Janet Silvera, Senior Gleaner Writer

When Cindy Breakspeare spoke at the Annual Bob Marley Lecture at the University of the West Indies, Mona, two Thursday ago, a number of women in the audience cried openly.

Breakspeare herself cried during the hour-long lecture organised by the Institute of Caribbean Studies and the Reggae Studies Unit.

“Several times she had me in tears. She herself broke down at one time but recovered her composure with grace and wit! It was truly a wonderful love story which I believe warrants a book,” stated Donna Haynes, who was in the audience.

Since The Gleaner’s first publication of ‘Cindy Tells All’, women and men worldwide have taken to social media, commenting on what they have described as the love story of the century.

Breakspeare, in her presentation, spoke of how she found out about Marley’s marriage to Rita, how all the women in his life joined hands while he struggled with cancer, and how she sat at the back of the church during his funeral.

Bob’s funeral

“During Bob’s funeral at the National Arena, I sat in the back with Cat and Donna Coore. There was no seat in the front row for us. I was definitely the other woman,” she admitted, as those in the audience wiped tears from their eyes.

For Facebooker Tracy Russell, Marley’s affair with Breakspeare was conscious behaviour on his part. “Same way him smoke his weed in public. Bob never live by society’s rules. A man like him cannot be judged by anybody else’s rules.”

For Tilsa Wright, a Jamaican who resides in New York, Marley was a typical man with feelings. “Cindy’s free spirit met Bob’s freed soul and they connected on levels beyond sex, is what I get from the articles written so far.”

Breakspeare said during her lecture that after Marley collapsed while jogging days after his last recorded show in Pittsburg on the 23rd of September, 1981. She and Rita travelled with him to Sloan Kettering in New York.

“It was absolutely the best place for cancer treatment.”

The cancer which they thought was in remission had returned. This time, it wasn’t his toe alone, but his lungs and brain.

“Looking back now, I think we were all numb with fear, unable to even assess what was happening. He was angry, naturally at this cruel twist of fate. To be cut down in his prime, confronted with his mortality.”

According to Breakspeare, Sloan Kettering began a very aggressive treatment of massive doses of chemo.

On Marley’s release from hospital, Breakspeare and Rita shared an apartment, along with Bob, where they could cook, take care of him and have the children around. “So things could feel as normal as possible,” she said.

Recounting that period in her life, she said this was no time for petty jealousy and bruised egos, “It was a time for One Love in the broadest sense of the phrase”.

Marley’s two main women comforted and cared for him until his last days when he died in 1981.

Tom Tavares-Finson

Today, Breakspeare pays tribute to the man she married after Marley’s death for taking such good care of her and Damian. “Thank you Tom (Tavares-Finson),” she said publicly during the lecture.

“The records must show that it was Damian’s stepfather and I who supported and educated him. Till then, no one else. All sorts of claim were being made.”

It been 33 years since Bob said goodbye, she said, but his light burns brighter than ever through his music and through his children.

One of her greatest joys, she said, “is to watch Damian take the stage while Donovan keeps the flag flying tireless overhead”.

She says she knows beyond a shadow of a doubt she will never have to hold her head in shame when Damian steps on the stage. “He is his father’s son. Not perfect, but perfectly conscious of the awesome responsibility handed down not only to him but all his siblings.”
Natural mystic

For Cindy Breakspeare, Bob Marley was indeed a natural mystic right up there with Mahatma Ghandi, Martin Luther King and Nelson Mandela. This, she says, is evidenced by the fact that his legacy continues to grow.

“It has never diminished. His music remains on the charts, unstoppable and untouchable. To have to your credit, in 1999, album of the century for Exudos; song of the millennium for One Love from the BBC, speaks to not only his lyrical brilliance, but his commitment to mankind, to being a humanitarian, a champion of the poor and oppressed from one corner of the earth to the other.”

