MAN BATTAM AND MEK HIM PUSH YUH HEAD IN A NEXT GIRL FRONT NOT GONNA MAKE HIM STAY. Unoo is nasty. Eeeewww.

  9. you need to change your name from secret cause every body know your low down dirty shame business. I still cant get over how silly you sound and look your not even attractive to where i can say well at least you pretty this vid make you look even more ugly… yuck ur disgusting and for the record you man stay eating my friend pussy and thats is all he want to do to her.

  10. I don’t think this girl grew up with her mother or grandmother the first thing them tell u when u a grow up is ,be independent and don’t lower your self to no man .Imagine u a tell we say u will do anything to please your man I don’t think you listen to your self.You post all kind of video bout husband a come home fi quickie and u dress up inna blue,u lock of attention and look pon the man him too ,him bleach out with patches all over him body he look like snake .No woman no want him but u.Imagine wht if I told u honestly that he always try put argument to me I just don’t like his body he’s not attractive at all.But yet still u give him 3 sum, blow job batty wash all these thing but yet still him a lust pon me .Man a man u not with him 24hrs .And stop talk bout Hartford woman because your file ain’t clean either .U flop out longtime all when u recycle and come back u still can’t Mek it .Dont Mek we read u file nasty gal that’s why u breath always kicking now I know why.Keep u nastiness to u self u need attention bad.

  11. Michelle still a gwaan wid dem slackness ya? A from mi a likkle gal inna high school mi a hear bout Michelle Secret. Yearsssss now Michelle a gwaan wid dem ting ya and now it gone global through social media. Full time she stop now. She go from promoter to lingerie boutique owner to caterer/chef to professional sex therapist. Michelle you brag that you are 40 years old but you need to act your age, this behavior is classless and tacky. We don’t need your unsolicited sex advice. Thanks

  12. Sucking hood a the least, the topic seh sex can’t hold nuh man..but yet still that’s all yuh a chat bout. Yuh can do everything to dem man yah nowadays, threesomes,orgies,cook,clean, go pan head top and know every position inn a the worl, if him want bun yuh him still aguh bun yuh. My opinion if a man respect you and uno inn a a committed relationship, him nuh suppose to a ask bout nuh damn three some, dem shit deh a fi single ppl weh nah catch nuh feelings. It cuda be 2090 I don’t care. Me nah guh lower my standards fi nobody and end of the day dem still bun yuh anything me do me know if me hear it a road me can seh yeh me do it and Suh wah. Some a dem gal yah do anything weh dem man request and look inna the mirror.

  13. We affi go define some terms round here eno so we all can be on point. Fuss. What is “hold a man”? Is it he doesnt cheat? Or he comes home every nite? Is it him mind u? or is it u are his number one? Unnu affi define d terms dem man so we know wah we a say. Quite frankly fi me yes the basics necessary, full belly and empty balls but u affi bring more than that to the table.

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