KINGSTON, Jamaica:
The Vybz Kartel murder trial continued this afternoon with Constable Kemar Wilks from the Cybercrimes Unit testifying that on November 24,2011, former head of the Cybercrimes Unit, Detective Sergeant Patrick Linton, gave him two compact discs or CDs.

Wilks said one of the discs contained video and the other contained voice messages from a BlackBerry phone.

He said he deciphered and recorded what was on the discs.

The deciphered documents were tendered in evidence despite objections from the defence lawyers that Linton had testified that he could not speak to the integrity of the discs.

The transcript was read to the jury.

It indicated that a man identified as ‘Lizard’ and another identified as ‘Wee’ called saying they could not find the two new shoes.

There were also threats to kill if the shoes were not returned.

Wilks said there were voices on the video and in one of the recordings, a voice was giving instructions for a man to be held down and for his throat to be cut.

Kartel, fellow entertainer Shawn Campbell also known as ‘Shawn Storm’, Kahira Jones, Shane Williams and Andre St John are on trial in the Home Circuit Court for the August 16, 2011 murder of Clive ‘Lizard’ Williams.

Williams was allegedly killed in relation to two missing guns.

Meanwhile, under cross-examination by defence lawyer Pierre Rogers, Constable Wilks said that videos and voices could be manipulated.

He said he did not see the faces of anybody on the video but saw their lips moving.

Under cross-examination by defence lawyer Michael Lorne, Constable Wilks said he could not vouch for the integrity of the items which he received from Detective Sergeant Linton.

Linton has testified that he had locked up the BlackBerry phones he received from the Flying Squad but left the key on top of his locker.

He also admitted that someone had used the phone attributed to Kartel while it was in his custody.


  1. what?

    smaddy use di phone while it inna di police custody? aren’t items of evidence supposed to be bagged and tagged and anyone accessing these items should have their names logged in a book or computer to say that they accessed it?

    a weh di bumbo-claat a gwaan yasso man!!! dem idiot police yah a go mek a gulity rass man walk free because dem slackness.

    u a tell mi inna big big rass 2011-2014, jamaica no get dem act togedda when it cums to evidence collection, storage and tampering?

    dutty portia, hows about u did fling sum a u plane fare inna di direction of making jamaica’s csi unit more fit for pu-ssyclaat service?

    mi a spit fyah right now

    1. morning Lundun, its not a big deal the police can use the phone to try to get other criminals , what is important is the data that was in the phone before he was taken into custody

      1. but met, if sumbody accessed the phone, it should be known who that person is and for what purpose they accessed the phone.

        its about integrity here, dem can’t give di jury or di public room to doubt the evidence, even if the access was of no importance, and even if the date it was accessed can be shown to be after the time frame being looked at, it still should have been recorded so as to show integrity.

        1. the media/lawyers are making a big deal out of something that is done routinely , it will be recorded on the phone when it was used, if they say they don’t know who used it that is a different story ..call it se dem can forget to write which date dem go ina it but they sure have to have notes on why it was used..using the phone does not compromise anything really …just checking it alone police can or could do what they want..using it fi call = 0

          1. wi all know jamaica’s system backward, but its backward because dem lazy, not because dem no ave di means. because a simple tings wi a talk bout here.

            met or any of the other bloggers plz enlighten mi on this question: aren’t evidence supposed to be accessed or handles by specific ppl? evidence isn’t supposed to be handled by any and any one within the police force?

            the police, should with great confidence, be able to say ” we have a log of everyone who has accessed this phone and the time that they accessed it, also the reason for the access.” so even di most illiterate among us can clearly see that the defense is wasting time.

          2. There should be a log yes and that key should have been secured with the officer of the day who sit at the front desk and log anyone who wanted the key or want to go to the evidence area.Evidence area usually have someone watching.

  2. MET these are reasons we can not trust the justice system,its corrupt and unprofessional.Police kill people all the time to settle personal beefs or to help their friends or just because they are involved in criminal activities.Jamaican cops are known to be lazy sometimes and eve i paid a cop to get away from a ticket in Jamaica like 6 years ago its so simple.They always win cases easy and thought this would be the same and that alot of things would not be looked into,they need to do a better job and stop call we the citizens who they work for and who pay them(taxes)bwoy and gal and drape up and disrespect people.Mi will never trust them and because a dem incompetence kartel can still beat this

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