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  1. But if I can remember rita never say she was the only one at bob marley side? And how bob asked her to get the childrentogether for him and she go for them and fly them to bob…. hehehehe if I laugh So how come rita never include this lady, and the lady say she and her now husband take care of daimon all by thethemselves until him turn out into a successfu artiste so rita gave bob marley outside childern them nothing? He only recieved royalties through his father music now. Because his last name is marley.. rita if it is so u are very bad

    1. well dem seh di man di buy ar house give ar business and wen him a dead tell ar not to come back to see him…..and Rita was hospitable to ar ………………also she married 3 months after the love of her life died

      1. Real all am saying is its doesnt matter if bob marley bought. Her a house… the man died for god sake it is not about this lady but the childern them… it is ok for bob marely to take rita daughter adopted her and rita turn round sharr his wealt with the step child and because bob marley buy her house and gaveher business the man real childern them weh him have outside deserved limited wealth but not rita’s daughter?a that rita should have look into before. She made emotion get the best of her.. she should have gave his outside childern them something when they where younger until them reach like eighteen.. sometimes a man might hurt a woman but it is neverthe cchildren fault they are innocent to all the drama

        1. Rita was doing and Bob was doing so until now I cannot understand why she really felt esteemed about being wife..Money is a helleva ting doe

        2. mi dear mah….di man shoulda lef sitten inna writin ….fi dem cah a him seed dem …they all got money in a trust fund …so maybe she expected to get something while maintaining the child….but in Jamaica at that time the court did rule them out …so I guess Mrs. Marley was more than kind to add them to as part of the estate…..He adopted Rita daughters as his… basically it was his fault ….

          1. Not no fault bob marley was just a kind hearted person, and me feel like he would have wanted rita to do the same thing for his children.. but I guess a no everybody make up like that

          2. him shoulda lef a will….and she Rita had three children in her care for him ….so if she was in court at the time I doubt she was getting any money from his estate when it was frozen …..she had to use her own …and then his other women took her to court and lost ….if he made those children he should have left something for them in writing

          3. I agree Real, Bob should have left a will but at the same token, the least Rita could have done was school his children. He adopted the child she had before him and the one she cheated on him with after they were married. She is in no better position as far as being honorable than Cindy. She supported Bob’s lifestyle and many a times she was around when Cindy was sharing a bed with Bob, even on tour. I think the fact that Rita is ugly played a huge role on why she sat back and allowed other beautiful women to satisfy her husband.
            As far as Bob, there’s hardly been a more beautiful soul to grace the planet and his love of women does not tarnish who he is as a man. He’s never been accused of abusing any of the women and acknowledged every child he was given, both biological and not.
            Though Cindy wasn’t his wife, she was his woman, she bore him a child and she has just as much right to air her side of the story.

            Someone in another post said she was married a mere 3 months after he died. She was a single mother without a provider. I don’t know what her means of income were, if she even had any. With her stock being pretty high at the time, she did well for herself and her child in securing a viable option as a husband. Nothing wrong there.

            Long live Bob’s legacy!

  2. cindy is a bitch and a very dry eye side chick. she tek di woman husband and to how she nuff wid it yuh think a she name wife. she inna everything. good god bitch the man was married have some decency. down low nuh

  3. GM Metty n Metters. At first I was like she’s di brightest matey in di world, but if what she said is true that she did not know he was married etc, then this is a wonderful love story.
    So Rita never gave his outside kids nothing after his death they only benefited from Royalties? Ayy sah, even if she married Finson shortly after Bob’s death wasn’t Rita also involved with Mr “Tool” soon after too.

    It made for a good read n ni’ll keep tuned

  4. Cindy please go have several seats, she can be a bitch, real bitch and act like har shit can make patty.

  5. Cindy look here don’t come sweet n nice up shit cause u know say dem send u go throw u self pon Bob cause the consensus was that Bob Marley the big artiste shouldn’t be tied to someone who was 1 too black n too not conventionally pretty (Rita sorry Hun u ain’t too nice) but Cindy more than know say di man married but she go wit the thought say she prettier n have the color whey ppl more fi accept so she ago teck di woman man kmt

    1. Cindy and Rita are “friends” ..lmao …..but di man deny the two a dem …him seh him nuh married and him seh him is just a friend …dem relationship is very complicated because Damian call RIta Mama

  6. but mi wah know something bout this ting yah …..dem seh a Chris Blackwell did have ar first wen shi did a dance a di night club ………..but shi never yet address….anybody know bout dat ?

