KINGSTON, Jamaica — Notorious Spanish Town gangster Tesha Miller has been sentenced in the United States for illegal entry, OBSERVER ONLINE has learnt.
Miller, the reputed Clansman gang leader, was sentenced to two-and-a-half-years.
He fled the island late last year and was apprehended by US authorities after he arrived there enroute from The Bahamas.
Miller, in April 2011, was sentenced in Jamaica to 15 years for robbery with aggravation and seven years for illegal possession of firearm. However, he was freed by the Court of Appeal in March 2013.

0 thoughts on “TESHA MILLER GET 2.5 YEARS

  1. so hafta him serve him ago come bck a ja…………if him does mi feel like him party ago waan try summen fi him

    1. Yes, it is a re-entry case. He was deported AT LEAST twice before, so this is third time he has been arrested in the US. He was convicted of a gun charge in Tampa, Florida, served 1 year and deported. He came back a third time. I’m surprise at the short sentence he received this time around, given that he could have been sentenced to up to 20-years. I guess they just want him out of the US. He will only serve a year and deported. I’m sure he will be back again once deported, since the police in Jamaica are just on edge to kill him.

  2. Dem man ya live in and out a prison like it’s nutten to dem. Same lifestyle. Different prison.

  3. He is one of the gay dons so he should feel right at home. I am just scared for the people of Spain for the next fool with the gun who wants to prove how ruthless he is and starts again to cut people heads off.

  4. Unnu memba when Teshita seh “sue di Govament fi mi dere Burt”, afta him gyal Atkinson free him from dung a GP?…memba?….memba him dash out one Florida address as him new place of residence?…memba….DWRCLLLLLL!!!!….mi belly!!!

      1. Free stay with ….. views of the mountain ……all inclusive …………………dem really love prison

  5. U kno say mi caan understand ow nuff jamaican say dem lick out gainst gay an
    Dem don a fish a wah dis father dats my dem so wicked to ppl coz dem get abuse
    When likkle a doan kno rasta>>>>>>??

  6. Di nex Don weh leave him DNA inna dead man choat an get ketch. Dat one weh afta di judge seh “…tell mi uhmuch bulla an cigarette yu sell inna di bowd shop pon di lane fi get dis $27M weh di offisah find”…dat same one weh Atkinson seh “…please to gi back mi supporter him dallaz, a fiim nuh matta yuself how him get it.” Dat same Don, well mark my word seh one more Battam Don affi leggo soon soon…..LOLOL!!!

  7. Dexter….dem ongle loyal to dallaz, nuttn else…memba mi tole yu so.
    Mi see one a fareen an a four big ride him a senn awn. Ef yu eva see how the Don a float like butt-a-fly. Den di two shotta wid him a two tuff, silva back gorilla gun hawk.

    1. Shut up! lol. Wah you seh, Willie, a nuh walk him walk a glide him glide, guh bet how him voice dainty to, all peanut shell him caan crack a di shotta dem haffi shell him nuts (pun intended)
      The problem is no ooman can meck a man feel sexually like how a man feel when him prostate get stimulated, fram dem man deel dat, dem dead to ooman. Man stronga dan ooman suh when a man give a man a handjob him will have stronga grip, him jaw dem stronga fi suck to him till him eye dem tun blue, suh when dese borderline folks fram mawning finally run fi di border dem dem plejah eben cause no ooman caan do fi dem di tings wah di man dem can, and dats why him keep going to prison cause dats the ongle place he can freely be.

  8. Hmmmm actually they didn’t arrest him as he reach because he was out and about collecting money he felt was owed to him first (facts) and then put in a few threats before then trying to leave and go home! To bad one of the pussy weh him did a look fah free to walk a road now that them hold him. Although I dont condone the foolishness. But I’m wondering why they not telling that he was not hold as he reach

    1. They also kept saying he was held in Miami, Florida, when other sources was saying it was Coral Springs, Florida. Hmmmm

    1. No!! Coral Springs is about 40 miles North of Miami. Coral Springs is in Broward County, while Miami is located in Miami-Dade County. We live in the internet age and it is something you could have easily checked online, so no need to be uninformed. This thread is over 1.5 years, why did you resurrect this thread? Plus, the Don was released and was deported again back to JA.

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