31 thoughts on “USAIN WHA DAT PAN YUH LIP?

  1. This is from tongue-ing down strangers in Rio, London, Australia, JA and everywhere else around the damn globe. Can imagine how di people dem talking to him stare on it! Yuck

  2. Lord God every post weh me see wid Bolt me see di damn suptn..dat a nuh likkle ntn…nobody couldn’t carry him go Dr before the premier mek dem sort it out!

    A dat me can’t understand innuh, fi a man wid money dem tings deh shouldn’t deh pon him!

    1. And girl say dem a wifey, but have the man out and about looking crazy. The time she spend a snap herself driving his range or out shopping for dress with her mother and auntie, she shoulda help the man prepare for the premiere.

      That’s why she didn’t get to walk the red carpet and stormed in late like a raging bull. Usain know what’s she’s about, and it’s not him. Next!

      1. Unno come ennn like the herpe pon him lip. Left har a she did srnd him go nysm dutty front? Everything the woman unno must lub ooman smh

        Go tell the man get him check up and take him herpes medicine and low kasi

  3. This is so disgusting, You could be the fastest man alive this is such a turn off YUCK! If that herpes bump ever let go on top of a pumpum it’s a done deal for that female, USAIN you is one disgusting rotten punk, sleeping around eventually going to catch up on you nastyness.

  4. You can tell that he’s not into anything other than clothes and shoes, I mean look at him teeth. Even if him use crest white strips for 4!days with the mouth wash, his teeth would look semi decent. If it’s night fever put some peroxide on it and it will dry up over night or a hot tea bag. If that was my man, i would make sure to have it addressed before the premiere. Like someone said that can fxck up you’re whole persona. I feel Usain nasty behind the scene with his hygiene.

  5. But is long time kasi got herpes from him.. I remember her telling her friend popular uptown girl that drive a silver benz don’t kno her name that Usain gave her STD she n the girl kick off and the girl try scandal her… she a real ride or die

    1. oh… maybe that’s why home girl stays?? because if her “friend” tried to scandal her and tell other people, man probably hear and nuh waah deal with kaci. idk…just trying to make sense of why she stays in the middle of all this madness.

      1. She stays for the money potential.
        I don’t know if Bolt has an std or not because a cold sore on the lips does not mean he has a genital std in fact most of us have the Simplex 1 virus but, even if he did other women he’s dated like Milan moved on with no problems.

  6. Oyea the pic is gross out, but alot of people do have herpes simplex 1 it’s not that serious people, unless unnnno know unnnoo have a break out and have oral sex but he should have used abeva but hey alot of dancehall man have that shit

  7. Chaaii a lot of dancehall men have it, like it’s normal to have it.serious question what are some the precautions as to not catch this gift :angel

    1. Usain was kissing that girl last month wickedly like him sick. He dont get it yet that u cant put your mouth on ppl like that

    2. You can get it from silverware, cups, lip balms, water fountains if you’re not careful, and kissing.
      This is why they say don’t kiss babies on their mouths because many get it from their mothers or families.

      1. The only way u can catch HV2 is if the person have an outbreak and knowingly have oral or sexual gratification with someone. Touches a open blister and then touch someone in a open wound. Not from silverware, cups, lip balms, water fountains. Stop talk nonsense.

  8. A me alone think say Kasi deliberately come late cause she know say at least she would have an excuse why him neva walk the carpet with her or pose with her! Is because she couldn’t take that embarrassment to be standing on the side while the man ignore and pretend like she not there. Unuh think bout it! If Bolt did plan fi walk with Kasi she woulda ready all two day before and deh a the place sidung a wait till bolt come cause she woulda wah any opportunity fi dash dat inna the nay saya dem face.

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