Mi give Twinny one week fi reach a dressmeka wid dis. Try screenshot di mechizz wid di date….suh when she mek cobbler stitch it up….yuh can memba say “I told u so”….Dwllllll. Mi waiting patiently….if is not she….is one a dem dancehall peggy an dem gonna wear all di lipstick too. DwlL



0 thoughts on “TWINNY DEM SEH DEM AH GI YUH A WEEK -_-

  1. Ms. Bling inna Miami does these fashions for all the “STRIPPERS/MODELS/VIXENS” outh there. She’s Haitian & made herself a millionaire offa den fashion deh. Even the rapper then she make the BOGUS Versace merchandise & everything. Mi surprised she don’t get sued yet but she does it. Peep the link >>>>>>>

    1. Ebony yuh send dem pan di right page. Mi sorry fi dat girl Ms Bling. Kizzy go have a field day wid dem styles deh. Dwlll

    2. Just took a visit to the link. Um I hope they not buying that same stuff she has in the pic cause you can get that same ish from China if you search the net long enough fi cheap.

  2. scamina lowe twinny ooooooooo dem she hef a caw yuh caw wear di bathing suit luk mek yuh tek set pon twinny..dem she hef a caw yuh han dem sauf n heng dung wid loose skin mek yuh grudge :nohope

  3. Observer move nuh man!!! an gweey a true sender a talk chicks wanna take credit fi a outfit and they not the originator gal tink them hot them fly them tun up stop follow other gal and get their own style follow fashion like.

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