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  1. Wow. I believe every word she say. Sigh. It pains my heart to see a mother lose her young child. Smh. Be careful Mommy…..go about things the right way. Whole heap a name a call. Although the way it sounds…… is like the Jamaican police either involved or won’t do anything to help her. If it was America….dem would run through an investigate every single name she call. Smh. This is sad. Mommy ….Nuh mek dem kill yuh. Please be careful. Leave dem to God. God vengeance is real and sure. One by one dem will drop like fly. Pray pray. Good luck.

  2. You see how life go? I went on the FB JMG page and I cannot believe this lady is speaking her truth and putting these bastards on blast and JAMAICAN people telling her to be quite and hush her mouth, Like they telling her not to be an informant. Lady? If you come over here, don’t stop but them out there, don’t let your Son death go in vain. Set of wicked people.

  3. Ask her for proof of everything that unno fi do.. she just mad my mom stop talking to her because she trying to get my mom to go to st Thomas to do some obeah business.. we nuh mix wid dem people.. when she ah guh Russia guh check gunman fi kill a man who deh wid har son ex woman.. this lady shame her conscience eating at her she didn’t do nothing for her son.. she told the boy to go theft and mek them kill him so she can bury him.. she talking bout she buy car it’s his cousin gem whom the mother keep disrespecting buy her him his car.. so let her fool you anybody can come and bawl but she has no proof.. she wanted ms nouvelle grant number to set up innocent people for her son death and my mom didn’t prove her with it.. come on I have a brother I lost my two cousin same year by gun; whose gonna want that for someone else. I pray Jamaica counsel see this video and hold her accountable for all her allegations.. then the world will know.. she claim my brother threaten her and all these things she’s a wicked woman who created her own enemies and now she wants to create enemy for other people. God bless her thou.

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