  7. Rita caaa trick me cause mi see it say she no nice n she very wrong if she don’t support the man outside pikney dem but see whey day she n har gravalious pikney dem a sue Bob bredda fi one likkle business him did a try start deh as far as I can see Rita feel say a fi har tribe alone fi benefit from Bob. But life have a way of working out things cause out of all a di pikney dem whey a sing a Damian sound n look like Bob the most so Rita put that inna u pipe n gwaan smoke that

  8. she shoulda collect har pu**y pension before the man dead..She was a side line hoe and she supposed to know she nuh have no legal right to the man money….As fi the oikney she responsible fi suport him and make sure the father provide fi im not Rita she have har own pikney dem fi think bout..It kill mi when these outside bitch expect wife fi help secure dem pikney like she was there when dem a get the f**k and breed..Those same bitches wouldnt give a dollar to the wife pikney if the man did left the wife and married them…F**k that every bitch fi dem self mamma baby father maybe

  9. Cindy…. Dahlin…. Babylove you looking for spotlight. So b/c you Ms. World/Jamaica or whaeva did title was you really thought you would be crowned as the WIFE. NOPE! If Bob did TRULY love you he would have gotten a divorce and married you. He didn’t! He kept f’n other women, had extra children until God took him to his Glory.
    Rita…… you had wife in TITLE but not in respect. :kimpoi Your HUSBAND should care for his kids as your only responsibility is to the children you and your HUSBAND agreed upon. Cha! Cindy brighter den di son fi give that speech deh. Your husband is a cuckold b/c how you give this type of speech den big up ya husband? Because you a look spotlight w/Bob’s story/Jr. but the security from Taveres/Finston.

    1. She and Tavares divorce agessssssssssssssssss ago and him remarried twice there after, him dont keep dem fi long between him and Peter Prendergast a dont know rasta!!!!!!!!!!!


    1. Does she? Why coz they have light and white skin? Gtfoh!

      Look at the daughter she not all that – the boys are OK, but not stunning by any means – people
      Still so frighten of White people/skin.
      What does ‘pretty pickney’ have to do with the story anyway?!

  10. Go pan utube and watch bob marley and the women, 4 parts when dem ah interview bob dem tell him say dem hear him married then the man ask him if him married, bob say loud and clear NOOOOOOOOO! den dem ask him if him have a special princess lol bob say him have many princess lol cindy along with some of him other baby mother say dem never know him married cause on tour him and rita sleep in different room

  11. Bob never respect rita and she never respect herself..cause him have up cindy in front of her all make she sing songs him write fi cindy and carry cindy pon tour with him and rita as the backing singer! come on man! watch it pon utube

  12. yuh know these people weh a talk bout Bob and Rita don’t know one thing bout them, no baddie never know seh Bob married to Rita, not even Bob himself, Bob did so much into Judy but Rita push in her self, because she was the one that meet him first, and him realize she could sing, and she told him about her two friends that could sing too, Marcia and Judy, those times friends were loyal and Judy allow Rita to go through because Rita did like him, and even though Bob totally ignore her and show open affection for Judy, so who want talk bout wife can gwaan because the side chicks have the man all year round and some of these so called wife have the husband of special occasions and when them sick and a dead. when them healthy them is all over the place with the side gal them like hand bag. Husband respect uno wife the because if you don’t, please don’t expect the women to

  13. Cindy should just take the high road and be quiet. She was no saint cause she was uptown homeless so nuh mek her color fool oonuh. She needed Bob more than anything so as bad as things be bob could have divorced Rita while he was alive since he don’t believe in marriage. Him was the problem him should not deny no one but claim them.

  14. A very interesting though complicated story. Cindy moved on and made the best out of a sad situation. I believe she was there in the end – why would she lie ??????

