1. I am Jamaican and Nigerians do not affect me one bit. It’s not even like our countries are close to each other. How is this even a competition? Even in Track and Field the Nigerians are not that strong, it’s the Kenyans that win on the track. This, in my opinion is much ado about nothing. Nigerians do not affect my everyday life and they never will.

  2. Sender you are not making this any better. What you are spreading is HATE, which may lead to war. I know a couple Nigerians and they come off as nice friendly people. I see no issue with a few of them living in Jamaica. It’s not that serious for people to be calling the embassy and harassing them. Something is terribly wrong with you sender.

    1. I disagree with you. The sender is not spreading hate. In the article it says that they will put witchcraft in Jamaica. Those people are dangerous with it. I truly believe that they don’t deserve to live there. They should return back to their country. They hate the Jamaicans but want to live in the island. Their plan is to give Jamaicans diseases. I don’t trust them and that’s what the article is saying.

      1. We are africans by blood and ancestry. So we can speak about why we disagree with them but we cant habor permanent dislike for them because we will be disliking ourselves. Witchcraft saved us from slavery and it is not what white people make it out to be, connecting with the spirit and the earth is not a bad thing. But its not a white thing so we must respect our heritage

      2. Such a dumb comment, bout put witchcraft in Jamaica….. very dumb comment.
        Anyhow you answer, Minaj look back pon yuh but know sey yuh comment dumb!

  3. Sender you do know what your taking about, get rid of them From Jamaica they are absolutely no no no no good for Jamaica. The innocent country people cannot mass the destruction Nigerians would cause down there. 2 months ago it was a slew of young girl being killed. Just wait it going to get worse with them on that soil. Just wait. Jamaicans are nieve to Nigerians but wait

  4. is the person who send in this crap of an article on crack? delusional maybe? first the problem was jews, then blacks, then the communists, now its muslims and latinos, and in our own subset it was Haitians, and now Nigerians? after Nigerians who next will it be? to the sender, while everyone is entitled to their opinion, and Jamaica is a small island and thus the concern about overpopulation, WHO RIGHTFULLY DOES JAMAICA BELONG TO? bridges and not walls, thats what dump, steven miller, jeff sessions, steve bannon, tom cotton and bob corker don’t want, they instead yearned for the latter at the expense of our own mental…………?

  5. so what you said b out the chinese the killing the donkeys and owe every store and restaurant in jamaica

  6. Why make Nigerians bother you? They are trying to make Afrobeat HAPPEN mainstream off of Dancehall’s back and it just not working out fi dem.

    Fi such a big and bad country dem haffi attach them name to Jamaica fi get some shine. Pathetic & Pitiful. Dem back shoulda big and broad like U.S.A.

    JAMAICA IS BLESSED!!! THERE IS SOMETHING MYSTICAL ABOUT OUR ISLAND PEOPLE!!! BUT WE JUST NUH GET IT. Eva sit back and wonder how such a tiny piece of rock have such an affect over international waters. How?????

    1. Everybody rob and rape Jamaican culture especially we reggae culture. Race has reggae village and making millions, not to mention all over Europe, so what happen if the African do it. Afro beat was fell’s thing, not at all reggae fusion, do yuh home work before commenting!
      White people ah mek more money from our CULTURE THAN US, talk about that!

      1. The original Afrobeat YES, but not what they are pushing now. Music is my thing, so I don’t need to argue with you on that one. No disrespect. Afrobeat since 2015 has changed DRAMATICALLY to mirror dancehall, there is not IFS ANDS OR buts about it – Wiz Kid (I like him) being the BIGGEST one.

        Ghana to the world, a deh so mi defend because a deh so we come from.

      2. Tyyyyerd fi talk about YTs and dem culuture vulturing. That is a given. What hurt mi is there is a general consensus that Nigerians don’t like Jamaicans. Hell dem fight with other Africans (GHANAIAN- who are our people). Yes, there are maannnnnnnnnnny that do but most don’t. If you don’t like us, don’t touch any thing of ours. That is my point.

        1. Mi did waan done wid dah topic yah enuh, but PTS, everybody emulate our culture particularly our music. Reggae music, especially the dance hall culture is sweet. White people hate we tuh and who rape we culture and make money more dan dem, wiz kid nah mek nutten offa reggae trust mi and if he was, it would be pittance to what others make. He akes his money from endorsements.

          It is ludicrous to say NIGERIANS HATES JAMAICANS, this is alluding to the whole country hating us which is not true. Suh mi nuh know whey dis PASSIONATE POST COME FROM! Perhaps there are incidents within the diaspora with different people but here in Nigeria, a country I have been coming to for many years I have never seen it or experienced it and I AM JAMAICAN AND PROUD!

