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    1. met u no pon foota ig him a tell angel sorry fi involve r inna him nastiness ……………….tell him fi apologise to him son an ishawna

        1. yea him tell r seh him sorry…………….but it would even be better if him tell him son n son mother sorry to n mek it dunn……….him seh him juss do onstage n him nah do no interview him dunn………………while miss legendary seh him seh ago mash up r career shi ago c hw far him can go

          1. Sometimes u do people tings and di way dem act mek u cant even say sorry because a whey dem do dem nuh gi u no chance fi feel remorseful dem mek u feel like u waa do dem worse dan whey u did do before and that is the stage she push the button to so both a dem fi jus gwaan dem ways now

  1. Mi say mi 8 seerusly 8 nasty piss pot mouth scatta kmt
    Met mi hear say him get a turn on from sleeping wit him fren dem woman dis meck me wonda if him gay n think say by fuxxing dem woman a dem him a fuxx nasty scatta look good n cleanness HATE U

  2. Is wha foota.. him couldn’t xt or call him son and tell him.. maybe a suicide him wan commit, ooun watch him nuh make him kill himself!

  3. you can see say two tongue foota lib ova yah all of a sudden him memba Pickney….anything fi get a hype bitch nigga this naw mek social media like yuh it just mek ppl see say you lost you soul fi real

  4. I think all involved have a warped sense of reality, no one understands the magnitude of what they have done. Which is why I think they must be deaming Foota a send threat n say him a get threat so di lies dem a tek a speed, Skatta say friend when there could not have been a friendship so that shouldnt even mention. Ishawna reveling in dis ghastly misfortune I just dont know anymore :travel

  5. Sorry Scatta, dose comments not flattering at all, so y u welcoming new “fans”? D people dem a u, not showing u love, dem a talk out u nasty deeds
    Foota, hope u finally taking a well needed reality check

  6. scatta do av dat lick out batty mouth luk..nig nig av several
    foota phuck u plz nd tonx yuh all well a read JMG how de ppl dem a seh tink abt de yute yuh get up nung a chat bout lub son u nd cockyawna will be phuck’n in 2016 while alkaline will luk completely like kartel nd do his time for him..kindly phuck off will cocyyawna all phuck out suh she can guh chuck awf

  7. Guess he didn’t see it coming, get over it papa let her go and move on. Hope the next one you will look beyond the beauty and look for substance.

    1. But I feel in a way he did. Fair enough they were broken up months before now, it is who she slept with I think is the issue and I dont think that is an easy pill to swallow so on his side I will give him some kind of leg room to vent. What I dont respect is him bringing other people in his mess. Ishawna did what she did and even if she isnt remorseful she should be prideful because that is not the way to go about getting back at someone. She did the first song, it blew over, she took it a step further and Skatta wrote a song, then have the effrontery to call the man his ex-friend? If you were his enemy what would you have not done? Foota is now lying but guess what? He has been quiet for the most part, it would take the patience of a saint not to respond to what was said but we now know he was a punk. For months he knew what went on and still went to the studio daily, displaying a lack of pride also. You three should be ashamed of your actions and Im not saying this because anyone is perfect, it is time enough now to manup/womanup because enough is enough . It has gone too far and there is no one here that has less guilt than the other so it is time to walk away from THIS SITUATION.

      1. So whoever a tell u Ms Legendary seh it look good….IT DONT LOOK GOOD and dem a laugh wid yuh but dem a keep dem man very far from u..dem a laugh wid u…but dem a stay spiritually far from yuh because this type of betrayal is not even about sex.When people talk unno personalize it all when unno name dont call but personalize some pride because u need it NOW! You cannot build a career on a scandal like this because it is not something that builds character ..it does show your character of course and once the dust has cleared..Many will walk away so you think about what you are running with..AS A WOMAN AND AS AN ENTERTAINER….once you do, you will see that your actions are inappropriate for both..What audience are you hoping to gain with this? Will it be a positive audience or will it be an audience of women who are upset with their lovers(for the moment) ? Because once the smoke clears, these normal thinking human beings will see their mistake and they will no longer be your fans. Foota is a batterer and has done this to you publicly , there is always room to empower women like yourself who are victims of this kind of abuse..propelling them into leading positive and independent lives…and if you had gained these types of fans they would be yours forever..ARE U FREAKING THINKING OR NAH?

