Two New York men have been arrested in a vehicle stop in Hackensack and charged with possessing four kilograms of cocaine with the intent to distribute it, authorities said Wednesday.

Acting Bergen County Prosecutor Gurbir S. Grewal said in a statement released by his office that the arrests were the result of an investigation conducted by the county Sheriff’s Office and Hackensack Police Department.

When officers stopped a vehicle Monday, Grewal said, they found the passenger, Shaun A. Henry, 32, of Brooklyn, in possession of an automatic weapon, a Ruger handgun.

After obtaining a search warrant, Grewal said, the officers found cocaine with a street value of $200,000 and they arrested Henry and the driver of the vehicle, Jason L. Scott, 31, of Queens, on drug charges.

Both men were transported to the Bergen County Jail, where they were each being held initiallu in lieu of $150,000 bail.


  1. Soo after all d hype Jason wat did u send home ?weh u ave Fe show home ? No house one lil car …u gonna com bck in ja n live in ur car n all d ppl u hype on bck home will b ere to c ur n ur face u should of send ur money home to do sumtin @least u would of someting to show instead of memories flossing in Cali Miami n NY

    1. I bet they don’t even have a bed. Stupid fools. What a waste. Some immigrants have a plan and some of them acquire education, career and successful business. These guys want to hype. They coulda tan a yard and do that. Americans don’t ramp when they lock up black man so I hope they are ready for their 99 year sentence.

    1. My Jamaican people will NEVER learn, They rent warrarah? Bentley? Now them batty under fire. Good luck to them. Stupid.

  2. After you come out yah a hype and gwaan. Me no wish bad pan a sole but hype come before a fall. DONT HYPE PAN PEOPLE!

  3. When will people learn? The sad part about this story was that none of them had to resort to this lifestyle. Anybody know Jason know sey him a bright boy from glenmuir days….did sixth form and had the potential to be anything he wanted to to. Shawn was no dunce either….he served the JDF, and come up yah come follow Jason. It better him did stay wid him wife. Everyone know sey Jason days was numbered..but Shawn really surprised mi Jah know….mi know the next one a fret!

  4. Lard Jason a so u mugly? U couldnt spend some a di money n sort out u pox ridden face..yuckkk

    Shawn u have some sexy ass lips, sorry fi u n dem bwoy a prison, u gonna have to put dem to use as coolers in prison. Should I sorry fi onoo.

  5. Jah knw star a frm school days mi knw Jason always a stand out ute always wa Lead since hm get so big hm no hail mi again but mi na rejoice ova hm dwn fall jus so it set inna di game shaun jah knw u salt better u did stay a Canada b jah god be wid uno still all the best jah knw

  6. Oonu see how late it is? A work mi just come from, and a schoolwork mi a go do now. I don’t feel sorry fe these niggas who dey a farrin and a form fools of demselves wid dem showoff and hype selves. Please people, work hard and make oonu money. Don’t tek de easy way out cause it will disgrace oonu!

  7. Me shame….real dissapoinment guys me know unnu know better cause a big upstanding school unnu useto attend and unuh neva look like unnu did hungry.

  8. Hold your head Jay, Risks are made to be taken. They
    Say you live and you learn, this was just the hard way.
    Faith and guidance will pull you thru is unfortunate situation.
    These haters and wish they’d get money too niggas/bitches
    Always gonna pray on a homie downfall. Hold your head high, don’t let them win.

  9. Hold your head Jay, risks are made to be taken. Only thing is
    You live and you learn, this is just a hard one to overcome.
    Money haffi mek, just wished you did it more in a smart way.
    These haters and wish they’d get money niggas/bitches always
    Going to pray on a homie downfall. Renting cars for the week
    they make at their job every six months. Lol. Hold ya head papa. Homie in the comment I’m a send you that 200$

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