  15. Yes Met is that mi say, some people don’t even know what is the definition of wife, even unto this day Pat bare the name Pat Marley, and that is one of Bob’s children mother, a Trench Town mi come from I don’t even need to look at no video, Bob lived on 2nd Street, I was a little girl, but I remember him looking the girl them even in front of Rita and she have to hold her corner, so this is not just Cindy, the only difference is because Cindy white, but Bob have white blood in him so he was able to love a white girl, he’s off white and miss Booka black and she and Rita look like mother and daughter. there was no respect between these two

  16. Well, it’s no wonder Leah Tavares Finson never tek up nobody with ambition. She like the careless man, just like her mother (Missa Finson gud. I couldn’t hear that “special side piece” for a married man who has other side pieces shit for forty years).
    The only thing, Dog Paw can’t sing or had a vision outside criminality.

    I love Marley’s music and I know that he gave money away. But he did, just like the men we rightly chat about today, have no love for the females in his life (or the love was very strange to say the least).

    In relation to Rita and Cindy. I think it’s best to acknowledge that Bob was very lucky to have women in his life who despite what people say, had some kind of class to see past his selfishness and care for him in his need. Not a lot of men could do what he did (and so blatantly, ‘cos Bob didn’t have a “type” apart from “alive” and “horny”).

    And in relation to Rita, Cindy and all the other babymothers, they can at least sleep knowing that the sexually incontinent man that they reproduced for had something about him that he could come up for air and look around, see injustice and sing on it, to world acclaim. If not he would just be (rightly so) written off as a “bum”.

    But Cindy got to put down the “most famous side piece in modern history” title and let her son shine. – alone. Nothing can’t tell me that her husband aint giving her the side eye…there aint nothing classy about getting gassed up through having a wife who had a baby for a married man who died and left her with a child that another man had to pick up and raise.

    Bittersweet, all around.

  17. Cindy and Tom Tavares divorced many moons ago and him remarried twice, between him and Peter Prendergast, a don’t know which one love walking down the aisle more Listen Cindy only fall fi Bob after him sponsor her fi go Miss World and she won.
    Her child is a rebel like her..y’all go listen Pimper’s Paradise it was for Cindy.

    1. Peter is Sharon Marleys ex husband ….he also made a song called she used to call me dada….mi nah judge nuh woman still but dem seh shi used to gi him ar fren dem … di two sister and di half chinese girl …but a fi dem ting dat …………..because him did know how shi stay

  18. Thank u ispy when we ad a people will ever look pass color and prettiness and call a spade a spade as far as me concern Cindy fi tek several seats and keep quiet
    It done gone bad already and if she was so involved Rita could not put har a back bench at him funeral so easy. Cause if she took her seat in front Rita could not move her so easily if she was the love of Bob life

  19. My two cents….I practically grew up around them….can’t say much or me give whey miself, however, Rita and her children (esp the girls) they are verrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrry kind. Verrrrrrrrrrrry. They would pick me up every morn at the bus stop once they see me and drop me to school, when they come off the hill off Skyline. Very humble woman – Rita that is. She has an air of a Regal Queen. I don’t know something about her. And yes my mom used to par with the I3 sisters, and Bob used to all try sleep wid mi mom too, him did wild, if she did frighten fi Bob dem time deh me would a me a Marley lol…..anywhooo Rita is nice, humble and caring person. I think after a while Bob treated her like she was his mom. But they had a special love. Not even Cindy can come betwen that. But ye, Rita dem caring bad, and me neva related to dem and dem treat me good.

    1. Met at that time I would looooove, just for a minute if you could’ve been around Rita ….she, emanates a regal energy…lol….she might nuh have the loooks as much as Cindy but sumthing about her….can’t quite put my finger on it….something – and it’s not bad….and a from me lil bit me can pick up pple energy

      1. kk maybe renewed energy lol…mi nuh seh cindy a saint because i dont know the story all mi a seh is that it shudden guh dung suh…if rita did a try fight out bob own bredda outa di ting after di mother died whey dat tell u? out of all the children who has the biggest career? I cannot stand di pretending with them

        1. Boi Met, I don’t know, but probably all di brother was giving her a fight, u neva know, u know how in-law like Luton pple dem can be so hypocritical to di new chick dem, and probably dem neva like rita cah she too black fi Bob, and u know dem time dere if u white u right…..dwl and if u black step back….mi naah tek up fi Rita still enu, but, mi modda always sey…”who feels it knows it”

