3 thoughts on “WATCH NINJA BIRL

  1. They should NOT harass or jeer him like that , it is not appropriate.
    I am against the lifestyle of homosexuality, but I am also against making people uncomfortable an tormenting them emotionally.
    Once they stay in their lane and bother no one, I don’t see the sense of making fun of a person, gay or stariaght .

    This is the overwhelming HYPOCRISY of Jamaica, where SO many many men are engaged in homosexuality on the DOWN LOW ( DL) yet continue to pretend and create a macho sexual persona that they are interested in females. At least he ris out and open and not fooling women .

    Look at the rate of child rape against BOYS in Jamaica , I read a report a little while ago, it is definitely on the rise.
    These raise against the young boys are committed by fathers, step fathers and often men known to these young boys in her communities. We need to address that problem and stop torment people ah road and take their pictures.

    The fact remains, h is gya and he is Ninja man’s son. He owes his father NO obligtaion tone like him and we do not know if NInja Man was even involved in his life growing up .

    Yes, it is always ” strange ” to see a flamboyant homosexual , but let’s try to be a little ” civil ” and stop tape and laugh loudly at people. He BORN AH YAARD. He is a Jamaican citizen and deserve RIGHTto walk free in his coUntry .

    Homeless gays would not be living in the gully if housing was provided. Gay ,male sex workers are FLOURISHING an Mika by money in their trade , because so called ” straight ” JA men with wives and female lovers, continue to sleep with them

    1. The government is currently providing housing under di quite for them! But di bad breed one dem who don’t want to follow house rules, go learn a skill and get a job are the ones still out on the street! So help is being given!

      And while ppl love to talk about homosexuality if they aren’t in ppls face then no one cares! A nuff batty man deh road and ppl kno dem gay! But nobody nah bodda dem because dem nah gwaan like dem yah! Just like when u see woman a road a behave certain way u lick out gainst it, di same is done because of their behaviour! If dem clean up dem damn act ppl won’t f**k wid dem!

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