26 thoughts on “VEN A SELL SKIN IN A BOTTLE

  1. Afta ntn nuh new bout dis everybody kno ven can’t read and write properly a Mario use to teach har and she got a lil better. Shi need fi buy some ambition bout she selling bleaching creme guess dats why fi har man dem ever bleach out suh cause shi give dem a lot of creme or maybe money to buy creme cause di world kno that’s where her money goes in Young bleach skin boys and har daughter deh a U.K. Have young baby and need financial help deh old woman deh need fi guh seek some help and Lowe out young people

  2. Her young daughter have baby OMG. She is a very bad mother time she take a worry bout man she go worry bout her kids sad

    1. What are you OMGing about? Ven’s daughter is over 20 years old. If she had a baby so what???? Is Ven suppose to put a chastity belt on her??

      I like Ven and will always be here for it but Ven cut out this bleaching cream thing please. Melanin is a beautiful thing.

  3. Ven need to take up Some classes she is a worthless mother she have all these kids all over the world and dont look back on them.the ppl in the uk speak so bad of her she dobt even send money to help her daughter after all these years of neglect her son is here in America and dont even know her kmt.all she have interest in is bleaching cream, 3 sum and and lesbian behavior.

  4. kakafawt what a gal dunce. All if me did a plan fi buy from her once mi read this ya ad mi change mi mind.

  5. If i does laugh in yah a does not know wah will happen… Now who does want to buy from her reading dat. does not me.

  6. Ven just have tge kids and abandon dem she stuck with mario own because mario mother not having it.and even so she hardly spend time with that little girl,the child travel from house ti house of all the ppl that work in rhe shop.ven she is a girl child things can happen to her you need to stop your kids it dont look good.learn to read and write so you can help with homework stop running down woman that dont want you one min you with man next is a woman

  7. Omg ladies love your kids mon I don’t respect dis at all I can’t go a day without my kids next to me

  8. Ven use to sleep with kd she did hate wonda so she do everything to break up kd and wonda and when kd got back with wonda ven was so upset she stop talking to kd and start spread all kind of rumors about wonda using kd

  9. Oh jeez. It looks like it’s the same dumb ass commenting. Ven is a

    threat to you huh? Over to the next post I go :travel :travel

  10. Over 20+ years ven havent seen her daughter or send her a dollar smh but she love mine man in jamaica.when ven go ja she could never visit any family members because they want nothing to do with her.shame shame shame on you ven.

  11. ven damn well n know that bleaching cream did not give her that look she dolly and sweets and the rest of them know that its that skin care lady andrea they go to and get that injection which cost the $300 and change per injection thats wat give them that look

  12. Met me buss out a laugh u nuh easy at all oh god come here if u are not busy they feel pretty wen dem brown and appeal to more men some black people feel that their skin color is cursed mental slavery my dear and brown gyal dem a whores ven ugly like Shaka Zulu nuh bleach can’t help her wid har stay bad self

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