          1. no fight..she took the brother to court because she did want him tek di marley name offa mussy one event he kept yearly..She had absolutely no right to do that. Remember she had a child after bob died and name her marley ..why? The brother said because she couldnt do it when his mother was alive so when she dead she move fi him change di name..whether he was giving the children from it or not he was doing it for years so why all of a sudden try that move? I dont see color and that could never mek me se Cindy right but if u and a man neva really deh pan good terms and u and f and him a f how all of a sudden because him dead u a wife? Jus because a paper? I personally couldnt come up front so..Legally I would make sure all the kids were his and mek everybody have dem ting das all.

        2. Nah lie….Rita a di smartest woman mi seee in a while, Rita sey who me ? me a stay calm, u can take alll di woamn u want, me a wife by law, suh mi goood if anything….how did Bob die by the way ? a wah kill him dem sey ?

        3. Hey Met. MI cannot stand that cuban gal de fi nothing! Nothing rita sey will mek me like har. Me a Cindy fan…at least in the end she never mek nu disparaging remarks about bob nor ugly…ugly sey bob rape her…

          1. Phantom dem nuh easyyyyyyyyyyyyy ..She made it about Cindy and wedda Cindy did ina it fi money or not..Bob was saying Cindy and whole heep a other women too but she made it about Cindy so clearly Cindy did a gi headache…Whey Bob other sibblings dem did deh? How dem neva included yet ??? If she so good? I knew some of the brothers

        4. She is a vampire. She tek Marley money carry go abroad bout she a feed poor like Jamaica nu have poor. She own one private Island and have place a Africa.

          I strongly believe Bob Married her fi shi get Jamaican status and then get visa to the US. Cubans never get American entry easy back then eida. Every body thing through wedding cake cut and ring de pon finga LOVE is in abundance…kmt

          1. Pon top of her dislike she all wanted fi carry de man body out a him birth land go a Africa! gtfoh….So we as Jamaicans fi go a Africa fi go look fi we own? lolol…….bitch hate we just like a percentage of us hates her.

          1. Me born wid it…and me call her a damn pretenda a play victim. If she did drive pass yu a bus stop would you spirit still be aroused in warmth for her? lololol

  20. Met, yu know the breda whey look like him twin? My fam and him cool and Yes ugly try fi get slick when Ms. Cedella pass by snatching what de bro and her had in partneship. Ugly fi dress back like she did from day one. Bob did sey her breast milk stain pon her shirt mek him know she have pickney.

    1. She very out of order, Bob is the only entertainer to date that when he came home when people come a di yard come line up fi money he gave them so why would she and di rest a dem think that he would be selfish to his own brother? He had another brother that had no lot or part with their money,they know of them and when the mother was alive dem used to communicate wid dem and dat vanish when dem start go ina music..I dont even think the mother was getting that much either because dat bredda neva get a penny outa what his own brother had and he was not a bad guy..Mi know him personally dem fi gwaan ..They have their reason fi lef Jamaica..but more time people whey stay bad always think people a dash obeah when dem own ways a bite dem bad :tkp

      1. Amen.

        Some folks gwan like dem nu know sey de rasta women are to be submissive to their king….lolol Rita play de role like a true snake charmer so me nu know why de hate against cindy….lol Cindy neva sign up fi rasta female duties or law and de man loved that.

  21. Well we can alll agree to disagree, still. But in my view, Rita deserved every bit of it… di stress. Cindy in my book a nuh baddy…..I am very light skinned and me nuh sey Cindy

    1. She is nobody to you and all who don’t like her…but she was and to the last day BOB MARLEY’s WOMAN same has how rita ring remain eternal to .

      1. KK Bob look Cindy a neva she send fi him so wedda a di money or not a him look har fi his own purpose.. and she would have to be a prostitute fi sleep wid Bob only fi di money if she neva really like him. I am not defending anything but to say that Cindy can have har part to say…why she fi sidung ?