          As a matter of fact being Jamaican gives me a pass, as it does in almost any country I go to, as dem hear it dem shout BOB MARLEY!. They think we are just the coolest set of people, and we are.
          Here in Nigeria we have SOME communities in Lagos called Ajegunle, Orile and some others where everyone theY study and speak patois, not pidgin, patois, big up yuh self Poto Ranking!. Out of Ajegunle you have artist like Daddy Shoke, Marvelous Benji, Daddy fresh and more. They live the Jamaican culture and love it very well,
          Every second Sunday my children (the ones here with me) and I go to Freedom Park to enjoy Covenant child who plays reggae and dance hall from 6-12 at nights. The park is packed, nobody nuh siddung, all mi ah tip and bubble up. Not to mention Captain Blaze who keeps a program once a month there called CONSCIOUS VIBES. Every Tuesday same Covenant Child (a radio personality) who has a very popular reggae radio station plays at Fela’s Shrine locally known as THE SHRINE. De street block off ah night time and ganja fills de air. There ARE JAMAICAN RESTAURANTS POPPING UP ALL OVER AND Jamaicans CHEFS BEING FLOWN IN BIG UP DE MANGO ROOM IN lEKKI PHASE 1. Foods trucks are coming in one recent in same Lekki Phase 1 called Kingston Kitchen, my half Jamaican friend Raheem now runs it and he also had a reggae radio program on Sunday nights. Bob Marley’s birthday is celebrated here in a big way every year, I was even interviewed on the radio several times. Jamaican culture is loved and respected here, so oonuh stop it!

          You say WE are Ghanaian, speak for yourself dear, not all of us. If you want to know where people are from, you can trace them through their food and their food and language, de Puerto Ricans dem wid dem yellow rice and how dem cook it, speaks of Jollof rice (really wolof) from Senegal, so they can perhaps trace their roots there.. Art and music which is embedded in the DNA will also bring it out.

          We have there in Montego bay, I think, a place called ABEOKUTA. We have here in Nigeria a town in Ogun state called ABEOKUTA, it is where I was initiated. When you ask old Jamaican people from that region what is the meaning of ABOKUTA, they will answer “under the rock, and this is true. In Ogun State you will find the Olomo rock.
          Dukunu or Blue draws is something we eat here, wrapped in corn husk and in Jamaica it is wrapped in banana leaves, but called the same, Dukunu

          “de road poto poto” (nuddy) means the same here in Yoruba land.
          A brown skin child in Jamaica is referred as “red Igbo”
          Igbo is a tribe here in the eastern part of the country, and their dirt there is red and they people are light in complexion plenty there.

          Calabar high school in Jamaica was founded by a Nigerian woman from said town in Nigeria called Callabar ( their cooking os similar to our own)
          “lawd de place chaka chaka een” it means the same here.
          “yuh too laba laba” yuh chat too much
          Laba laba is the butterfly in Yoruba, so de chat too much alludes to the flapping of its wings,same as de chatting too much.
          In Hanover you have the Etu and Nago people who still celebrate yam festivals as we do here.
          I could go one, but I have things to do. The African holocaust came in from west Africa, so Jamaica has a diverse amount of people from all over West Africa there not only Ghana. In the Eastern part of the Island you will find the people from what was Zaire, now the Republic of Congo. When I get in the spirit I speak Kikongo language.

          We must stop the hate!

          1. Wow! I am so shocked that the Jamaican culture is celebrated in Nigeria and the fact that there are Jamaican restaurants. That is good that they like our culture. Just to make you aware that in the UK there is a Nigerian and Caribbean beef between the 2 ethnic groups and the Nigerians do express their hatred towards us Caribbean’s. They say some very nasty things and they can be a horrible set of people

          2. RTA SOCA, IF YOU THINK ABOUT it though so do we Jamaicans, chat people and sey bad things. Nigerians have some bad mind and dutty ways whey mi si inna mi own Jamaicans and all over. Look how Trump bad mind Obama, and waan destroy de man legacy . However they are not saints, and as much as I am here, mi cuss dem all the time, but is the same way mi cuss mi own people or even in America, when I am there mi cuss. Jamaicans in the diaspora do not act the same home. When I first came to America, an American girl asked me why Jamaicans stink so much. I was shocked, because mi love mi country and mi people dem. Mi sey to har, fi watch har speech caws we ah clean clean people, she sey de rasta dem stink. The point here is that she probably smelled one or two rasta (anuuh everybody dat wears locks is Jamaican!) but she ask why JAMAICANS smell like that. We cannot cast a net over everyone. Live and let live.

