VYBZ KARTEL TRIAL: Prosecutor’s key witness says he was given a gun to hide

Published: Friday November 29, 2013 | 1:56 pm 0 Comments

Barbara Gayle, Justice Coordinator

The key witness in the Vybz Kartel murder case is now being cross examined by attorney-at-law Pierre Rogers.

Kartel and four other are charged with the murder of Clive ‘Lizard’ Williams.

Under cross examination by attorney Roger Pierre, the witness testified that he was not telling a lie when he said he did not have a gun on August 16, 2011, the day on which Lizard was allegedly killed.

He said when he went home on that night from Havendale, a man named Bandit gave him a gun to lock.

Questioned by the judge what he meant by lock the witness explained that it meant to hide it.

He said he then buried the gun.

When asked if he had told the police about the gun he had hidden he said yes but he was not charged in connection with the weapon.

He also denied suggestions that he made up a story with the help of the police.

Rogers also suggested to him that when he told lies it was the details that gave him trouble.

However, the witness responded saying he does not tell big lies but admitted that in his 25 years he has told little lies.

He then exclaimed that everybody tell lies and denied suggestions that he was telling half-baked stories to the court.

Rogers then asked him he heard about the 12 pieces of silver that Jesus was sold for but attorney-at-law Susan Dodd corrected him and said it was 30 pieces.

Roger then asked the witness if he got 30 pieces of silver but the witness said no.

The witness’s aunt, who he said was present when he gave his statement to the police on August 24, 2011, was brought into court this morning.

The witness again denied that he gave the woman a letter to take to the Public Defender.

0 thoughts on “WEED GIVEN GUN TO HIDE

  1. Rogers then asked him he heard about the 12 pieces of silver that Jesus was sold for but attorney-at-law Susan Dodd corrected him and said it was 30 pieces.

    I hope these are not high price lawyers !!! . Kartel need a refund from his lawyers

    1. Remember that Jesus was sold for 30-pieces of Silver, but nobody asked by whom? Turns out he was sold by a Jamaican Lawyer, who told his boss that he only “collected” 12-pieces. He kept the rest (18-pieces) for himself!

  2. Defense attorneys does NOT have to provide any evidence…The prosecution holds that burden. In fact the defense does to need to prove anything except that the prosecution does not have a case! They are fishing and need to back up a lot of the accusations. The witness’ account is overwhelming, but the prosecution cannot back up their allegations.

    1. in Jamaica. eyewitness account is the strongest testimony there is !!!. We do not have DNA legislation, or electronic legislation… lot of those are inadmissible. So Eyewitness account is a prosecutors strongest weapon !!!

      The defense has to try and discredit the eyewitness or the client is going to be found guilty.

      Defense not looking like they did their homework if they don’t know how many pieces of silver

    2. I swear you sound like the correspondants from 3 U.S. cases. Casey Anthony, George Zimmerman and OJ….outsidelookingin….stop it.

  3. ye man him a go get off…cause Jamaica backwards …..and kartel in the elite so him can pay him way out ……….. :travel

    1. Kartel isn’t and will NEVER be an elite. Having likkle money doesn’t make one an elite. He’s not a decendant of the upper, upper, ubber rich wid land and title from 14-16 olong and more.

  4. @pmrm thats why so many people in jamaica get away with doing crime . eyewitness account dont go along way in jamaica . look at the conviction rate in jamaica.

    1. Conviction rate is LOW because of the LACK OF WITNESSES!

      Weed a set precedent pon dat average. If him can go a court then others will see that they can too.

  5. so if him get off what are they going to do with weed? I heard that they plan to change his identity and fly him out.. but I say if Jamaican police don’t take him out..

    I don’t feel good about this case at all na lie..

    what if this so called aunty now say she get letter what if this so call aunty is a fraud..kmt me just have a very bad feeling bout it

      1. Because she is in fear of her life she will gladly say it came from Weed (Wee). Didn’t Gaza Slim said she saw/heard from Lizard (or the other murdered victim) and have a criminal case pending against her for make false statement to the police?

        1. They intended to corrupt the case before it even got to the preliminaries. That gal should be summoned to the stand.

  6. That informa weed talk di tings and hold his own against vybz skateel wicked lawyers. i heard that weed was tipped off that kartel was going to try and kill him by popcaan . because popcaan wanted to leave gaza but through intimidation and kartels iron clad contract he had to stay. you notice how all of the gaza was locked up at one time or another except for popcaan . well the way i heard it is pocaan and kartel met in the studio the day after the murder , and popcann was in a way hinting that he wanted to part way with gaza and go work exclusively with jamie roberts “YOUNG VIBZ” record label. well kartel intimidate him by telling him about how he done lizard , and how he will done weed the same way too in gyanna . well after popcaan hear that he became frightend and pleged alligence to kartel . but what kartel didnt know was popcaan called weed as soon as kartel left the studio . so popcaan told weed to call the authoratise and popcaan promise to hide weed until the trial is over . anno witness protection weed inna . weed is in hiding with the help of popcaan whoi is housing him and paying hhim until the case is over . you notice when vybz skatell dyutty lawyers asked weed if he is in police custody witness protection , weed say no . because its the truth . popcaan has alot to gain by keeping weed alive and safe . beccause if kartel touch the road again popcaan might end up beaten like gaza kim , or have his house burn down like rhyno , or get shot at like how kartel shoot up mavado shop in cassava piece . kartel is a dangerouse and powerful man with backative from klansman leader tesha miller who was recently released . you hear nufff tunes by kartel hailing tesha . like “stop gwan like yuh tuff” or “nah let go” . the wicked don tesha was the one the put heat on bouty killer to make him do della splash one year unno rememba that . and if any one wants to no what weed aka chow look like just watch the “big bad and brave” video hes in both versions. the streets talk and every dutty act muss come to light

      1. mizz whatever yu name, listen mi dont even try it…………a 10 police bigga ford have a guard the witness so send who yu sending and btw the man testimony is already on the record the judge and jury yu must identify next tell wi how dem look and which part dem live!!!

  7. at every wicked man heel, there is a wickeder one, as dangerous as Kartel is, there is a more dangerous person out there…small axe fall big tree, David slew Goliath with a sling shot, gwan Weed, we praying for you, clip dis Kartel wings deh fi Jamaica!!

  8. Morning met an meters,,Obama dat me say to..when dem think them wicked god set a more wicked man under dem tail…talk weed talk….dem comin like one big dutty bungle that need to put inna washing machine then put inna oven fi dry overtime an when u mamba them them fava the turkey inna the red plate Friday….mi nah look…..dutty kartel shi fowl……

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