      2. Same could be said….If Bob never have potential or Money fi burn would Rita have stuck around to the end to which part she share de same living space wid Cindy? dwlnnnnnnnnnn

    2. But KK no one nuh mention Cindy color so how u figure its about color and a mek it about color and looks and me never mention that? If Rita was sitting down a tek di bun etc I would say yea she deserving but it seems to me they were living separate lives so how deserving is that?Or u a se because Rita darker she deserve more? All Im saying is that them too pretentious and all the pretense is for the money. She wudda haffi wheellllllllll and come agen

      1. Boi Met mi naaah lie, if mi did hafffi walk and sell record inna sun hot and help build Bob empire,me not going anywhere. Is a solomonic ting him did a pull off…but not lying she composed herself not stoop to the ‘angry black woman syndrome”

        1. KK how she do dat? She was doing har do to so it got to the point where she decided not to be a door mat or an idiot …remember she had a child after Bob died and Im sure mi read somewhere dat she did a do har ting

          1. well if a man a dis me suh, me a guh do my ting tooo. but mi naaah divorce him rassss mi haffi get my share of hardwork….but, if she did what she did allegedly to the brothers that’s wrong, people get greedy enu, money change some people. Mi know me naaah change

          2. KK a dat we a try tell u seh head a use all along……why dem cyahs stay pan Jamaican soil doe? :ngakak All of a sudden one a fi har own dem turn white ooman dem fi gwaan . At some point if she really loved Bob she would have hated him fi all di bun whey she get ina har face……suh based on dat alone mi stand by mi pretend theory

      2. A Cindy color people use and mek argument against her…forgetting that Bob himself is mix and strong to cause not even rita or him mother could overturn it in breeding…lolol

  22. lol at the love song…and it was and still is a HIT all when we dead and gone! De man and him oman love is copy written wid infringement rights applied worldwide….lolololol…..Number motherfking UNO/ONE side chick (sarcasm) cause she was NO side chick.

      1. What does it matter…Rita a get and de girlfriend/babymother Pickney a get to. And Cindy is very Independent and do fi har self. If she fi auction off Bob Brief dem she rich but she have more integrity and LOVE fi her man…ask the wife whey sey him rape her…that bitch.

        1. well hun, u know that a husband can rape his wife right ? also seeing a man u lovee cheat pon u so u get hard and callous a only Jesus can soften her heart,

          1. Yes but KK mi cannot say a man rape me and den seh mi love him so mi stick to mi theory..She did hate bob so why push up di chest n claim up? A di disdain mek she do all whey she do………no love propels her pursuit and if a suh…she a go reap oooooooooooo

    1. Cindy fi dash up book and movie heffffffff a did heeeeeeeva heeevaaaa me… dem wudda haffi find di best mazunguh a africa fi stitch mi dung because mi wudda talk di tings..Cindy neva dis har yet when she a talk but she style Cindy doe like a Cindy one tek him dem fi gwaan man

    1. Weak fence cause nuff rent a dread end up america and europe all tun lawyers and doctors after meeting white lady on the beaches.

      Poor man buddy enchanting so Yes she would a tek him same way.

  23. After all is said and done, Cindy and Bob produced a blessed lil son – Damian he is very talented and one of ma fave artistes…this reminds me of when David cheated on his wife, with Bathsheba and the wisest man in the world came forth…..who am I to judge, but mi spirit still a say Cindy did deh wid Bob tru him famous

    1. KK no u wrong Bathsheba’s first born by David died as punishment remember? and that relationship was started with more than adultery …there was blood on it too so there is no comparison..Cindy was not the only woman who had a child with Bob so how could it be that? So whey u call di res a woman dem den?? She stands out as the woman he loved that a di issue and if that is it..That was his choice..

      1. u right, it would be his choice, him neva live long enough to see if he would get a divorce from Rita. And if in fact he love Cindy, and he cared for her, why him neva leave nuh will for her and the child ? or divorced Rita ?