          3. Funny how you ‘re comfortable to say Ogun and all of those loas names in Yoruv-ba culture but because Haitians call it Ogou Ferailles…he’s not good…typical Jamaican…dumb as my left foot. But as is said…keep them in Jamaica. Maybe tah’ts one thing we could be grateful to you.

          4. A mi phone mi deh pan an mi stawt scroll when
            Mi look
            Mi couldn’t
            Dun scroll mi seh no man :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak mi pap wah big laugh mi nuh read yet still.

  7. Wondering the nationality of the person spreading this HATE propaganda..when jamaicans move to other countries to better themselves nobody goes against them instead they are encouraged so why this for,dont get me wrong jamaica is a very beautiful and blessed island so why not stay there and build jamaica, an who scam more than jamaicans

    1. (Reply to No.22) I agree that witchcraft is already in Jamaica but Nigerians Juju is much stronger than Jamaicans. Nigerians witchcraft is very dangerous. They operate in high levels of it.

  8. All mi wah know is why di toilet deh right desso wid a flush an hunnu still put di papa whey hunnu use fi wipe di batty inna di trash mi nuh get dat shit an I mean dat literally why??? Yuh know mi nuh too like nothing run een pan mi country or di ppl dem from di outside… Mi nuh like hunnu nonetall.

  9. I could not bother reading the whole of this foolishness off. I am commenting from Lagos Nigeria and have been coming to this country for years, I hope the sender is white or any other race than from African descent, if so it would be a little easier to swallow, as I expect these type of HATE from them and Donald Trump’s supporters.

    How did you (if you are indeed of Africa descent, fingers crossed that you are not) get to the point of debasing your fellow Africans like this stupid post you have concocted. Since the beginning of time it has been the black man who has debased/betrayed and all the negatives written his fellow man and his race.
    Africa and Africans can never unite because we hate and fight against each other. It has gotten so bad that even our men are becoming effeminate (programming though food and other things), which is not the African way.

    The white, yellow and the so called brown man (Indian and middle easterners who do not want to identify as black) would never do this (the slaughtering post above) to his own kind.
    Are you aware that there are diverse of people in the world? And that each individual is responsible for his or her own self. Africa is a continent with many countries, why are you singling Nigeria out?

    How have they hurt you personally? Stop watching African movies, if you do not have the intellect to know that these are movies, made to entertain. Nigerians do not eat each other, there are no cannibals here. It is a deeply spiritual country, note I did not say religious, but that they are too, but I emphasized “spirituality”, because regardless of their religious beliefs, they understand nature, how it works and what are the repercussions of certain actions within the universe, the Ying and Yang effects of life and that there are certain spiritual laws that must be adhered to therefore no cannibalism.

    Somebody wrote on here once about they eating their “special meat”, often time are grass cutter, and that is bush meat they were referencing to, but it is a delicacy here for them, it is their thing. Some African Americans and other people looks at Jamaicans weird because we eat goat, Koreans and Chinese eats dogs, it is a culture thing.

    I really should not even be answering this post, I feel silly for doing so, because it is obvious that I am not contending with a person who has much intellect, and answering to what you have written lowers who I am truly, so I will stop.