      2. You know what I believe met? I believe Ishawna is the one per longing this situation. she don’t know when to stop.. after the audio that foota made.. she should have just ignore it, because a she start the foolishness after the audio and she say her piece and foota gwaan bout him business Ishawna post picwith she and the bunna man. she need fi stop.. a wonder if she know say a now her wanna be career na go go no where, just because of how she behaves if she did have respect in the music industry right now she has none every producer promoter, dj handcart man a go waan step to her not in a lady way but a skettel way.. skatta looks like him don’t even know if him going or coming! him just look confused to me.

        1. I believe she doesn’t know…she mek di fus song..why she never mek a lift up song..why cry baby? What room did she give Foota to be remorseful and regretful of his actions??=== 0..So now is an all out war 2 against one none stop?? There is a point as an adult where you admit your wrongs and allow due process..You cannot know you’re wrong and pretend you’re right. Ishawna lef di man she go pan MULTIPLE stage a call him name with him in the audience and him tek it..So because him tek it everybody conscience lost? Dis a real Inception to rass because unno mus deh pan di 3rd level a dreaming

          1. you are so right, when you lef a man you fi make them feel sorry them ever do what they did, Ishawna you nuh go and sleep with your man ex friend has scatta puts it, to me Ishawna lower than even the dirt. she a follow angel a f**k her man friend, but she never did a follow angel when she play the victim card real good til all non believers became believers that she a tell the truth..
            met ishawna a big woman she know right from wrong! is limelight she love, I will always blame Angel for these situation, she start it and make everybody feels like they can do it

          2. Wha Angel do dont come close because killa n beenie a fren-enemy so its different ..and Angel did not jeer killa in no song because she know better than that as bad as people claim she be

  8. Every man really different cuz nuff man wuda lick awf scatta head fi him phuckery..if u nd man a did fren nd yah guh right a song fi him babymada dere is certain things yuh be a fren abt nd sey muma dis nuh luk gud enuh nah lie unno av a yute mek wi guh bout dis different…but a guess sum kind a bacteria did dung inna yuh neck back weh cockyawna pus-c wash dung nd out suh yuh ups inna de phuck mix..kmft

    1. A neva a jumpoff ishawna was di man baby mother but everybody seem fi figet that this is really bigger dan jus who sex who and man and woman…a child is in the middle …when that boy grows up n finds out what she did and understand the magnitude…what respect does she expect from her son? dem sick mi stomach :travel

      1. Wha she gwine tell him? daddy used to beat mi so mi sleep wid him fren? things like that supposed to hide but she go as far fi go mek song a jeer di same son father ? GTFOH with that shit ..tired a dem now man

      2. met scatta don’t care, him a use Ishawna fi make money.. cause it is not fi him pickney or woman in this situation.. Ishawna should have look into herself and told him to write a uplifting song for her.. but because she is so foolish this man use her foolish ways to benefit from it.. scatta treated Ishawna like a skettle when him wrote this song and give to her and she accepted it that showed him she is nothing but a big fool skettle a follower and not a leader

        1. That is what foolish ishawna does not comprehend..Yuh tink mi would want my son to know what I did? Not for nothing we cant make our children see things they way we want..A lot of them will form their own opinions and when that child asks what daddy did wrong and daddy put in fi him 2 and add the three lie dem to it..what will there be fi counteract wha him say? I said it before n I will say it again.She should have never owned it..even if foota ketch dem ina action that should be such a shameful thing she should have kept that secret because its NOTHING to feel proud about..But I understand many people are raised differently which may be the case here


  10. Wha bun mi worse a how she a come wid twisted f***ry bout man inlove and man want har..Man feels disrespected..man feel hurt ..man feels low that he may have lived with someone that hates him that much…man feels less of himself for sleeping with the enemy..man feels like he picked the worst apple from the bunch..is whole heap a feelings deh deh but not love so mi nuh understand why and how love reach there. Yuh a build your career whey he has tried to help and no one cannot deny that he has tried with you..A him same one beg fi bring u ina downsound n he brought u there but now u a tarnish his image and his career to build yourself…not as a jumpoff..but as his baby mother who has lived with him for years..Go and sit yourself down somewhere

    1. richiefeelings say inna one a him video dem say.. when foota meet Ishawna every show him go pan Ishawna deh pan it.. richiefeelings say inna one video say the way how footahype use to brag bout Ishawna a the next Rihanna Beyoncé etc.. richiefeelings say when dem see foot a anystage show Ishawna deh deh.. til dem start call him pre-added them say when y book foota you betta mek sure say u add Ishawna to..