        1. KK him wudda neva divorce till now he is not the first Jamaican man fi do such ..How u mean why him neva leave?? Him neva tek di woman dem pan tap a Rita ina dem bed…as a matter of a fact……I dont know how Rita said a she did haffi clear out girls because the men and women were always separated..KK dem did a live separate life mi believe dat ina mi heart

          1. All when him a dead and knew it dere was no will..Rita got chief overseerer because a di paper ting..But mi waa ask why she name di last daughter stephanie marley? :hammer

  24. Well Met, I think Rita looooooooooooooooooooooooooooved Bob, but I think she broke down, and it turned into hate for a while and bitterness, but she couldn’t let the world see it. And others suffered. But, who am I to judge, mi woulda do d samething by not divorcing him rassss, but I would give to his brothers

    1. Mi cyah love a man and cry rape das a double edged sword..even if him tek it one night and mi neva too want it di way mi love him mi wudda gi in for me to term it as rape that would mean I have emotions that have made him an enemy in my mind…It couldnt possibly be love

      1. Met, she wrote that in her book! Marital rape exist but in those case wife tek off ring and move on. Dis snake charmer wrote it in a phucking book and here you have KK proud sey she a get Bob money…hm

        1. Its usually when u deh wid a man and di relationship done and u dont want him and he forces himself on u then u wudda call it rape but no woman whey inlove wid a man dem married to a go eva se rape dem nah fool me

          1. me neda me sista….lolol. If me neva leave or call police NOBODY nah hear dat de from me much less me write it inna book and still a use de man name and a answer to applaudes of ” …his widow” She full a rat bat dung…

          2. I a wonder if a Bob duppy she a run from why she evap lef Jamaica? We haffi go do sum investigation kaws u know a africa dem can chain dung all di wind……………hayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy people whey know di tings come talk it please sumting nat right yasso
            bout rape :travel

          3. yow mi rate Rita a way still but mi a tell unu ….Rita a di original chattomiback…..yow unu fi read di book weh DON TAYLOR ….wen him ask Rita whappen to a particular child ……and Rita ask .if him want ar fi mind di big pussy gyal dem …………….and him ask Bob several time if he wanted to get a divorce and Bob basically said Rita have ar ways but is him ride or die ……………………………wah big man tell mi seh a bare 3 some the beauty and di beast used to do ………………………………………I dont know if it is true I am just givin info …………….

  25. PhantomI am looking at it from this perspective – me work wid mi husband ye ? from day one ? ye – den money start flow in ye ? and girls ? ye ? and more girls and prettier girls… naaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah guh nuh whey. Mi a tan right dere like statue. However – she write bout d rape ting dat wrong. She treat some a bob fam like shit allegedly dat wrong…….but, what we have is evidence of Bob’s blatant disrespect dat wrong and mi wouldn’t move eida me a wife legally and plus me add to his wealth by working and touring suh me naaaaaaaaaaaaah lef. Come mek a gal come reap wah me work for. However, her character I cannot vouch for cah when pple nuh get ded leff dem chat nything

    1. KK I couldnt do that if I truly loved the person..I would be too broken to stay it would hurt like hell..But as I said they were living separate lives..she was doing her do which is fair but di big pretend like it was all good and she did a fus in line is a lie and all a whey a gwaan is a bag a pretense har daughter se she did hurt when dem a argue and most a di time it was over women..but she casually said she was the girls director :alay

      1. Met dats the entertainment world for you, once u a guh decide fi deh wid an awtsiste, den u haffi decide fi put up wid groupies and ish also smile when camera on dwl and pretend

    2. Ok, KK reasonable defense…lol. My character going to let me get me partner to sell me his share or me use all legal tactics fi break him pocket if we success began equally and I want to be vindictive. But me not staying around cause the end can be death and me nah go dead a wait pon improvements.

      Now, if me never bring much to the table and got something me a go wid what me get. If me know is a whore me married to then me may have fi play de Rita role and relax cause me know it wasn’t SOLID from morning.

      1. smaddy seh earlier seh bob neva know him married and mi hold dat FIRM FIRM because bun did a gi from start so him cudda neva did know what marriage was…I mean a one or two ooman okay..but a from trench town bun did a gwaan before di money so im holding dat what the person said today BOB NEVA KNOW HIM DID MARRIED :ngakak

        1. Met, me know a man and a woman both strangers to each other and dem sey dem don’t remember them wedding day dem just know sey dem married…and nu ask if dem spouses aren’t real evil bitches. So a serious thing yu a talk.

