1. Tyrese, Tyrese, from yu know say nuh bwoy caah tell yu how yu hood look, and a bwoy caah spin yu roun like a propella, nuh worry bout it den mi G. Defend yu straightness to de max, because if yu gay, your fine chocolatey goodness will be a whole lot a manmeat gone to waste. So, from yu know say dat you are not Mr Faggoty, then high five to you mi breddren !!!

  2. you just gi weh youself say all that and still nuh deny it now you say him career done now cause him talk the secret mi know still a dat a unnu thing… secrecy!!… what away it bun yuh eeh diva…. poor thing you nuh sleep deh now. MI put money pan it say a him man a video dis an tell him: baby you better answer him #walking dolphin

  3. Tyrese shut the F up.. You a batteymon. Remember him in that commercial for Pepsi ( i think)singing on the back of the bus. His lips were vaseline greasy with that nose ring… screaming gay. He handsome tho.

  4. Al wah a gwhan Tyrese mi love u backyard. Would be perfect for my kids. Why come out and answer this fool though? Anywho back to biniz.

  5. Ty is bi. The part was really for Pac. And Jamie Foxx is the bi dude who plays naked basketball… So he done fcuked up…. That doesn’t mean Ty ain’t sucking a few dicks nonetheless!
    Ty why yuh don’t make a video denying say yuh have herpes?

    1. Sue the funny thing is that people nuh pay attention and Tyrese know this and the reason for his smoke and screen video above and failed attempt at “throwing people off” what Spanky said. Spanky did not say Tyrese and I auditioned for Baby Boy. Spanky said they auditioned for a role (maybe doing their struggle days..who knows). and his hint as to who was other person who suck diick was that the person got the lead for Baby Boy. = Tyrese.

  6. Tyrese and jamie Foxx being on the DL is an open secret. When was the last time Tyrese had a hit song or movie? But he is ok.. You know why? Him ting deh Dubai. Him good wid overseas escorting him mangina. Lol

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