    1. Sorry to interfere cause i know for facts that Jamaicans don’t like Haitians and i am not supposed to have an opinion on this topic because i am Haitian…but this not a JamaicanVsHaitian thing only…this is the whole Caribbean facing a lot of hatred from an island to a next island…the same can be told about DominicanoVsPuertorican, JamaicaVsTrinidadVsBrabados GuadeloupeVSMartinique…so yes, all i would like to know is How all of you African expect from us to welcome you warmly when among us, we have beef???Get your facts straight…this is not only among melanated people…it happens in every race…So stop with that foolishness that only black nation hate their own and accept that the diversity of culture among Black people and the other race is what we have to point out…So yes, as a Haitian, i’m also concerned about what you africans can do to our islands…(I’m not talking about voodoo because if it was for Voodoo, Caribbean islands and other parts in the America like Suriname, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Curacao,Jamaica, Venezuela, Mexique, New Orleans would also facing a lot of problems cause they also have a small portion of their population that practice Voodoo, Santeria, Winti, Obeah same way as some Haitians do…Just because they all are a set of hypocritical people…they tend to bash Haitians for Voodoo because we are mostly known for Greatest Black Emancipation with african spirituality and it’s funny how it was a Jamaican voodoo priest who came to Haiti to help lead the Revolution…). What i want to tell is: We’re tired of you all!!! I’m trying not to disrespect you, your nation, your culture but i know for facts that what the sender said is absolutely true…Your culture of tribe, human sacrifices, cannibalism and so on is rampant all over Africa…You are a big continent with so much culture and conflicts among tribes and among countries, Burundi, Gabon, Congo are a great example…we don’t want it here… I don’t know about other islanders, they can afford themselves to accept you to take over their islands but not us, we’re already struggling to control our land from Expatriate with all the problems that we are facing…Don’t come and act as if Africais all good (of course, a lot of countries are well-developped because of multinational investment) but me as a well informed person…i know exactly what the sender is talking about…In India…there are a lot of Haitians living up there but i don’t hear they get mobbed or facing brutality even though Indians are known for being racist but it just happen that you Nigerians go over there mostly to sell drugs and this is too bad for the few good ones among you…All over South Africa, black South African don’t stand you and fight you all the time…So , don’t play this race card and just know that your culture and african culture is something most of true Caribbean don’t want to adopt…call it xenphobia but that’s it! You are 174 milion of nigerians… almost the total of Caribbean nationals united if we are less than that…so yes, understand that all what happened in your culture…we are afraid. No offense.

      1. I also agree with the sender. I’m glad that you agree. Nigerians cause problems in other countries with their drugs, witchcraft, cannibalism. They are also a hateful set of people and they are hot-tempered and rude. They hate on us Caribbean people.

    2. And how do you want us to stop watching your movies when this is a good way to see what up in your culture…only dumb people think like that…for example…i’m pretty aware of jamaican popular culture such as dancehall and reggae… not because i love them but because i want to see what’s good and bad…So, please… Movies are also a certain way to know about other people cutlure…am i right or am i absolutely right???

        1. Then, is your opinion to see it as a form of support of their culture if you watch all what they do…but for me, it is just one of many ways to get to know other people and i’m sure some people can relate… For example,I know a lot about your culture through reggae and dancehall…same way as i know about indian culture through bollywood…some people love it…some not and for sure i am one of those who actually do that just to know…not to appreciate and to judge and just in case… to defend my own culture if someone want to attack it…That’s all i have to say.

    1. Reply to Jamrack: I do agree with you. The Nigerians sold each other into slavery for things such as cocoa, rubber etc. I believe the slave trade started because Africans hated other Africans. Tribes fought against other tribes and then they call us slave children and say that we have the slave masters blood in our veins which is so nasty of them.

  10. Nothing to fear about Nigerians!! We the Jamaican people have the ability, and the capability to purged,and terminate any, and all pharosite

  11. I am not bashing any other people culture…FYKI…Boukman was just a priest not our leader…he died before the true revolution took place…This is a war that last for at least 14 years and Boukman was not a soldier…the true Rebellion was Toussaint, Dessalines and Petion…this is you who is dumb…Don’t come educate me about my own history…if Boukman was so great…why he didn’t free Jmaican people before us??? He just came in Haiti because it was spread all over the colonies that Haiti started a huge rebellion act…Get your facts straigt…We helped other latin american such as Venezuela, Bolivia, Peru to get their own independence… WE DO NOT OWE YOU ANYTHING! i didn’t realise you’re a jamaican living in Nigeria but yeah… i maintain what i’ve said…African people have a culture of tribalism that we can’t take on top of what we have, you Jamaican can take it, never mind….AND FOR YOUR KIND INFORMATION…THE SAME LOAS YOU ARE BASHING ARE WHAT AFRICANS HAVE IN THEIR CULTURE WITH OTHER NAMES AND MUST POWERFUL SO YEAH…keep going on.

    1. Lord lets not go there o those Loas you say are the most powerful are african Gods of benin mixed with Catholicism

      1. And so are Gods of Haiti…The images of our loas are pure catholic representation for most of them…For example, Erzulie Freda (Oshun) is the black virgin who hold the child in her arms who is for Voodoo’s adept in Haiti, the Jesus as a child…thgey call it Petro, ANd only by the name you can tell that our loas are only an adaption of the two culture…How can you imagine African loas are not so powerful than ours and “mixed with christiannism” when they were not colonised at the same period when practice african spirituality was forbidden in the colonies??? They were free to practice it while our ancestors have to hide or to mask it with catholic images. No, Haiti might have the weakest loas…some of them even have to go to Benin every year in an annual reunion to strengthen tehir loas cause they were hijacked due to French and Spanish influence…So when you praise Ogun in Jamaica and Nigeria while Haitians praise Ogou “Ferailles”…only by the name…tell me which one is the most powerful???…Haiti has no longer a powerful voodoo. Maybe this is why Bookman was so strong…maybe because the influence of the maroons in the mountains while Haitians had to hide from slavemasters.