      1. smh but a di ting wid puffy year before last or last year mi might have it mixed up….di way him did a rinse her name fi puffy hear it..she need to go sit down man

    2. and yuh knw she nuh care or shame just yet a bet yuh wen Oshawn ask har wan day bout it cuz kids so advance him in school smaddy must tease him how him mada a whore and a him fada seh suh a bet yuh a deh suh she wake up

  11. Met respect for your fair analysis of this terrible situation. As a Woman and mother.. Ishawna is disgusting with little to no regard for her child the way she behaving on social media. The kind of fame she seeks will not happen. Skatta will not wife her. She not looking at the big pic that all that she running down is fleeting but the damage to her kid might be beyond repair. People nuh tech sleep and mark death.

    1. Skatta should not be saying not one word there he should go put himself in a corner where he belongs . The nerve fi talk bout ex-friend. Wid all Foota saying I dont like the lies and mi hate that him a bring people in it but good God they did him wrong . If ishawna was mi sister I would be so mad wid her I wouldnt be able to speak to her and its not that I would be taking sides..Don’t stoop low for nothing because what is to be yours will be yours..If God in his will wants you to be who an entertainer or to bus nothing can stop that so dont walk on who helped u to get there because God is a just God and he will render justice .

      1. A dat me say to what is for you is for you.. no matter what she sells her soul to gain the world. Ishawna know say she cannot sing I believe she feels deep down that she is not going anywhere in this industry! but she is just in denial..

          1. met stop it.. she na go no way cause nobody caah trust her.. which part a she a get good? when Ishawna go on stage show fi perform she sound off key she don’t sound good to me

  12. An yuh know say MI feel like Dem a enjoy wah gwan cause to Dem positive or negative once Dem Inna the spotlight its cool is like Dem crave it… dat MI a kinda notice cause the way MI woulda shame fb or ig wouldn’t see MI when MI done go crawl up unda all a cave some weh cause the metters Dem deal unnu a way ova yah all MI tuh lol but MI shame an ano mi

    1. but look pan lady saw more time when something go dung she cut from social media because her talent speak for itself but dis one running to hell wid it and satan nuh loyal to none

      1. Saw a raw talent man she come pan the scene when money fi mek and go back een but MI need another word fi dry yiy cause Ishikawa tek the cake MI Neva see nothing like this yet now MI just get say poor thing she nuh know nuh beta a Inna har head foota did a beat har

        1. One ting wid saw n if u notice…and maybe das y God always sort her out differently..IS A LADY WHEY VERYY REMORSEFUL! Remember King David was just like this so she is really the Queen fi true..She will cuss u now but she will be genuinely sorry later and the later will not be long

  13. Me not really a Foota fan inno but dah gyal deh a Jezebel. Like somebody say wht she never come with a lift up song. Memba di saga wid Angel and Beenie and she mek a song name Stronger?. Me a play d song everyday and Angel was never my cup a coffee. Dats why dem nah go noweh, ishawna inna di business fi sell star she no come fi sell records

    1. yes angel sure did come up with that song and I remember it everytime i see this situation here and compare the difference between them

    2. gud mawnin met……….mi a tell u met u mek mi feel so proud fi be a woman trust mi becuz there is no way I would do that yes run bun but there is no way mi would do that ………….met mi glad god talk to u ….god thnk u fi tlk to met last nite u knw hw long mi want u fi talk cuz mi knw u no uphold foolishness….n d pickney gwaan always seh yes daddy wrong but mommy luuuu out rself….wah appen to come pon radio an seh shi a leff foota cuz shi cannot tek no beaten ….y …becuz dat was not the r problem was exploring….shi would buss instantly but dem song yah nah go no weh dem soon fade out…..met respect fi talk fair n balance

      1. Morning oo..when mi see di ex-friend thing I couldnt believe it. How u fi go talk bout ex friend and a act like a di man one wrong u nuh see a sick people dis man

  14. Listen to me and listen to me good. This whole situation a disgrace!!!!!!!!!!!!ishawna has no class,or anything about her…..muss I that’s why she and Kenesha mash up, never can tell, prolly she f**k Kenesha man!on top of that in the heat of everything she put up the picture with she and skatta, that is when I know she sincerely looking a hype. But what I want her to understand is that when the smoke clears, she will be back to fighting to be recognized in the industry and it’s even worse now because people will now remember her as the studio mattress.Memba Jamaica is 9 day talk, when this done, what will she sing about to get a forward??????a dutty gyal dat. Is somebody I know, and I have never met anyone more concerned with how them look that Ishawna, always into herself.finally, when you a dig hole Ishawna dig two, love laugh afta people misfortune yah?she and foota used to knock head and done people wid laughing! Who a laugh now? Unnu really tink she f**k Asafa???????

