YORK (WABC) — The body of an abused, tortured, and starved 4-year-old boy could finally be picked up Wednesday from the city morgue.

Myls Dobson’s body was still unclaimed Tuesday night, six days after he was found dead at a Midtown Manhattan apartment and his caretaker arrested.

Activist Tony Herbert says Myls’s mother plans to pick up the body.

He says the funeral will be in Harlem, although a date has not been set.

0 thoughts on “TOT’S BODY UNCLAIMED

  1. Such a cute little boy, he suffer so much at least let him get a good send off.
    Al Sharpton would a run come in the media if he could eat a food out of it, but you see no one stepping forward to help, the mother is mental and probably don’t have the money to bury him.

  2. Where is all these rich black celebrities u know the ones thst like to make it rain on da bitches in da strip clubs

  3. Sad indeed, but you can’t go claiming a body if you don’t have anywhere to take it. Funerals are expensive and an unexpected funeral is even worse. However If they put it out there that they are having financial issues, I’m sure they will get some sort of assistance.

    1. Thank you no funeral home is going to pick up a body with no money and has not been that long give the family time.

    1. @BK Cutie pie Amen. This have my heart heavy. Wicked people should not be allowed to have or be around children. RIP little man such a cutie pie. In this case an eye for an eye

  4. This story is so sad. This little boy is in a better place no more pain and suffering… I suppose that’s why God called him home early as he could see this sweet little boy was going to suffer at the hands of people that were suppose to care for him.

  5. Atleast he gets to RIP because I life with those adults could be more torturous. Such a ad end to a beautiful life. RIP little one

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