        1. You are in the mood for discuss and unfortunately I am not today and I would love keep the dialog. You cant mix africa with anything because the energies are different totally so is either or ither. All throughout Africa, they have the same Gods but different names. Christianity/Catholicism is something different so when they are mixed it will never be potent as the original.

          1. So why did you just pretend that Haitian loas are more powerful than African s Gods? I don’t get it…

  12. Met shake mi hand! Here in Africa they are celebrated/venerated as PURE energy, not mixed with the dead/saint etc. They have names, because the human mind is limited and therefore have to humanize their God, Imagery projects reality, the same way the God of the Christian bible has a masculine gender when is pure energy.

    1. The imagery of Beyonce celebrating Oshun in that yellow costume was a true representation of african spirituality…The same Goddess is the black virgin called Erzulie in Haitian Voodoo…compare the two and tell me which one was mixed…While you’re just sitting and thinking that we are evil…this is you who praise the true powerful side of Voodoo…This is exactly why i say that i don’t want any Jmaican or African influence whether it s about music, religion and so on…i know what i’m talking about…

  13. Obara, thanks so much for highlighting the similarities with Nigerians and Jamaicans. I go to Stella’s blog everyday and I see posters using the same words you mention, even pidgin is very similar to our patois. My stepdad told me when he was growing up in the country, ppl would throw money on the bride and groom at weddings just like they do in Yoruba wedding ceremonies. He also told me about the bamboo setup at the weddings, similar to their traditional wedding ceremony setups. Regardless of what anyone may say, everyone knows Nigerians are some of the smartest ppl on the planet. If their leaders were not so corrupted and invested in the people the world would see greatness shining. African leaders been selling out Africans since the 12th century.

    One would have to do their ancestral DNA to see which tribes show up, not all of us are from Ghana stock, some from Cameroon, Nigeria, Congo, Togo, Senegal, Mali and all other parts unknown.

    Met, mi read seh UN peace keepers had child sex ring in Haiti, and not one person charged. Saw the story in the Toronto Star, haven’t seen it elsewhere and I wondering why.

    1. This is a good example why i don’t trust foreigners whether they are civils or soldiers…If you think you’re bright to come talk as if Haitians didn’t denounce crime that un soldiers committed for so long in our country, you’re wrong…We were the first as always to stand against the UN…Anyone else didn’t tell anything for us..except for Venezuela and Bolivia…They were up day and night on Un’ s back in the streets…Yes, we did a lot of things and await for almost a decade before the UN recognized its crime… Of course, you wouldn’t see it anywhere else…International media don’t talk to much about it and how many of you are reaaly aware of what’s gonig in Haiti??? How many of you can follow our online newspaper and can understand french or creole??? I bet, none of you or maybe, at least, two or three…Yes, we charged all of them and all your slavemasters and all your slavesellers.

    2. (Reply to Number 43) Wow! I never knew that In the country people would throw money on the bride and groom. I have never heard of that.

      1. Yes, but he comes from the area the Maroons are from so I don’t know if that makes a difference with respect to practices. He is in his 70s now, so this is what was happening about 60yrs ago.

        1. Yes I can understand now since the Maroons have kept more of the African traditions compared to the other Jamaicans.

  14. In every nation they’re good & bad ppl. I’m a Jamaican with a lot of Nigerian friends. My friends r good ppl. Yes they have some of them that do sacrifice to their family members for money due to the tribe they’re from. If they’re not doing any harm to our country let them stay there, but if they’re doing harm to our country yes I agree they should leave. But I haven’t had a bad run in with any Nigerians & I live in lil Nigeria. One day me, myself is planning on moving there.

  15. Something to highlight there….

    Africans are cool with Jamaicans once they are not interracting with us. So yes, the ones back home LOVE US.

    However, as soon as they get to England, USA, and Canada – a deh so it start. I have seen it many many many times *Shrug*

    Love call Caribbean non-pure etc. One has said it to my face. I can’t claim African blood because mi mix up. I don’t have tolerance for that because when you denounce being African it’s a problem.

