KINGSTON, Jamaica — United States-based rap artiste Busta Rhymes was present in the Home Circuit Court downtown Kingston Thursday morning as the presiding judge Lennox Campbell did his summation in the Vybz Kartel murder trial.

Busta Rhymes and Flip Mode Squad associate Spliff Star, offering support, greeted relatives and friends of the accused men and chatted with the defence team.

— Paul Henry


  1. Busta have time

    him mussi tink if kartel get free he can help revive his career

    Kartel mussi feel good lol

    sorry for Busta when he see all his support money was wasted and kartel goes to jail

  2. A hope dem jurors deh nuh get star struck tru dem see steroids body busta and lizard head spliff star and figet bout di woman Pinckney whea diem chop up like mince meat oh cause kartel know how Jamaican people feel bout foreigners

  3. U know say a long time dem a say dem 2 ya deh did dude is Neva too far away from busta’s ass cause him haffi ketch all a busta fart dem kmft damn ass dem

  4. busta an kartel a family nuff people don’t know butsa daddy an come from portmore that wear busta was born

    1. wear – the act of donning clothing
      Where – location / place
      I’m from England so that means the queen is my cousin family right????
      Kartel mussi grow bloodline wit busta the minute busta hood enter him mouth r him ass sometime unnu tawk n mi shame fi say mi a Jcan kmft

    2. Whatever, that’s foolishness. Busta was introduced to Kartel through Bounty Killer. Please research your facts.

  5. Mi seh Met I pass d two ole fart Defense lawyer and son lunch time and they both look worried, Busta betta guh feed him six pickney dem bout him a show support

  6. Busa bus …my n*****

    Put your hands where my eyes can see……..dat was my joint :kr

    Anyhew how him swell like pig in a sty so . Not even neck him have

    And the rodent face looking one beside him :nerd

  7. I see Busta & Spliff still togedda after all these years!!! No sah anniversary to JA is what they must have been doing b/c what Busta haffi do wid Kartel business!! Two BattyFISH :salaman
    I have ZERO respect for Busta after all the years he beat his baby motherS & how him spread disease faster then White Man among di Indians.

  8. R U SERIOUS????…a bet u if busta was big in the game right now, he would never support Kartel, him nuh have nutten to loose
    Furthermore I remember watching a behind the music about busta and they said his parents were Jamaicans but he was born in the states a case like biggie….One a dem farin show deh, do not quote mi
    Busta mussi fraid a Kartel, caw mi just nuh undastan a wah dis fah

    1. Ahem…….(inna mi Hinglish Vice) It has come to my attention that Vybz Kartel and Busta Rhymes participate in the same lifestyle.
      The usual indicators are: Flagrant macho behaviour
      Too many Tattoos (considering that they are not sailors
      tattoo artists.
      Supreme Misogyny
      Birds of a feather flock together
      Misguided/misdirected anger for people of a “big age”
      Long time rumours, going way back. (type “Busta Rhymes down low” into any search engine and see what comes up). Vybz looked “suspect” from him start bleach. Then lo’ and behold, he was “outed” on here a couple weeks back with details of place and time frame. Also I remember a thread on the older JMG that was about general distaste of gays. One queen rushed in and started to fight back and said something like “and wait and si wha kartel have fi unnu”. That obviously stuck in my mind, because it came back to me when somebody “outed” him pertaining to this court case. Two different people, one a bitter queen and one general poster at two completely different times on two different subjects. It’s probably best to get used to the “fact” that Hip Hop and Dancehall is full of “bisexuals” of both genders, just like entertainment industry in general. Too much excess!

  9. lol poppy show…poor busta ..a look a spark ….him and grand pa spliff star …man look like him just loose him dentures…….lol this is funny….rap days up grand pa ….go open a studio and try flip some $ of weh you have left… look weh you really have ur image mix up with….go hang with shaggy a the children hospital, that image better than u a walk a court house a support a serial killer with ur grand father.

  10. Does Busta Rhymes really makes a difference? Some one is murdered here who gives ah f..k about him we want justice!!!!

  11. smhs good morning metty busta a wanda a when busta born a ja anyways who cares about busta and his kids leave di kids outa dis lizard is wat our concern busta r no busta born a usa r portmore a lizard we want justice fah we need justice

  12. THAT GOES TO SHOW WHO KARTEL IS if no yard artist wah support him during this trial….look pon buju….guilty as f**k with the coke and still he had mad support from the industry and his fans…..kartel is evil everybody know this…..duppy did deh pon him with him tattoos…..only if it was a family member the wicked did kill most people will wake up….jamaican people head too tuff in other word dem dunce…..dem same one will make michael jackson baby sit dem kids…..God help wi.

  13. Come on, even the worst people on earth have friends that care for them, your true friends support you no matter what.

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