0 thoughts on “THATS THE SPIRIT

  1. I doah wrong her cuz ppl keep coming in andwen dem c is a black ooman dem walk out suh she a mek dem knw from early seh is a black ooman in deh…..racism will never die nuh matta how hard wi try

  2. Serve dem damn right Miss Lady, suh dem know from the onset, d get go, if dem nuh want nothing fi do wid yuh, yuh worst nuh want nothing fi do wid dem neither, & yuh nah put up wid dem & dem shit in deh so neither. So dem see d sign big & bold, to be forewarned, is to be forearmed. Cant believe in this day and age racism is still prevalent.

  3. Few years back.I don’t think it was a sensible move by her.She lived in a mostly white community,she should have done what the whites and Indians do.Hire the faces the people want to see.Think as you like,act as you should.It’s the business of making money.
    Anyway,it’s long ago.She also had no proof she was losing customers because of her colour ,it could have been her attitude or service.

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