  15. not even spice when nicholas did beat out har bloodclaat fi ramping shop did a song fi done him
    lady saw neva duh a song dun john she big up har mates
    d’angel neva once done killa or beenie she seh she stronger
    queen ifrica seh below the waste she nuh done rebel
    cecile neva once edah
    lady g meet it and she nuh duh nuh song edah
    sass crise mi can go on… but you cockyawna miss big,bad nd brave abt tuh be battered,bruise and booed.

    1. No this one waa mek certain she reach pan a stage and di man nuh go roun a next turn table..U cant bite the hand whey feed u its an abomination!

  16. Exactly and all the 4, 5 song she a put out dem all lack substance. Baby girl when dem do money pull up inna dancegall boom-boom tek di money and put it inna hin pocket. Before the bitch bawl out bout battered woman and go up a PNP headquarters mek Portia put har inna di cabinet or even di dresser she a lament bout she f**k pon di man. No street credit round here fi u

    1. powwwwwwwwwwwwwwww but u talk till u blue in the face because these people are all narcissists all when is another face in the mirror all dem a see a demself. Di man beat har fi how much years infront a many people.. she was taking it because that was the only person who was feeding her ego into becoming a superstar..Now that another door has opened she run in but guess what? God is a door closer and when him close it no man open it

  17. And you mr Skatta Burrel Kago shoulda poison you rass frim day one. Unno claim unno a gyallis and a run down free cratches. Gwawne wid u fraughty mouth cause you loose more fans dan you gainand now everybody inna dancehall a look pon you as fassy

    1. Ishawna a the biggest fassyold, we know say scatta a drancrow but as a woman certain things you mussi put a stop to.. if she did respect foota she would tell him say she scatta a look her and she don’t feel comfortable working with him anymore.. but she was in for it

  18. she is a phuck’n snake wen she did guh pon winford why she neva gwaan how she a gwaan yah nung she a get a platform fi state wateva it is she needed tuh dat neva hype har up suh she cum wid de song den wen she a duh shows she literally a call the man name ….a one week,two day and 1 sec a hype jamaican ppl deal afta dat yuh dead tuh dem..luk how dem did a gwaan ova gaza yuh hear none a dem lately a ask weh kartel ova suh a duh yah nung?!?!?! yuh went abt dis di wrong way

    1. Sex wasnt selling because memba di sex did try first so now real life dirty laundry scandal working..only thing is she figet say a nuh she one an di man ina it. If u try sex n it nah sell then that is a clear indication of something that is greater than u..and is not that she is ugly she is very pretty n body doctored properly but real life situations like that that could cause bloodshed is nothing to hype a career on

    1. point blank so mi nuh know whey she bother go put up picture for yessideh bout TBT :travel
      when skatta draw on him pants n tuk in that hood fi har p-ssy will still be out for all the world to see because it is a man’s world and that nah go eva change :travel

      1. inna fi case a throw back thirst ….bitch a ride de wrong heff’n wave
        hey she lucky dem nuh done har like how dem did done d’angel till she haffi lock dung har thing is a donings like dat she need.

  19. @ Met….Foota on his ig said Gig up to Hapilos for always having my back!
    So I am asking you what is going with his case(Hapilos) has he been exonerated?

