11 thoughts on “WOULD YOU ALLOW HIM TO COME?

  1. No sah a wah funeral clothes gone tuh? Den again funeral ano di same again.. A dance ting an eat a fish an bread ting ppl stop bawl so Yuh affi all a pay Miss merle dung di street fi cry an dem tings.

  2. Anonymous 1:19 how you ask “how you know him dead” and a declare say him dead from sickness in the same breathe?

  3. wait deh who dead the one in the black,? is that dovecot but even the one in the black look like a bleach out duppy film, the red outfit is a no no u wear anything but red and that a full suit tek ya a him kil the person, I follow 2 people to a reader man he was an African and him turn back the female she had a red top, he told her she will disturb the spirits

  4. Lol @the lady in the middle, I love her expression and her pose. My lady clasp her hands cause she nuh want touch the faggot nor do she really wanna be in the pic with him.

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