The topic of slavery and sex is visited, where sex is used to dominate socially and emotionally.Dem seh di mulatto did more harm to Haiti than the whites…Mixed raced people were used by whites as the middle man…it deep


  1. Lawd have mercy. You really haffi know you past before you can venture into the future. If a lot blacks knew how these devil evilous deeds shape who they are today,nuff a dem wouldn’t be killing each other off.

      1. This Video needs to go Viral! This is some deep underlying ish. I watched it 3 times and get the chills.

  2. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for uploading this video. OMG this hurt mi sooo much. I will circulate and let people know.

  3. Me not buying into the mulatto link with the Atlantic slave movements. The mulatto population isn’t in great abundance in modern day Africa, nor was it in the colonies in abundance-dem have to present facts pon that.

    Now, the Greek link I would say is factual base on that 1/2 breed bitch Cleopatra VII and we little evolve bastards in North Africa and beyond who call dem selves ARABS.

    I don’t ‘swallow’ some panAfrica arguments cause it lace with unproven bullshit brought on by the need to fit in…yip I said it :siul

    The Haitian part-factual and what they are expanding on come from paragraphs of the Lynch letter. That letter tells of the purpose for mulattos, but give dem lesser value than both their parent physiology. Only Haiti and all Jamaica, sad to say, gave them ratings. Haiti git out of hand with theirs.

    *Apologies to me sister and bloggers whom are mulattos for the harsh tone and words :kiss

  4. Tears……i just cant manage the reality of what happened to us….I’m so angry..demons they can’t be human

  5. Very intresting, I think every black person should watch hidden colours 1,2,3 and 4..believe me it will teach you a lot and many black ppl will be able to look into “self”

  6. Hi Met and Fellow Pinkwallers!
    The video above is taken from a larger body of work put together by Tariq Nasheed called “Hidden Colors”. Here is a link to the 4 full length documentaries.

    A word of kindly caution, with all narratives that are told from one view point, you should always try to learn the truth by being clinical and critical in your assessment. READING the history for yourselves will allow you to verify or discredit the information presented in the films.
    Ancora imparo.

    1. Thanks so kindly. I couldn’t watch the video at work, and just got to watch it now, and was so disappointed by the length. Thanks for providing the full feature.

  7. It is facts in a lot of sence bcuz in Jamaica growing up as a boy brown people was look up on as better people.. even buju banton sing it ( mi love car mi love bike mi love mi money n ting but most of all mi love mi Browning)

    1. Not only that, remember what zeeks do…he used sex as a means of emasculating that man before killing him..nuff man whey a batteyman in jamaica got raped etc

      1. That’s the male dog mounting another male dog scenario. That automatically come from the times of Alexander the great, and the Greeks. Applied correctly in prison institutions.

        Tammylee right fi bawl ‘sparta’ :ngakak

      2. This is why psychologist contend that rape is never about sex it self but it’s about power and dominance. Male on male rape is truly about emasculating the other male, to prove how manly you are compared to this wimp you just violated. I can do that to you cause I am a DON.

  8. A lot of people don’t realize that Africa is not a country but a continent-comprised of many different countries, with their own languages, cultures, tribes etc. When Africans used to sell each other, they thought nothing of it because often times they were selling their enemies. Then when you add the mulattos to the mix, it like they didn’t care who they were selling and into what conditions, because the thinking must have been,” I am better than him, my skin lighter, I am closer to the white man then he will ever be.” We have to know our history, because it will ell us not only who we are, but it will explain to us how we are how we are.

    1. The countries of Africa that you speak of did not exist then. Africans were more tribal back then–with many tribal kingdoms throughout the continent. Africa as we know it is all dude to the balkanization/the carving up of Africa: The Berlin Conference of 1884–85/Congo Conference/West Africa Conference…

      I agree with your over all premise none the less…

  9. Met,

    Do you think because of the large praticing of obeah, vodoo, blood sacrifice a balance as shifted in jamaica thus resulting in the unleashing of our ancestral spirits? because the crimes being committed are some of the exact replica of what happen in slavery; the raping of elderly and babies,chopping and stabbing each other to death, the raping of our boys and men, the suicides something is happening in Jamaica.

    1. Jamaica always have obeah..blood sacrifice I dont know bout but the killing of the children will bring the wrath of the ancestors for sure

  10. Yep, please check out the Hidden Colors series as it is the truth. I think that is where I first got exposed to Dr. Umar Johnson. That Buck Breaking reference is as wicked as it comes. Slave masters treated us like animals then and now.

  11. Everything about slavery is wrong even today we still have slavery…Look at black men in today’s world they only accept us if we can play sports r sing n act n to make them millions..them still fill our countries n communities with gun n drugs n cheap liquor..Look at our Jamaican people them buy the most expensive clothes n bottles of liquor in a dance n them family a suffa n them live inna rent house…jamaican r quick to kill each other bcuz they don’t know the meaning of love.

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