    1. about a 30% lie but 75% a it a chue cuz dis case is not a 100.
      scatta mek sure de wurl knw seh fi him pawt chuet wid him batty mouth

  20. Mi think this scatta man was a tall dark trappting man weh a hot up Foota head..But mi see dats not the case, him just upset seh she pick up smaddy below him inna looks..dat we eff up anybody ego

  21. Met dem sick bad, mofo a put them son in such uncomfortable situation and all dem carw bout is who grab di mike first. Comw on man

  22. Unnu brutal eeh, one thing unnu affi remember is sey unnu did young to enuh, at my age things I did when i was 20 I wouldnt do now…I believe she need some guidance, and me personally dont believe 90% of what foota said…it was funny to listen to and laugh, but I cannot in good faith believe him…maybe as my friends say I just like to see the best in everyone. When I come here and read stuff its usually to get a laugh and cheer myself up, but I really cannot listen to hearsay and believe in it. She is still young, she will recover from this too

    1. I am young and I would neva fuuck my man friend, and if any of my man friend ever come to me with that type of argument I would a run dem and also let my man know what type of friend he is dealing with.. whether we are together are not.. there is certain limits in a relationship

      1. Anon, I totally understand your position, but not everyone is the same, things she might do, u would never do, and things u might do, she will never do. I personally dont like to pass judgement on peoples relationship, because u will never completely know the truth.

  23. MISERY LOVE COMPANY and skatta is known for that in the music business anywhere misery boil skatta is there lurking!!!! him know that cocky termite ishawna and foota a have problem so to add insult to the injure him write and produce a song off it to mek a dollar and she stupid and gulliable for the hype not fame she tek it and go sing!!!! UNUH CAAN COMPARE ISHAWNA WID ANGEL!!!! ANGEL MADE A ‘CAREER AND STORE’ OUT A WHORING DAYS FROM PULSE TO HER POST BEENIE MAN DAYS! BUT ISHAWNA IS FOOTA BABYMOTHER SO NUH BIGMAN NAH GO TEK HAR UP NOW AND WIFE HAR SHE JUST AGO GET F**K,DUCK AND CUT!!! ANGEL CASH OUT CAUSE BEENIE WILL ALWAY MINE SHE!!! ISHAWNA AGO SCRAPE NOW CAUSE FOOTA A NUH TOP MAN WID BAG OF MONEY!

  24. Foota i feel it fi u honestly and can relate to how u feeling. I use to work with my baby father in the same company and same department and i got pregnant but i lost the child. We decided to take a break but we was still messing with each other. Well i got pregnant again and den the old shitbag change on me cause he was in a secret relationship with one of the girls that worked with us. It hurt me bad bad. Couldnt even eat and i was pregnant and had to go to the same workplace to see the same two people everyday who decided they was gonna put me through hell after just loosing a child. Well one day i didnt feel good at work and told the shitbag and his new woman go whisper inna his ear say im looking attention so he didnt even look my way. Went 2 the doc and he tell me say if i continue like this imma loose this one. I just quickly fix up myself and start eat right and continued to work cause i had to make provisions for my unborn child. I wont lie the signs were there but i chose not to see cause love is blind and i loved him like cooked food. I eventually left the job after my son was born cause i couldnt take it anymore and God sure did open better doors me. God will not give u nothing u cant deal with so just leave dem to demself make them dig a deeper hole. Time will heal ur wounds so just keep ur head high and believe in the most high.

  25. Nobody will respect her in di business every artis, producer, promoter etc. will want to f**k her first b4 dem work wit her. Smfh

  26. Met dem cyaa tell yuh bout Beenie peel out head side nuh more cuz si johnkruh draw brakes inna skatta wun deh lmaoooo

  27. Ok I hear wat foota hype sayin but a nuh di fuss em noe exactly weh em did a pik up suh why be surprise now?? weddah a wah di boss r not she screw yuh co-dj’s weh you a play dem music a dance suh why mad now…skattah look like madman ehhh

  28. me go pan ishawna instagram and see she put up mackerel and rice with two plantains a the side.. hear me to y sis a dis she a go nyam now cause foota lef her so no more stake.. hear my sis a dat she fi nyam man she too wicked

  29. I honestly find it hard to feel compassion for an abusive man, I really find it hard in me. When man a beat woman wah dem tink di beating a do to di ooman? Every time a man beats him ooman him planting one seed of hate in her heart, every single time. So if Foota remember all di lick him gib Ishawna him will know wedda a likkle bush, garden, or forest in her heart. Mi nuh support her actions, but mi 100% understand it, and understand what drove her. Anyways, ain’t nobody running from good, when home life sweet a woman is happy to come home, when it terrible shi will seek pleasures elsewhere.
    Good you love you son, nuh dis love him today, love him everyday, and if you couldn’t have been a good man to his mother, then at least be a good father to him always.

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