  16. (Reply to No.46) I agree with you. They say that we are not pure which is not our fault. If they didn’t sell us into slavery then we wouldn’t be mixed. What I also find is that when Caribbean people deny their African heritage the Africans get frustrated. When the Caribbean’s are into their African heritage the Africans still don’t like it, so you just can win with them. What I find is that when any Caribbean person wears an African clothing the Africans don’t like it but they have taken our Reggae and Dancehall Music and we don’t say anything to them.Those type of comments are very prejudice when they say that our blood isn’t pure.

    Also in the UK the African people really hate on the Caribbean people by giving them dirty looks on the streets. They also show that same attitude if you go to their churches. What I have heard from my people is that the African men hate the Caribbean men but love the Caribbean women. They love the women because they are good in bed.

  17. Why blacks will insults their self like this.Not healthy brothers and sisters God has made us ONE.As far as you are a humanbeing we are all made by God.We have one heaven not two heavens let treat each other with LOVE.God sent abrahman in the bible to unknown land and favoured him their.God encourages us to treat strangers in our Land with LOVE.Let allow LOVE children of God.God loves us all.I have helped alot of people to come to Nigeria but today we are good friends.Am writing from Nigeria.I love Jamaicans they are my people as far as they are made by my heavenly father.I love you all.Nigerians are good people.

  18. Why blacks will insults their self like this.Not healthy brothers and sisters God has made us ONE.As far as you are a humanbeing we are all made by God.We have one heaven not two heavens let treat each other with LOVE.God sent abrahman in the bible to unknown land and favoured him their.God encourages us to treat strangers in our Land with LOVE.Let allow LOVE children of God.God loves us all.I have helped alot of people to come to Nigeria but today we are good friends.Am writing from Nigeria.I love Jamaicans they are my people as far as they are made by my heavenly father.I love you all.Nigerians are good people.

    1. Chris: That is good to know if you love Jamaicans but the majority of your people who live in the UK hate on the Jamaicans and call us slave children. Your people also say that my Caribbean people have slave masters blood in their veins. The majority of Nigerians are not very nice people. Your people are prejudice and xenophobic towards Caribbean people. However the minority of your people are nice.

  19. allot of bullshit comments. I’m a Nigerian living in London. I love Jamaicans and the other islands. its 2017 and your hating on the people coming to work,

    1. If the truth be told the majority of Nigerians hate Caribbean people especially in London. They tend to give Caribbean people dirty looks on the streets.

  20. I read the piece of shit the sender posted and this is purely xenophobic remarks that are baseless and unsubtantiated . What you the sender posted it’s a narrow minded view about nigeria and nigerians. In my view the sender has some mental issues he or she is struggling with. I rest my case

  21. United we stand, divided we fall!

    All over the world they hate people like poison.

    You only have to look at Los Angeles ‘skid row’ to see what they think about us as black people.

    Now we have a next black demon spewing hatred towards his or her own brother.

    More time when i see this Nigerian, African and Jamaican bul@sh*t i keep stepping.


    Because when someone is putting down a next set of black people it is often a cry for help. What that person is really saying is you hurt me and i want you to know about it.

    All of us as black people have been hurt and traumatized.

    Let us unite in our pain and comfort each other and heal together.

    Peace and love to ALL.

  22. I do really think Africans hate Jamaicans. I live in The U.K and my parents are Barbarian and a lot of Africans speak badly about Jamaicans it’s just they don’t say it to Jamaican people’s faces only around people that are non-Jamaican. They say things like Jamaican men are no good, womanizer create lots of baby mammas and don’t look after their children etc

  23. I am a Nigerian that love Jamaica, in Nigeria reggae music is hot and has inspired a lot of Nigerian musicians especially in the south east (Igbo Tribe). I currently live in United States and have met and made friends with a lot of Jamaicans, I have also been in a lot of jamaican parties and love Jamaican food especially curried Goat, jerk chicken and jamaican beef patties, my Jamaican friends are the hardest working people I have ever met, I have always wanted to visit Jamaica with my family but after reading this article I am very shocked.


  25. This article is absolutely disgusting. Who ever wrote it is myopic. And even the so called Haitian in support of the article. First let me make this point clear, Nigeria is the most populous black nation in the world. Yes with a population of over 170 million people. Secondly, Nigeria has the largest economy in Africa with a GDP (Gross Domestic Product) of $481.1 billion. confirm form this website .
    Nigeria is the 12th largest producer of crude oil, pushing out over 2.5 million barrels per day. Nigeria is the 12th largest producer of crude oil, pushing out over 2.5 million barrels per day. The richest man in Africa, Aliko Dangote, is a Nigerian and resides in Nigeria. He is worth an estimated $12 billion., The owner of Gatwick Aiport ,London is a Nigerian. His name is Adebayo Ogunlesi. Find out for yourself in google.