  26. Real! nu she and that tool live a Addis Ababa and nu de two a dem did ago enjoy the fruits of his body going to Ethiopia?

    1. Phantom hef u nuh mine sharpe one a dem bush people deh seh bring di body come mek we sekkle off di spirit maybe nuff haunting was a gwaan…. dis is my opinion :angel :tkp

    2. no Shi live a Ghana and mi nah tell nuh lie shi do a great work dung deh but ahmmmm wah rasta oman did tell mi seh shi have a African bf to ….and I had to tell her …..stop spreading phibs on my Rita

      1. When Jamaica sey Not a Rass a thing Ethiopia tell her leave….she migrate go ghana and mussy all tun citizen to. Hope Jamaica a tax her nonJamaican ass.

      2. no man dem just teef …mi nuh know if …a di ppl dem a trench town do it …………but hear way Ziggy Marley is a very humble man ,,but him sista did inna it to it was like a fashion show

      1. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________
        di whom? HAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY no sah Real drap di disclaimer and come back agen deh REEEEE WUD WHOLE HEEP A WINEEEEEEE nuh juk nor oooo

  27. Meck Rita gwaan bout rape kmt no matter whey she say it can’t b so bad cause she stuck around till the end n all when the end done she still ago deh bout wit har shit
    Hey unnu memba when the snake charmer lmaooooo (PP bad ee no man) a look status inna Africa fly up bout she want to move Bob body go Africa???? Rita I see right thru u very conniving can u imagine when she realise say Bob ago dead how she was creeping

    1. den if di oman have a man weh a check fi ar and Bob …a move like a natural mystic from A to Z then shi mus feel a way when him come back inna ar life and want to be intimate when shi trying to move on with her life ………………………..

      1. __________________________________________________________________ Real u know if Bob did alive she wudda pliers di last child gi him I BELIEVE DAT FIRM FIRM :tkp

        1. a hiim wrong fi go sing ….WHO DI CAP FIT MEK DEM WEAR IT …………………………………………………………………. :travel

  28. Mi say di one Rita no easy inna di book whey she write Everytime she fi write say Bob a do road n she a do it back she write bout “I had a friend” Rita look here friend fuxx friend u hear so gwaan u ways kmt

    1. Dwlnnnnn…lol Friend sex awkward and never end with a ahhhh moment…lol She a do friends long before and during bob. If anything her show flop inna ’74 wid de questionable pregnancy.

        1. Dwln….ask a couple europeans who are diehard fans of both and they will reel off every album from year to decades and give yu de gaps and one peculiar gap and hush feud-fueled by the Cuban crotch, all ask a Trench town elder…lol Cuban slacka dan a hand rolled cigar before and inbetwwen her time with the icon.

      1. A WAH MAN GI HIM WAH PRESENT …and piece a wire did inna him shoes and it juk him inna him foot……………..@@@@@@@@@@@@@disclaimer@@@@mi figot a who fa son………..mi wi find out….and missa Seaga sen man go Kill him when him get di shot

          1. Real but all ina di story dem an suh………..dem neva bring in di bush side of tings…….do dem neva go seek healer fi di toe fus?

          2. tuh bumbonawwtttt u know Seaga was big ina di obeah ting mi :tkp
            wha bakkle a duppy dem guh dung a tivoli go seal up :tkp

          3. di rasta doc…unu neva see him …..?? well fi be truthful rita dem neva have nuh talk cah dem a oman so dem couldnt mek no decision….a di hook nose oman weh mi just cah bear fi si Jobson

          1. Yu ask fi it and a run? get yu tail right back here. Me need to go check me auntie fi some suss…will share.

  29. Rita too bad man mi no busy wid which man she have had r still getting but don’t suffer di youths Rita n di man fambily mi no like dem ting deh man b fair n nobody won’t have shit to say

  30. Nuff healer bring een fi di toe fi real mi hear but that JUCK was not a normal JUCK mi say di story as not been told ooooo

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