6 thoughts on “WHAT 50c KNOW BOUT MANGY DOG?

  1. I thought his grandfather was jamaican? If not… he’s from Ny so you know, he probably grew up around jamaicans. But 50c is really getting on my damn nerves! He gets up every single day throwing shade at people, he is so insensitive towards other folks. Like for example, look what he said about terrible Cruz. Sometimes he needs to stay out of people’s business man. Damn! I can’t stand him!

  2. :ngakak He needs to stop, I can’t with him. lol He does look like a mangy dog for real, Did him and Crissy ever got married? lol

  3. He didn’t say he “looks like a mangy dog”. He said “he just look mangy dog”, but he needs a comma between the ‘mangy’ and the ‘dog’ and the ‘dirty’ and the ‘right’! He could have substituted the “dog” with “bro” or “b”, it tantams out to the same thing; a slang in reference to his followers, after his claim! Prime example of the importance of punctuation; it’s absence throws ppl off! All he’s saying is that he looks shabby and uncared for. Him nuh know nutten bout nuh mangy dog!

  4. 50C have way too much time on his hand.. He always making post about other ppls shit..

    First Floyd’s $18 Million watch
    now this.

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