Man waited too long for fish at Hellshire
A licensed firearm holder has been taken into custody by the Portmore police after he allegedly shot and injured a man for cooking ‘slowly’.
Police reports are that about 2 p.m. on Ash Wednesday, the suspect went to the Hellshire Beach in St Catherine. It is alleged that he ordered fried fish from a vendor.
After waiting for sometime, it is said he approached the cook and enquired why the long wait. Police said an argument developed between them and the suspect drew his firearm from his waistband.
He then reportedly fired shots hitting the cook in the upper body. It is said people at the popular beach scampered for cover, having heard the explosion. The police were called in and the weapon was seized.
The man has since been arrested on suspicion of shooting with intent and illegal possession of firearm and ammunition. The injured man remains hospitalised, the police said.


  1. Den a so dis nigga trigger finger so horny fe shoot, why him shot de cook over someting so petty? Damn!!! Friggin eediats like dis is why we are looked down on as a race.

  2. But Jesus!!!!! I guess the saying “hungry is a angry man” ain’t no lie smh ahhh boy Jcan men n their egos pitiful n disgusting

  3. More than likely he is some area leader/Don who so happens to have a license firearm. Why they continue to give these license to these thugs disguise as businessmen.

  4. Was it too hard to tell the cook you will no longer be interested in the food because of the length of time and you will go somewhere else? I have walked out of a restaurant twice after being seated, just go somewhere else, meck you money do the talking. Hope him get a serious sentence.

  5. Now that goes to show how igornat a man/person can get it wasn’t that damn serious for him to shoot the damn man because he wanted his shit like now… I’m sure they are other vendors on that beach that is cooking up fish too and maybe even better… he was wrong for that and it was uncalled for I really hope they give him serious time and make him pay the man hospital bills he is loosing out he could be out there making a living right now but his in the hospital.

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