    This is just a piece of history. Nigerian immigrants are the most successful ethnic group in America. check on this website to find out. The most brilliant black race are the ibos from Nigeria. Check this website from US Academic Report. I myself a Nigeria Immigrant in United Kingdom, came to Uk on the 16 day of Oct 2011. Today I have a stable family with a wife and two children and I have graduated from University of Wolverhampton with first class and a masters degree. Now do not be mis informed and do not generalise a country with perhaps some elements of hoodlums whom you have come in contact with. There are good and bad things about any country including the ones who claim to be most civilised. I am surprised and disappointed with the writer of this article. Ive got great friends from Jamaica that I respect much cos we both are facing the same struggle of white supremacy and oppression. Therefore for a black to write this nonsense about Nigerians, then its absolutely appalling. Think with your brain man! Cos only one with a chicken brain can put up such a shit called article. Or perhaps get yourself a better job. I don’t want to forward to you some news about Jamaicans however I leave you to find out for yourself. That doesn’t mean Jamaicans are bad. Like I said, in every country, there are good and bad people.

  26. Sincerely speaking, this are the kind of people that sincerely make the job for we afrikaans to stand as one very hard. It is so painful and disgusting to see such posts and comments of Afrikaans spoiling other Afrikaans when the white population are standing together as one.

    First do you know that 89% of Jamaicans are from Africa? The Igbo people of Nigeria in the 18th and 19th centuries were shipped by Europeans onto the island between the 18th and 19th centuries as enslaved labor on plantations and there where the largest African population then. You that is talking do you even know if your ancestors where of Nigerian Origin and how do you expect their spirits to be happy with what you just said when you are one of the Africans that follow and believe the system blindly. I am not a Nigerian neither am i a Jamaican but to see this is very painful. You dont even know your history and you start blabbing is so sad. First do you know that Nigeria has been the largest African continent in the whole entire Africa for more than 40 decades and also the largest African population and this scares the white people.

    Nigeria was the first ever recorded African country to ever revolt against slave trade but i am very sure you didnt know about this because the system buried the history.The first ever recorded revolt against slave trade was by a Nigerian woman called Madame Efunroye Tinubu, the whites hid the story uptil date and even tried to change her from a heroine to a an evil woman.

    Have u ever wondered why is it that any small thing Nigerians are always portrayed as bad evil people by the system and the media? Have you sat down and wondered why? Because Nigerians are one of the smartest people on planet earth. Ask yourself who brought the internet scam into this world? off cause the white people, what the Nigerians just did was they learnt it from the whites and started using against them for what they did to all our forefathers, do u know how they enslaved our ancestors, They raped, tortured, abused and used our forefathers like animals. Instead of you other Africans to do what the Nigerians are doing stand up fight for your rights and pay the white back for what they did to our for fathers you are hear talking rubbish, You talk about drugs who where the people who created drugs? Where they not the whites?

    The so called white scammers for example like, Billy McFarland of Fyre Festival fame, Charles Ponzi, Business Consulting International, Ponzi scheme ran by real estate developer Robert H. ShapiroUS who defrauded people of $1.2 billion in total etc, but if a common Nigerian scammer who hasnt even defrauded the same whites of $2million the whole world wont hear a damn word. Then for the drugs issue who where the people who founded drugs? The bloody white folks and till today white drug lords so famous that they are been celebrated as super stars and celebrities, e.g: Pablo Escobar, el chapo, Grisela Blanco and many others (in which u urself are guilty of loving or liking one of these white drug stars) but when the smart Nigerians decided to make an ends meet through this and thought themselves this… the whole world paints them black. Nigerian youths are the most prosperous youths for more than a decade now in the whole entire world which gets the white population so much angry that they shit in their pants and come up with a system of bringing Nigerians down. The most successful migrants for the past 4 years have been Nigerians, Most successful upcoming youths are the Nigerians even in the Music and Movie industry. They are making us all proud, But you believe the system and you are talking rubbish. Imagine if you were born in Afrika in the hardship struggle and hustle and you get a means for a better days wont you follow the path to put food on the table for your mom and family? You talk about Nigerian Girls been prostitutes when the largest prostitution of women sold into sex slaves are from Asia and who are they sold to? the bloody whites. who carry the news we hear about the Nigerians? Europeans and Americans? Nigerians are one of the most loving people on this earth i know this because i have been there couple of times, i have many as friends, they even reside in Ethiopia and we dont talk bout them the way other Africans talk bad bout them because we are real Africans not you fake stars wanna be white folks. They love promoting black culture, if you are black they are ready to die for you and yet look at what you are saying? I am from Addis Ababa, Ethiopia and i must say i am very disappointed in you for even having a black skin on your body you should be ashamed of saying this. Right from the beginning of history look at Nigerians all they do is fight for black people and you are trying to spoil them, you need to check yourself mahn or you must really be a big fool to even think of such. Nigerians are very hard working, despite their government been very bad, they still find greener pastures outside their country, they dont sit down at home or in their hood, gossiping about their fellow black brodaz, they dont sit don criticizing their black fellow brodaz, smoking weed and drinking all day without hustling for a beta 2moro: Take Note about that!

