Well Erricea say she have one very long monthly bill to pay and she nah stroke di man deh whey deh wid di 6 a dem buddy fi it.Dem a do di strokes maybe she doing the stroke counting..but anyhoot..she wantz up har dollaz..it is hers


  1. Morning MET WOW just WOW!!!! Well she does have a point but how u a run business n chuss in a d first place?? My girl u no know dat a d #1 NO NO…N me know a mus 1 her close fren dem a dem always feel like say dem know ppl so dem na affi pay..U KNO WHAT MY GIRL TAG DEM RASSS!!! a gwine start follow u fi see what a gwaan pon u page de

  2. Good morning.
    Business is business. I always say when it comes to friends I don’t treat them differently. My money spend fi create the business, mi nuh need nuh carry dung. Suh mi feel har pain. Dem fi pay di girl har money. Bills haffi pay. Nuh tek weh yuh cyaan pay fah.
    BTW Erica, this is a lesson. Mek dem pay upfront. No money, no merchandise.

  3. Nobody don’t owe errice one red cent lol!
    Errice look like smaddy Weh trust none a dem
    Holey holey sinting Deh poor excuse of what is supposed to be a fashion piece lmfao when she ready she say appointments only lol last time I checked she doesn’t just make stuff to make it .. Now this?! N even if it’s your close friends this post isn’t needed no matter whatt. Errice just love attention this is very unprofessional

  4. Errice only make stuff for the people she know, the girls she f**k, or the people dem who have IG hype status! So that narrows it down!

  5. Met I think Errice, Fashionenira and that whole crew must pay you. Everyday them create something around themselves to promote them business. Dem need to pay like anyone who want to advertise on here. If Errice have ppl that owe her send them a private message, call, text etc. but the drama to reach on pink wall come with your advertisement money. Fashionenira everyday you or someone fi u send in something because your store a open and you need promotion come wid yuh advertisement money too. Unno money Nuff so pay up. Tired of this crew met them hype on nothing. Met if them going make it here we want to hear why Fashionenira can only post picture with piece of the man body parts? A man page yuh..you quick fi sey u lock down fi the night but yuh caan post him…dat me waan read bout…because from wey me hear the portmore society Yute, the runner, kingz Yute all deny dem did inna things wid you…send in that

  6. I wouldn’t purchase a pair of socks from her ass. She and her friends are always taking to Instagram to be unprofessional and ratchet. If they are clients, I’m sure she has their numbers. Call and handle your business. Don’t get on Instagram to hype. Stop acting like a damn child. Smh can’t stand grown as nasty women like this. They will not prosper.

  7. Well now u going to see who love credit and nuh wahn pay..and all who going to come out and defend di credit widout pay. As di woman seh is fi har tings and even if a dutty watah she a sell and unuu truss it unu if pay fah. Mi nuh mix biniz wid pleasure no time,no where no day. As a mattah of fact mi nuh innah di credit biniz if u can’t pay upfront just leave it and guh find sinting fi suit unu pocket. Some a unu dyam yei red suh till it pink fi people things and fi hype. Well hope u larn u lesson Miss.

  8. well errice thats unprofessional all if d gal owe yuh arm n leg me sure know u have r number can call/text r yuh jus love d excitement on ig sometimes yuh is a lil bit extra. . . . but between u and JMG is who owe yuh :ngakak :ngakak

  9. This is erricealicia everyday. Cus out her clients dem. don’t know how she do business so and she only work wen she feel like n tell dem not to message her after 5 etc. she jus in it for hype she no ready find business world yet

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