    For the aspect of Witchcraft, Its their believe in the spiritual realm, i am not saying is good but do not judge them by African juju because this is what our ancestors believed in and worshiped before the white man brought religion! Many of our black brothers are been shot and killed for free in the U.S and yet you come to talk about the Giants of Africa who are putting Afrika back on the map weda for good or bad. Nigerians are typical Africans, They are stubborn, They are wise, They are very smart because they are AFRIKAANS u dumb head! Your ancestors would be so mad and angry with you, after all the blood, sweat and tears they shed for you all those days in the plantations just for you to be a free Jamaican today and this is all you can say about their black brodaz and sistaz. What a big shame…. i pity your children whom ever you are!

    Instead of us all to come as one, forgetting weda you are Nigerian, Jamaican, Haiti or wuh eva, we are all one, we are all blacks, we are all Afrikaans bra!

    Meanwhile the Haiti dude or lady that doesnt have a clue bout what he or she is saying take note: Afro-Haitians are the major ethnic group in Haiti, accounting for 95% of the country’s population, you dumb ass! The African people of Haiti derived from various areas, spanning from Senegal to the Congo. Most of which came from West Africa, Nigeria… (Shaking my head)

    Peace & Love,
    Yonas Negasi!

  27. I am a Jamaican who is married to a Nigerian doctor. I have gone through 22 years of torture with this evil man. I agree with your letter 100% this evil man is living openly with a young woman who claims to have a child for him. Since our marriage he has slept with numerous girls some of whom are as young as 16 in the town of black river. Since we are apart I realize that he does practice witchcraft and that discovery has explained all the strange things the children and i have experienced in our home. He refuses to maintain the children and myself and I believe he has been trying to kill me. My experience with this man is horrible and I think they should not be allowed to live in Jamaica.

  28. I am a Jamerican and we Jamaicans in the US have many friends from Nigeria and often live in the same neighborhoods.

    While you worried about Nigerians in JA, the Chinese a nyam off di island like fry rice.

    This article is the dumbest shit I read today, and considering I happened on a bunch of trump tweets that is saying a lot.

    Fuck this bullshit. I don’t know what bukra spell they put on people in the U.K., but here in NYC, black people of all nations mix with each other all the time.

    Done with this dumb shit.

  29. So I am Nigerian. Yoruba to be precise. I was born in the UK but spent a significant part of my formative years in Nigeria. I assume by the definition of some on this forum I am a scammer, a cannibal, fetish, etc. Pweh the Lord knows. I actually love the Caribbean island, never been to Jamaica but ave been to St Lucia. I promise you I was scamming, not knocked of someone for dinner and I actually visited for a short vacation on money earned legitimately. I enjoyed so much but unfortunately have not been able to go back. In the UK where I grow up, I do not recall having any beef with anyone from the Islands. In fact, many of my friends are married to ppl from the Island. We respect and appreciated each other on the street – you know the nod and fist sign among black men.

    I do have that Nigeria drive that some talked about – I am highly educated, highly travelled, stubborn, love afrobeat but hate Nollywood ….absolutely love reggae not a fan of dancehall.

    What is my point? It Make absolutely no sense to generalize. We are some 200m Nigerians and among that population would be bad eggs- and we do have our fair share – just as every State has their equal share. If I was generalize Jamaicans from movies and the media it would certainly not be a pretty picture either. Even the dancehall videos don’t help – just take a look on YouTube. But I am rational enough to appreciate and differentiate sound from noise. Nigerians are loud and proud ppl, driven to succeed wherever they are. As a cannibal I love my chicken, mutton, lamb etc. I am highly spiritual but do not accept to led by the Abrahamic Gods.

    There are lots of Jamaicans resident in Nigeria. Some married, some not….as there are Nigerians resident in Jamaica. For us we will continue to welcome you to the most populous black nation in Africa, for Africa is home and Nigeria well is Nigeria

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